Marauder's Map

Chapter Six

"So you guys tried a summoning spell, but nothing right?" Draco asked as he paced. "But what about a locating spell instead?" Hermione looked up from her texts and frowned.

"A locating spell is just about the same as a summoning but if we could combine the two aspects then maybe…" She looked back at her books her expression puzzled. Ron picked at his robes, this not being his area of expertise.

"A locating spell that can summon…" Draco's voice trailed off as he looked through the books at his lap. He grinned suddenly and slammed his hand against the table. Hermione was startled out of her own searching.

"What?" Ron thought it best to stay quiet not wanting to interrupt Hermione or Draco in their researching.

"Here read this." He passed on the book over to her eager fingers. She read for a few moments than looked up at Draco.

"You're a genius." Draco preened at that and Ron shifted. "Perfect, perfect. We just need a few ingredients for the potion than we'll be able to cast the incantation."

"What's so great about it?" Ron asked.

"We'll use a potion to strengthen our summoning incantation and another potion to locate Harry."

"Doesn't that seem a bit, I don't know." Ron shrugged. "Easy?" Hermione and Draco both gave him withering looks.

"We'll work on this and it will summon Harry here, you just search the school for any clues." Hermione waved her hand in dismissal.

Harry sat in the passenger seat of Bobby's car his head in his hands and still wishing he'd never taken that first shot. Bobby played the music so softly that Harry couldn't be bothered to figure out what it was. He couldn't remember why he thought drinking so much was a good idea, he had left himself vulnerable in a house full of hunters. With one hunter in particular that would not mind killing him. They had been driving along the highway for a couple of hours and Harry was wishing he could magic them to their destination. He'd never really been in a car for this long and found the experience was not exciting.

"How long till we get there?" he asked not wanting to be rude but the movement of the car was just about killing him. Bobby laughed and fiddled with the radio.

"It'll take about four hours if we don't stop too much." Harry groaned and rested his head against the window. "Don't worry it'll be over soon. We'll stop and get you some food to soak up that hangover." Harry's stomach lurched again at the thought of food but he managed to smile weakly at Bobby. Bobby was going out of his way to help him, the least he could do would be to act grateful.

"Right thanks that sounds awesome." The car swerved to avoid Volkswagen and Harry's head smacked against the window. He gripped the dash tightly with one hand and nursed his bruised skull with the other. Bobby was no easy and safe driver.

"Learn to drive you idgit!" He stuck his fist out of the window and Harry desperately hoped he would take the wheel with both hands. It really had been too long since he was in a car.

"How did you get involved with my world?" Harry folded his hands against his lap and prayed that he wouldn't get sick. Keeping Bobby talking and distracting himself, he hoped, would help keep his mind off other things. He'd have to trust that Bobby would be able to get them to their destination safely.

"I don't really know. I met a kid, funny name, Severus?" Harry felt his stomach and chest constrict. Severus Snape? "Kid was real broken up, never would tell me why though. Have you ever met him?" Harry pictured the old Potions Master on the ground gripping his shirt. "He was such a good kid." Snape's memories leaking out his ears, his face contorted in pain. Look at me.

"Severus Snape?" He finally is able to speak after the images of Severus pass. He couldn't have heard Bobby right.

"That's what I said isn't it?" Harry nodded his head.

"Yeah. I knew him." He really didn't want to talk about Snape. Bobby gave him a long look, seemed to read his mind.

"All right. We don't have to talk about it."

"Its not that I just…" He stopped and stared at his hands. When he was finally able to speak again Bobby turned to him a movement that Harry would have found terrifying if he'd been paying attention. He turned back to the window and watched the trees speed by, he couldn't look at Bobby if he was going to talk about this. "I knew Severus Snape and I hated him." He told Bobby everything, not able to stop himself. About the greasy haired potions professor who hated him and seemed to live to make his life horrible, the man who had tried to teach him Occulamany the only way he could, the kid his father and godfather had teased and tortured, the kid who was his mother's best friend and the true savior of the wizarding world. He told him about his final moments during the Battle of Hogwarts. Through out his explanation Bobby stayed silent just listening. This was something that Harry had wanted to talk about since the end of the war but he didn't know who to talk to. Hermione was his usual choice of burden sharing shoulder to cry on but she had been on Snape's side for years. As much as he loved his best friend she was still to condensing at times. Ron still hated Snape and couldn't understand. Draco grieved for his head of house and godfather. He really had no one else. When he was done he leaned back against his seat and waited. Bobby whistled.

"Severus did seem like a little prick at times. Worst temper I'd ever come across." Harry laughed.

"I was on the receiving end of that temper for years."

"Good to know he made it back." Harry turned toward the window. "He hated this world."

"He died a hero." They didn't say anything else for the rest of the trip both too lost in thought.

