Going Far East


Here's more and I'm glad that people like it on DA.

Let's just say Perry's nervous about training as the Japanese division of the O.W.C.A are tough and he's worried.

I hope you guys like.

Perry smiled as he saw Doof bring out a bag which had freshly made cookies that he'd made a few days ago as he also had a canteen of coffee that he'd brought with him as he was thirsty as he was getting tired as Doof smiled knowing Perry had trouble sleeping peacefully recently thanks to a certain orange haired teenage girl as he saw the male turquise furred platypus drink a cup as he had dark rings around his eyes as he had a few dreams that made him afraid about training with the Japanese agents of the O.W.C.A as he knew they were very tough.

"Perry you okay?

You seem distracted.

You look nervous." he heard Doof say.

Perry shook his turquise furred head as he drank more coffee to keep himself awake as he then began yawning as sleep was overtaking him but he was trying to fight it but knew he needed to sleep.

He then felt his eyes close as Doof wrapped a blanket around him as he was listening to Love Handel and letting his mind wander.

He hoped Perry was okay as he looked out the window as he heard the stewardess say that they'd be kanding in Okinawa in a few hours as he wondered what was bothering his friend as he saw him kicking and moaning in his sleep as he was worried about his frenemy as he had a feeling Perry was having a bad dream about something as he saw Perry wake with a jolt as sweat ran down his turquise furred face as Doof wondered what was wrong as Perry relaxed as he found himself still on the plane beside Doof.

"It was just a bad dream.

That's good to know." he thought calming down.

"Perry you okay?

You look like you lost your best friend." Doof said.

"I'm okay Doof.

I... just had a bad dream." Perry answered.

Doof understood as he saw tears well up in his brown eyes but the platypus forced them away as he couldn't let a bad dream upset him and he knew that the agents would be nice.

"You wanna talk?" Doof said.

"Maybe later." he replied.

He then felt Doof wrap his arms around him in a hug as he remembered when Vanessa was scared when she was little and he would comfort her like he knew that Perry needed a little comfort as he saw his friend calm down.

"T-Thanks Doofy.

I feel better." he told him.

Doof then drank some soda along with Perry as he was quiet but was surprised learning they would be landing in Okinawa in a few hours and once they were there, he'd meet the agents Monogram had been telling him about but he didn't tell Doof yet but would have to sooner or later as they were good friends and hoped that things would be okay.

At six in the morning, the plane arrived at Okinawa as it landed on the runway as Perry had a nervous lump in his throat as he put the collar on so he could hide his form until they got to the O.W.C.A safe house in Okinawa where they'd be staying for most of the Summer as Doof took his hand as he wondered why his friend was so worried as he had no clue that Perry would be training for most of the vacation as he left the plane as they entered the airport after going through security as they got their baggage as they walked to where the place was as it was near the beach which made Perry smile a little as Doof was relieved as Perry hadn't smiled since they'd left Danville as they used the keys for the front door as it opened.

It looked beauitful with bamboo furniture with cushions and cherry blossom and bonsai plants in the room as Perry had slid open the door to his room as he went inside as the bed was platypus sized with a quilt matching the colour of his fur but found a bonsai tree on the desk as it was a welcome gift but Perry had to shake his fear off as he removed the collar becoming his normal self again as he smirked looking at himself in the mirror.

He then heard the door slide open as he saw Doof enter in a kimono that made Perry smile as they were planning to explore the town but made him dress in a yukata, the male kimono as he smiled blushing.

"I see you're feeling better.

Let's go explore, okay?" Perry heard Doof say.

He knew he was right as they left the house as they went to explore but a platypus sized ninja was watching them from their roof as he wore a samurai suit as he was from the O.W.C.A's Japanese Division as he needed to tell the boss that Agent P was here but he was confused about the human with Perry as they didn't like humans but protected Okinawa from danger like that Regurgitator guy who'd shown up in town.

He hoped Perry knew what he was doing...

Meanwhile Doof and Perry were enjoying their afternoon in Okinawa eating Japanese food as Perry was eating sushi as Doof was eating squid ramen which he really liked but Perry heard footsteps as he and Doof saw an ninja that was platypus sized as Doof was nervous.

"Don't worry Agent P, I won't hurt you or him." she said.

Doof's eyes widened hearing the ninja call Perry Agent P like when Perry was on a mission as Perry was nervous.

"I-I'm sorry I didn't tell you Doofy.

Monogram sent me here to learn from the ninja agents here as the Regurgitator's here." he said.

"S-So you came here for work?

You didn't want to spend time with me?" Doof said.

"We'll talk later, I promise." Perry said as Doof nodded sadly.

"Don't worry Agent P.

We need to go to the O.W.C.A HQ.

I'm Suki." she said as he followed.

But he was worried about Doof as he'd never meant to hurt his feelings like that as he wanted to spend time with him while here but he had to train too as Suki assured him that Doof would be okay.

He hoped so.

He followed her to a temple like building which had a demon's head on the door but Suki placed her paw making it open as they entered the O.W.C.A building as he saw other agent ninjas training and learning karate.

"This is so cool!" Perry said.

Suki smiled as she knew he liked it here as they saw the boss approach as he saw it was a dark furred platypus in robes as Perry was confused as he was used to Monogram and Carl.

"Konnichiwa Agent P.

You arrived safely from America, I see?

I am Ranka.

I run the Japan division of the O.W.C.A.

We heard from Monogram that you've dealt with The Regurgitator before?

Good because he's in Okinawa but none of our agents know how he works to defeat him but that's why we wanted you here where your talents are better suited." he told Perry as Suki wondered what her boss meant.

"It was just a joke.

You and Agent P will be partners.

You must teach him what we know.

Maybe he'll teach you what he knows." he said.

She nodded in reply as she led Perry to get suited up in an ninja uniform which was turquise like his fur but had hidden compartments for gadgets as he smiled as he placed the hood pver his face as only his eyes showed.

He then decided to go see if Doof was okay as Suki went with him.

"You're worried about your friend, right Agent P?" she asked.

Perry nodded.

"Yes but call me Perry." he answered.

Suki nodded at this as she followed him to a store where he was buying chocolate and cherry blossoms for Doof as he knew Doof was sad as he had found out why Perry was really coming here for.

Doof was in his room in the house but had fallen asleep listening to Love Handel.

He was a little hurt that Perry was working while here when they were supposed to be together having fun and relaxing.

The door slid open quietly as Perry entered holding a box of candy and cherry blossoms as he put them in an empty vase and placed the card beside where Doof was sleeping.

"I'm sorry Doofy.

Please forgive me." he whispered.

He kissed Doof on his forehead leaving him to sleep.

Suki smiled as she had seen Perry.

She hoped he would be okay...