Wow I thought I was too strong but no. I couldn't have been strong I fell for him. Every girl did when we first

saw him. It was amazing feeling mixed with a feeling that he was unreachable. I felt very awkward as if an

unknown force wanted me to go near him. But well it was something different from other side too. He never

looked at any other girl sitting in the class in fact he cared about none. I wondered how could he ignore such

beautiful girls sitting in front of him and just sit casually. Then I thought about myself and I felt like crying! Damn it!

How can he see me when he ignored such beautiful girls? I am not even beautiful and for the first time in my life

I felt depressed. I felt the feeling which is the most cherished. I felt my heart cutting in to many pieces. I wanted

him to see me and my inside felt like he liked me too. But no that was delusional. How can he like me I am so

say love is blind. Huh? How the hell is love is blind no love is not blind. If love was blind I

wouldn't have fallen in love with such a handsome tall guy but in fact with some ugly psycho path and if love was

blind he would have had a heart on me when he saw me for the first time. Why are things so complicated I

wonder. Sometimes feel like going to him and saying him I LOVE YOU. But then the second I think about it a

flood of embarrassment engulfs me what if he says no? What if he humiliates me? How can I make myself so

small in front of him as though for him to think I am lower than him. what can I do, when I see him now I feel a

clock ticking saying tome that this time is going to end, this class someday is going to finish and what will I do