They drove all night, Sam and Dean following their father's truck. Sam sat stiff and angry in the passenger seat.

"You know this is more of Dad's bullshit don't you?" Sam asked, not the first time since they'd left Chicago. Dean cast his younger brother a weary glance.

"Sam, Dad thinks the witch is going to hurt Bobby. Are you telling me you don't care?" Frustrated Sam rolled his eyes and turned toward the window.

"Back to the witch?" Dean ignored the tone and turned his music up. Sam reached over and turned it off.

"No you don't get to ignore me. You know Harry has helped us, you know he's not bad and you know this is just another one of Dad's shoot first ask questions later deals. You know that Dean, why are you siding with him?" Dean didn't know what to say. Sam was right, their father did have that attitude but he couldn't just ignore John's warnings. Bobby was family, even if they hadn't seen him in a long time. He had spent his entire life following his fathers orders.

"Dean, answer me." He hated it when Sam's voice took on that angry condescending tone but he couldn't find it in himself to fight back.

"Sam, I don't know." The truck sped up and Dean followed. "What is it that you want me to say? Dad thinks it's a problem so I've got to believe him."

"Just promise me Dean that you'll stop if," He turned to Dean focusing on his brother. "You'll stop if things get out of hand. We've owe Harry a chance, if nothing else." Dean thought about it and couldn't deny it.

"Fine, but at the fist chance of him turning all evil skank and I'm ganking that mother." Sam nodded his head and quickly hid his smile.

Harry didn't know what was worse interrogating a fifth year Hufflepuff or finding out that said student had killed three people. He felt as if he were in some horrible parody of his life. Bobby had told him it was a possibility that the students would be possessed like this but he hadn't really thought it would happen. They were magic too. Shouldn't their magic protect the possession like his had? But it must be just another reason why he was a freak. Harry didn't know if his luck was extremely good or bad. They stood over the kid, his Hogwarts uniform still on, while Marc read an exorcism. Marc was everything Harry thought a hunter should look like. He was rough, crass and looked like he was one mean son of a bitch. The kid thrashed and spewed at them his black eyes filled with hatred.

"This is gonna hurt you a lot more than me." Marc said before he had started the incantation. Harry tired to follow along. The black smoke erupted from the kid's mouth and he slumped down. Harry knew without being told that the kid had died.

He kneeled by the body and closed his eyes. He looked up when he felt Bobby's hands on his shoulders. Marc stood the side his expression blank and somehow Harry felt better for it.

"Let's go Harry." Bobby pulled him up by the arms. "We'll find a way to stop this and send you home."

"He was just a kid." Harry felt as if he were back dueling on Hogwarts grounds watching his friends die. "Can you explain this?" Bobby's fingers dug into Harry's arms and he pulled the wizard up.

"A demon possession is no easy thing. The demon takes over the person completely, they have absolutely no control. The kid it wasn't his fault." Harry slammed his hand against the wall.

"I know that but why didn't they take me? Why could I fight it off? Cause that's what the people who took me they were demons right?" Bobby rubbed a hand against face.

"I think so. I don't know what else they could be." He started to gather his things and Harry watched Marc drag the Hogwarts student's body out of the room. The body banged against the floor and got stuck in the doorway, Marc gave the body a great tug and with loud crunch it was free. Harry felt his stomach drop.

"I've got to get home." Bobby nodded and together they walked to the car.

"Just a few short hours and we'll be back. Boys should be there by now." Harry said nothing and only rested his head against the cars window. He didn't know how much more of this he could handle. He had to find out what was going on, that kid had been a Hogwarts student not fully trained and too young.

John's gun pointed between Harry and Bobby his eyes calm and cold. Dean and Sam stood just behind him on either side, Sam looking as if at any moment he would spring.

"I think I promised to shoot you if I ever seen you again." Bobby lowered his hat and ran a dirty hand against his face. "John what are you doing?"

"Its not what I'm doing its what you're doing, Bobby." Dean took a step back and shrugged when Sam looked at him. He didn't know any better than Sam what to do.

"Listen to me I know that you think your helping but Harry is not a demon worshiper."

"Yeah I know he's worse he's a wizard." Harry straightened his back and took an aggressive step forward. They are treating him like a child and after everything he had gone through, after all the problems that could have been avoided he can't stand to be treated like that.

"Don't talk about me like I'm not here." John just pointed the gun directly to his head and Harry smiled. "That's great. I'm not here to hurt you or anyone else here. I'm not even here for fun. Being here is not something I chose but I have a job to do, that has nothing to do with murdering children and burning their bones. I'm an Auror and I know the word means nothing to you but it means something to me. " He stared at John directly in the face and dared him to make a move.

"If you have a problem with that than get me the fuck home." John stepped back but didn't lower his gun.

