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Really, how did I end up here with him of all people? Elphaba thought. She and Fiyero were sitting in a closet somewhere in his castle at Kiamo Ko, pondering how they got stuck in this situation. At least Elphaba was. Fiyero was giving her the silent treatment and sat as far away from Elphaba as he could, which wasn't far considering the size of the closet.


He promptly turned his back to the guilty Elphaba and crossed his arms. She, in turn, sighed, sat down on a bucket, and put her head in her hands.

"I should've just said no to Glinda…"

"No, no, no, NO!" shrieked one Miss Glinda Upland, storming into her dorm room.

"What's the matter now Glinda?" asked her green roommate, her eyes never straying from her book.

"Oh Elphie, Fiyero just told me he wouldn't be able to come to my house over the break! He has to go look after his summer house in Kiamo Ko. This totally ruins everything!" She ended with a dramatic flop on her bed, sinking into the plush pink pillows.

Seeing her best friend so desperate, Elphaba put her book down, sat beside Glinda, and patted her back, looking expectantly for her to continue. When no further details were told, she gently said, "Ruins what, Glin?"

"My whole make-Fiyero-fall-in-love-with-me plan," Glinda replied, giving her a look as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. "Now what should I do?"

"Well there's not much you can do," Elphaba replied, then added jokingly "Unless you surprise him at the castle in Kiamo Ko."

Glinda immediately bolted up on her bed with a huge grin on her face. "Elphie, you're a genius!"

"Uh oh, I know that look. What are you up to now?" she asked, full of apprehension.

"I'm going to go to Kiamo Ko!" Glinda was practically bubbling over with excitement.

"But you can't go all by yourself and you certainly can't go with Fiyero – that would ruin the surprise," Elphaba said, trying to save her friend from certain embarrassment with logic.

Glinda's smile faltered for a moment before it was back, full-strength, showing off her pearly whites. "Well you'll have to come with me then."

Elphaba's eyes widened with fear. "No! I mean… I would only be a third-wheel to you guys."

"Then just come to drop me off," Glinda said with a wave of her hand. "I honestly don't want to be alone."

Elphaba sighed as Glinda pulled a pout on her. "Fine, but I'm only dropping you off. I'm not staying! You wouldn't want me there anyway." Though Elphaba wasn't sure if she was trying to convince Glinda, or herself.

Elphaba made sure that the two were at the train station promptly at 7:00 that night. While Glinda was fussing over whether or not she had enough clothes packed in her four suitcases, Elphaba had only the two tickets for the train in her hand. She rolled her eyes when she saw Glinda having trouble putting her suitcases overhead and reached easily to put the other three up. Glinda smiled and sat in one of the two seats by the window.

"Isn't this exciting? I've never been on a train before! I mean a carriage, sure, but never a train!"

Elphaba nodded along to Glinda's babbling and quietly took her seat across from Glinda. In truth, Elphaba was as excited, probably more so, than Glinda was about being on a train. It may have been the fact that the landscapes were rushing past her as the train sped toward Kiamo Co. Her eyes never left the passing mountains or the sparkling river that ran along-side the train tracks. She was so caught up in what was going on outside that she didn't realize they had slowed down until Glinda tapped her knee and told her that they announced that the train would arrive any moment now. When it came time to unload, Elphaba handed the luggage back to Glinda, who handed it to the man helping passengers.

Hopping off of the train after Glinda, Elphaba looked around the smiled. Right before her was a small little village with a few shops here and there, and beyond that, sitting along the mountains was a large castle. Her sight was suddenly blocked as a man and his shabby carriage pulled up in front of her.

"Need a lift, young ladies?" he asked in a slightly southern accent.

"Yes, in fact we do," Glinda said politely with a smile. "We need to go to that castle up there."

The man's eyes immediately narrowed with suspicion. "Sorry, but no one is allowed up there except for the royal family. No exceptions."

"I understand, but-"

"No exceptions."

"Listen mister," Glinda said icily, all traces of kindness disappearing from her voice. "I am engaged to Fiyero Tiggular and, so help me, if you don't escort me to my soon-to-be summer home, I will make sure the only job you see includes horses and a scooper!"

This seemed to do the trick because the driver's eyes widened and he immediately hauled the suitcases into the carriage and opened the door for Glinda, mumbling something of an apology as she got in. Elphaba had just enough time to jump in before the driver got the horse galloping toward the castle. The short ride there, Elphaba merely sat, looking profoundly upon Glinda and her way of getting her way. Neither noticed how dark clouds had seemed to form overhead. When the carriage stopped suddenly, the door was flung open and the man apologized once more for his rudeness and set Glinda's bags down, quickly driving away once the two were safely on the ground. Glinda thought nothing of his behavior and immediately walked up to the giant double doors, giving them a firm knock. Apparently, the way that they seemed to be hand-carved with diamonds in them didn't seem to surprise Glinda. Elphaba, however, walked up and rang the doorbell, very much intrigued by how intricate the metal around it seemed to bend.

Suddenly, a door was flung open to reveal a disgruntled Fiyero. "Yea yea, I heard you alr-" He stopped mid-sentence when he saw a beaming Glinda and a surprised Elphaba standing in his doorway. "Uhh, what are you guys doing here?"

"Fifi!" Glinda shrieked, throwing her arms around Fiyero's neck. "Surprise!"

Fiyero's arms automatically went around Glinda's waist, as Elphaba unhappily noticed. "Glinda has decided to come and spend the break with you," Elphaba stated, still glaring at Fiyero's arms.

Fiyero noticed and untangled himself from Glinda, keeping hold of one of her hands so as not to hurt her feelings. "Really? You two decided to come visit me? Well I didn't know you actually liked me, Elphaba."

"Actually I'm not staying," Elphaba informed him, ignoring his snarky tone. He knew he was only pretending, but it still sometimes affected her.

At this news, Fiyero's eyebrows furrowed, his eyes showing genuine confusion and...sadness? But why would he be sad that Elphaba wasn't staying? This confused Elphaba a great deal.

Just as Fiyero opened his mouth to speak, there was a huge clash of thunder. Elphaba cringed as she felt the icy raindrops ferociously hit her back.

"Well, you can't go out in this weather. Get inside at once or you'll catch a cold," Glinda ordered, leaning away from the heavy showers that suddenly started to pour. "Why don't you stay here until it stops raining?"

"Yeah, there's more than enough rooms here," Fiyero added.

Elphaba hesitated. On one hand, she didn't want to see anymore of Fiyero and Glinda flirting and kissing than necessary. But having the chance to spend more time with Fiyero was weighing heavily on her mind. Then there was the storm to keep in mind.

"Come on, you can't stay outside," Fiyero said softly, putting a hand on Elphaba's arm.

At the contact, Elphaba's stomach erupted into a million butterflies. She immediately yanked her arm away, missing the brief show of hurt on Fiyero's face before he masked it into nonchalance.

"No, it's not that ba-" The end of her sentence was drowned out by a deafening roll of thunder. Reluctantly, Elphaba muttered a "Fine." and stepped past Glinda into the castle.

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