Author's Note: Drabble written for challenge #189 "Colours" at the NCISDrabble100 community on Livejournal.
Last time I checked, English still wasn't my first language and this wasn't beta'd. Therefore, Microsoft Words and I are to blame for all grammar mistakes and imperfections.

She was wearing a light blue summer dress, and to him she had never looked more beautiful.

Her bronzed skin seemed to glow in the orange light of the sunset as she stepped out of the small hotel and shot him a blinding smile. Her white teeth shone, her green eyes sparkled, and the red curls falling down her shoulders seemed to capture every last ray of the fading sun.

Right at that moment he couldn't help thinking of her as a symphony of colours - his personal rainbow - but he couldn't find the words to say how beautiful he thought she was. So he let his actions speak for him as he stepped up to her and trained his intense blue eyes on her.

"You ready to go, Jen?" He murmured, fingering the thin silver necklace she was wearing, observing the turquoise pendant nestled between her breasts, against the freckled skin. He traced the column of her neck and the underside of her jaw with his index finger, tilting her chin to bring her face closer to his.

"Let's go…" She answered in a whisper, her warm breath caressing his skin, and he angled his head to steal a soft kiss from her red lips. When they broke apart, a delicate flush tinted her cheeks, adding a new enchanting shade of pink to her colourful appearance.

They drove to their destination in a comfortable silence. He focused on the road, glancing at the landscape from time to the time, lost in his memories; she observed the bright colours of the countryside, taking in every detail of the scenery she wasn't accustomed to.

By the time they reached the house, the man they'd come to see was already waiting for them, sitting on the porch.

"Hey, dad…" The younger man smiled as he got out of the car and his father got up from his white wooden chair.

"Hey, son. It's good to see you." They hugged briefly, and the old man grinned as he observed the red-haired woman for a moment before turning back to his son, "I take it this beautiful lady is the reason why you're here."

He nodded, "Dad, this is Jenny. Jenny Shepard."

The old man reached out his hand, "It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss-"

"Please. Just Jenny." She shook his hand and smiled that captivating smile of hers, which made him feel compelled to give her a smile of his own.

"Jackson Gibbs." His bright blue eyes bore into her green orbs, his gaze as penetrating as his son's, "It's a pleasure to meet you, Jenny. Leroy told me a lot about you."

His open stance, the warmth in his voice and the gentle look in his eyes told her that he had no high expectations, but he was just a father who wished to see his son happy with a good woman.

And as she looked back at her future father-in-law, Jenny Shepard desperately hoped she was the right one.