Author's Note: VERY short chapter here. Who is this guy? ;) Hope it will get you all thinking!


JC Carmicheal

The Bringer

'R Bringer Chan Addoed.

That's what they called him. He brought death to those he met.

Sometimes it was quick, painless and easy, but most of the time it was long, painful, hard yet most of all, fun.

His services were unique, no one could just simply employ him or ask him to do a job. Money was a nice a bonus but he never did kill for the money.

Organizations wanted to employ him, they all wanted him to do their bidding but he was not like that. He decided whether he took on the job, he decided whether the person was worth his time and effort to be killed.

No one could make him do anything.

But when he opened the envelope, the same white envelope he got every year, and pulled out the photo, he smiled.

These people who sent him these profiles were different as well. The first ever job he got from them was one of the best he had ever had. No, they weren't jobs, they were challenges and he had just been given the best and toughest challenge he had ever seen.

Getting up from his chair he went over to the fireplace and attached the photo to the ring of others he kept there. He then stepped back, took out his preferred weapon of choice and activated the mechanism. The cycle of photos turned slowly round, and when his latest assignment stopped and halted before his eyes, it took only one shot.

This was going to be very fun indeed.