Chapter One

"Stop, STOP!" Tony yelled as Saleem pointed his gun at McGee's head. "There's something I haven't told you yet."

"And what is that?" Saleem asked with a small chuckle while he was lying on the ground after McGee had kicked his legs out from under him. On his way down, however, he pulled the gun he kept from the holster at his hip and pointed it at the agent he had just assumed to be unconscious.

"There is something I haven't told you yet." Tony said desperately, trying to get the focus back on him to keep his teammates safe.

"Well, I told you about the, the brains," he said as he scooted a few centimeters towards Ziva who was now staring back at him in confusion to what his plan was. "I told you about the guts," That was a close one, Tony thought as Saleem slowly made his way back to a standing position and after taking a few steps backwards stopped pointing the gun at McGee. "I told you about the muscle, the scientist, the politician, the leader, I told you about every member of team, except myself, the part I play." The distraction seemed to be working, Tony thought to himself.

"Which is?"

Tony looked up at Saleem and smiled. "I'm the wild card. I'm the guy who looks at the reality in front of him and refuses to accept it. Like right now, I should be terrified, right? But I'm not, 'cause I just can't stop thinking about the movie True Lies, you know where Arnie's strapped to the chair and shot full of truth serum, and picks his cuffs and kills everybody?" He paused for a second and stared at Saleem with amusement. "You have thirty seconds to live Saleem."

Saleem looked at him and chuckled nervously. "But you're still bound." Then with more confidence said, "You're lying."

"I can't lie," Tony pointed out, "And I didn't say I was the one who was going to kill ya. Remember when I told you my boss was a sniper?"

What happened next Tony definitely did not expect, