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'innocence betrayed'


"So far there are two disappearances from this week alone. Two girls, both in high school."

"This week? It's only Thursday."

The stranger nodded, staring down at the pictures on the shining wood surface of the table. He knelt respectfully, mindless of the wrinkles his suit would probably suffer.

"Last week there were five total, most of them on the weekend. The week before the same, before that four and before that three," he let his voice trail off as he met the eyes of his host.

"It's getting worse."

He nodded again. "To my shame, I cannot even say when it started precisely. Tokyo is a busy city. As you know, even before the rise of vampirism, it was all too common for girls to go missing without much comment." He sighed, his eyes looking into one of the still images of the girl looking up at him. "But this…this is madness."

"Is there any chance that they could simply have been turned?"

He shook his head. "Whoever was selecting these girls was careful. All of them were good students, but unremarkable. All of them had serious boyfriends, or had had in the past. None of them were virgins."

"How many girls?"

The stranger clenched his fists where they sat on each leg before looking up at his host.

"At least fifty."

"Are you sure you want this? Are you absolutely sure?"

"…Yes. It must be stopped."

"Then we will stop it."

The man hung his head, shoulders relaxing a little as he let go of a long breath.

"Thank you."


"Must you fondle each other in my office?"

The two vampires pulled away from each other long enough to blink at their human master.


Elliot sighed, his eyes moving heavenward as he sank into his chair.

"You know, I can't wait for the renovations to be done. Get my office away from your rooms."

The pair looked at each other thoughtfully.

"We should go consecrate the office."

"Put Integra to the blush long after death."

"Her ghost my come forth to shoot at us."

"Put the workers to a blush while they are still quite alive."

"You two live to torment me, don't you?" Elliot muttered.

"Not really," Seras shrugged.

"We are already dead," Alucard pointed out.

"Oh for the love of," Elliot exclaimed, trailing off as a synthesized ding echoed in the small room. The three turned their attention to the vid screen as it flickered into life above the Hellsing leader's desk. For a moment, the room fell quiet before once more Elliot let out a tired breath and looked up to Seras.

"You think you can tear yourself away from him long enough to get Sakura for me?"

"Yes, master."


"Unless you'd like to bring soldiers from one of the higher level squads, the only ones we can send with you for this are Seras and Alucard."

"But I said I want to go! We could go to Harajuku! And see the cherry blossoms! They are in full bloom around this time of year. Go to a shrine, kill a few people. It'll be fun."

The occupants of the room turned an exasperated gaze on Winter who looked around the room at the heavy silence.


"Even I must insist that a woman in her eight month of pregnancy should avoid purposefully going into the fray, little one."

"Yes, please. If you won't listen to me, at least listen to Alucard," Elliot sighed wearily.

"Pretty pathetic when you have to hold him up as a voice of reason," Aidan smirked. "She gets the insanity from Uncle Jamie."

"Yeah, uh huh," the Hellsing leader muttered before turning his focus back to Sakura. "With Aidan grounded by his not-wife –,"


"– and Ethan still recovering from his almost dying the other day, our options are effectively slim."

The Asian girl nodded. "I understand. I also don't really believe that this could be too serious a mission."

"I'm not so sure," Elliot argued. "This is the first time we've received an official request for a mission outside of the country. We need to treat it with utmost respect and a bit of ambassadorship."

"Yeah, unlike last time," Aidan chimed in. "Really should avoid killing the leader of the country this time. Bad PR."

"That aside, Aidan here will be here at any necessary time to help you and of course you have whatever backup you feel necessary. The only condition I must insist on is a time limit of only five days. At that point, we have to pull our resources a bit, recalling Alucard at the very least."

Sakura nodded. "Just the three of us should be fine."

"So," Seras spoke up with a grim smile, "when do we leave?"


"You seem…anxious, police-girl."

Seras looked up from the bag she was packing before giving a slight shrug.

Alucard looked at her, a sly intelligence assessing her petite figure.

"Have you been dreaming again, Seras?"


"And you still keep them to yourself, as always," he sighed. "So many years go by and still you shelter and hide your fears and nightmares."

"They are mine to keep, master," she replied, sighing as well.

"I am the first one to say that you should be strong, my draculina, but there is a limit."

She snorted. "And where do you draw that line, Alucard? When do you start relating your nightmares?"

His grin grew wry as he pulled her back to rest against him, nuzzling into the exposed flesh of her neck.

"But then, my clever draculina, what I keep to myself are not visions of nightmares to come."

For a moment, she leaned against him, taking physical comfort where she mentally refused. But it lasted only a few seconds and she was pulling away from him again.

"I need to change before we get going."

"Indeed," he chuckled, turning her to face him. His smile grew suggestive as he began to unfasten her buttons. "Let me help you."


"I loathe airplanes. Nearly two-hundred years of public flight and humans have still failed to find a way to make it comfortable for the masses."

"I do believe the technological focus went to trying to find alternate sources of energy, medicine and options to leave the planet. Not on perfecting the sardine tin," Seras commented with barely concealed impatience. Suddenly, she felt in harmony with every mother who had traveled long distances with her young child as Alucard shifted irritably for the fifth time in two minutes.

"What bothers you so much?" Sakura asked from the other side of the aisle.

Elliot had spared no expense and provided first class seats to his best 'men', affording them with much more room and a small measure of privacy.

"I don't liked closed in spaces."

The two women looked at him incredulously, thoughts idling on the coffin stowed in the cargo hold. Sensing their gaze, he looked away from the window with an expression of tried patience.

"The smell of all the humans at close quarters, captured and defenseless. All closed in. It is…distracting, uncomfortable."

Seras smiled in sympathetic understanding.

"We'll find something for you to slaughter soon enough."


The second time the Tenjou family sat face to face with the Trump Cards of the Hellsing Institute, the atmosphere was completely different. No longer supplicants seeking understanding or a prodigal child, the three came cloaked in an aura of purpose and businesslike efficiency. Seras sat at the front, stocking covered feet tucked under her body in a formal kneeling position as she sat opposite the head of the Tenjou family. The table between them reflected the low lights and was empty except for a single file folder.

"It is nice to see you again, Tenjou-san," she began formally. "I am here as a formal representative of the Hellsing Institute. We are here in response to your official request for aid."

"Thank you for your prompt response, Victoria-san. We are very grateful for your presence. Even though we are meeting for the second time, I would like to welcome you once more as your position of envoy. It means a great deal to us that you would come so far."

He bowed from his kneeling position, lowering his head.

"Douzo yoroshiku."

Seras looked over at Sakura briefly. The younger girl nodded and the de jure leader reciprocated the action.

"Douzo yoroshiku."

Raising his head, Tenjou looked at the three with a grim face.

"All formality aside, I really cannot say how much we appreciate your coming. I realize that our Sakura-chan would have come regardless, but even with her advanced skills and knowledge, we knew that she alone would not be sufficient help to us." He looked over at his daughter with a penitent smile. "Forgive your father for being blunt."

"Of course," she smiled.

"What is the issue at hand?" Seras asked, her tone businesslike.

"I'm afraid, it is nothing simple."

Without another word, he slid the file towards Seras who opened it. It only took a matter of seconds for her to drop it down and stare at her host incredulously.

"You're kidding."


The Emperor of Japan had been young when he'd been changed into a vampire. It had been a decision long in the making, however, and so he was well prepared mentally for such a process. Or so it was presumed. He had kept his flesh pure and refrained from sexual intercourse in preparation for the change. Still, knowing the duty to his line, he had taken pains to see that it would not end.

Before his change, he completed a number of tasks to ensure that should the worst happen, the line of Japanese Emperors would continue.

The first of these was to artificially inseminate his bride. The process took two tries, but finally, a pair of twins were born. The family line would continue in blood.

The second was a closely guarded secret. Before his change, well aware that his mentality would likely be corrupted, he set out a standard of protocol for what to do should the worst happen. Should he die accidentally, should he be taken down by vampire hunters or, in the worst of all cases, should he lose his grasp on humanity completely and turn against his own people.

It was a set of protocols given to two people. The first was the head of the Tenjou family. The second was his younger son. Should his actions be called into question, these two, entirely without motive, would have to agree that necessary actions must be taken.

