New Direction

There is a young girl who admires a lot of people. The main one who she admires is her mother. She admires her mother because her mother is wise. She is always there for her. No matter what happens, she will always love her.

Every time the young girl needs at advice. She goes to her mother and her mother gives her advice. She can count on her mother for everything. When the young girl and her mother is having a conversation, her mother always think of the outcome. As her mother thinks what she is going to tell her daughter, she looks in her eyes with worry.

Everyday the mother tells her daughter," she will always be with her". The young girl feels safe when she is with her mother. When she is way from her mother, she always thinks what her mother tells her. When the young girl have her ups and downs, her mother is right there at her side. Even when she is alone.

No matter what happens to the young girl, her mother will always love her. When she was an infant in the hospital sick, her mother still loved her. She makes sure her daughter is loved everyday. Her mother gives her all she got.

The young girl couldn't ask for a better mother. She has a wonderful mother. That's all she needs when her mother is wise, her mother is always there for her, and no matter what happens, her mother loves her.