"Well said. Really very convincing, if you weren't a lying wizard I may even feel sympathy towards you." John laughed. "Except that I've met your kind before, I know how you work. I'll send you home, one way or anything and when you get to hell tell Lucius that I'm coming for him too." Harry felt completely shell-shocked and John cocked his gun. Sam yelled and Bobby leapt forward, both too late to do anything. The gun fired and Harry for the briefest of moment thought that he was going to die just after a pulling sensation on his navel started and reminds him of traveling by portkey but different.

The Winchesters and Bobby stared at the spot where Harry has disappeared from. Bobby broke the silence first.

"What is wrong with you?" John shook his head and looked to his sons. Sam shifted closer to Bobby afraid that his father might lash out against the other hunter and Dean continued to stare at the spot. Dean stepped closer his hand out stretched but stopped just short of the hole. He looked up at Sam the question echoed in each brother's face.

"What happened?" He asked oblivious to the tension or not caring enough about it between Bobby and John.

"I don't know. I really don't know." Bobby circled the area his hands feeling out the wood of the floor and the walls. "Wherever he is I don't think the bullet hit him." He pointed to the hole in the wall.

"Who's Lucius?" Sam asked while he inspected the hole with Bobby. Dean turned away and looked through some books strewn about the table.

"Lucius Malfoy is a wizard." John searched through his pockets and pulled out a notebook. Dean looked up when John spoke and his expression annoyed.

"Yeah, we get that. What did he do?" Sam and John stared at Dean. It was rare for Dean to question their father and in a borderline angry tone.

"It doesn't matter, what matters is that we have to get ready. We have to kill that son of a bitch if he shows up, the kid too."

"I don't think he'll be coming back, either of them." Bobby said as he stood and moved toward the table. "This is just like the last time, they showed for a while then disappeared." He pointed toward the hole. "And leaves a mark just like that. No, wherever they came from its too powerful for us to stop it or start it. Harry won't be back." John wrote furiously in his notepad. When he finally stopped his expression was murderous.

"How do you know, Bobby?" The look shared between the two left no doubt in either Sam or Dean's mind that this is the reason why John and Bobby got into the fight all those years ago. This is the reason why Bobby threatened to shoot John if he seen him again.

"I know because I was here last time this happened, while you ran off to find the yellow eyed demon." John flinches back as if physically struck, shame clearly etched across his features.

"Now just a minute, Bobby." Dean tried to stand up for his father out of habit but he too is cowed by the anger in the older hunter's expression.

"Dean stay out of this. John is leaving." The threat is clear and John tensely nodded his head. "Sam, Dean. Stay here, leave, and do whatever it is you think you have to." Sam followed Bobby into the kitchen without even looking at his father.

"What is going on?" Dean hates to hear the desperation in his own voice and knows how weak he is but can't seem to help himself.

"I'm leaving just like Bobby asked." Dean snorted at that, his father doing something just because they asked. "Bobby gets what he wants in his house but Dean I want you to stay here for a while longer. The wizards are coming back, its just a matter of time. Bobby knows more than he's sharing." He shouldered his bag and started for the door. "You call me if you catch wind of any wizards." The door almost closed behind him he turned back to his oldest son. "Be careful."

"Harry Potter?" The jump, pull or whatever it was that saved Harry from the Winchesters and their strange world left him disoriented and sore. He couldn't make out exactly where he is but he could feel Hogwarts. The kid, a third year Slytherin, had pulled him to the side of the corridor and now stood peering over him frowning. He felt saved, he was finally done with that world. He would be able to use his magic and investigate how he'd been trained in his world.

"Sir?" Harry's tongue felt as if someone has ripped it apart and spelled it back together, his throat too dry. He managed a croak and the kid jumped, startled. The kid reached for his green and silver tie like a sort of security blanket and for a minute Harry is mesmerized by the design.

"Teacher." He whispered out loud and the kid only looked more confused at the word.

"Sir, sir. I'm not a teacher. What's going on?" Harry shook his head to clear some of the cobwebs.

"Bring teacher." The kid stared at him, his eyes widened and unblinking, for a few moments then understanding dawned on him.

"Oh, oh. Yes, don't worry. I'll be right back!" He jumped into the air and ran down the stairs hopefully leading to an adult. Harry watched as he bounced off, his tie flung behind him. How had he got here? Traveling by magic had never left him physically drained, but then again he had only just recently been able to start gaining his energy back. Whatever it was that was forcing him to travel between the worlds it was not a convenient way to travel. Neither was it the door that Bobby had told him about this was too much like portkey or Apparition. Just as he heard foot steps in the distance he felt the same pulling sensation on his navel. He managed to catch sight of Hermione's worried face before he was pulled out again.