And on that day in April in the year 2158, the younger twin son of the Emperor approached the Tenjou family and the family agreed.

It was time for things to end.


"You're kidding."

"I'm afraid not."

There was silence for a moment before a burst of laughter echoed over the communicator. The peals of laughter went on for some time before, finally, they began to die down and the image projector flickered to life revealing a red faced Aidan wiping tears from his eyes.

"I think we should go into a new line of work. Political assassination. Probably makes more money," the Irishman chuckled as he calmed down, his fingers working on unseen keys.

"I'm glad you think this is funny, Aidan," Sakura commented dryly.

"There is more than a touch of humor to the situation, Flower of Adversity."

Seras rolled her eyes before breaking into the conversation once more.

"Enough. We didn't call to tell you a joke. We called to get your opinion on a battle strategy."

The holographic figure nodded knowingly, still more amused than interested.

"Yes, yes. Give me a few minutes and I'll call you back."

Alucard grinned down at the projector.

"Are you saying that you are, for once, at a loss for words or ideas, little Irishman?"
"What I'm saying, Ambassador Assassin, is that when it comes to killing one National leader, it takes planning. When it comes to killing two, it takes a bit of detail work." He frowned up at the figure leaning over the projection. "Don't rush a miracle man. You do that and you get rotten miracles."

"You have two hours to call us back with a plan," Seras sighed, wondering once more how she managed to get herself caught in such a ridiculous situation.

"Will do."


"So then, police-girl, did you see this coming?"

Silently staring out the window at the fragile blossoms, she nodded.

"This wasn't some deep dark secret you had to keep under wraps, Seras," he sighed, coming to stand behind her. "You keep too much to yourself at times."

"Pot and kettle, master."

"Are you insisting that you will only divulge these bits of the future you so tantalizingly see only when I start going on like a school girl about the secrets of my past?"

She looked up at him with a smirk. "No, I'm insisting that it is my business and you can keep out." She stuck her tongue out at him girlishly before turning her gaze back out the window.

"You only speak of your visions when you are out of your mind with fright in the dead of sleep during the day." He frowned. "You were once so open with me, my draculina. Is there a trust that I lost somewhere along the way?"

"You sound almost human, master."

He growled at the comment before snorting and letting it slide.

"Gushing like a school girl…maybe."

"Would that be what it took for you to relent?"

"If you wore pigtails."

Laughter echoed through the small room.

"You know, Seras Victoria, I'm beginning to think that you are doing this on purpose to irritate me."

"Have to find a way of getting my own back somehow," she retorted with a grin.

Alucard opened his mouth to respond when the communicator chimed, signaling the awaited call.

"We'll see about that later."

"Won't we."


"Well, here's the deal girls and psychopath," the Irishman began with a yawn. "We have two very high profile targets. The first is the Head of Government, currently known as the Shogun Kuromine Nagare. He tends to keep to himself so, when you go after him, it is going to be very black ops."
He broke off for another yawn and Seras frowned at the screen.

"Are you awake enough for this?"

"No. Give me a break. You guys are eight hours ahead of me," Aidan grumbled before keying in a few things. "Now, I'm sending you a detailed map of his private home as well as his public office and the rest along with a schedule and points of attack. Everything you need to make a well informed decision on when."

"Not going to make every decision this time, little Irishman?"

Aidan looked at Alucard through the viewer with an expression of nastiness he only allowed himself due to the thousands of miles that separated them.

"I figure you are a big enough boy, Bringer of Blood, to work out how to be dark and creepy and sneak into one guys house all on your own."

The master vampire's laughter was the only response he got to the commentary and, after a moment, continued on with his briefing.

"Now, ladies, when it comes to our high and mighty Emperor, things are a bit different."

The projection flickered momentarily before several images of the reigning Emperor began to appear in sequence.

"He is very high profile and spends nearly all of his time in the company of a large group of people. A very high number of his constant followers are vampires, including the Shogun, which is why we have all the missing girls, I imagine. It will be practically impossible to find him alone or sneak into any domain he calls his own."

"So," Seras frowned, "how do we do this?"

The images disappeared and Aidan's grinning face came back into view, mischief alive in his eyes.

"What you do…is perform a miracle."

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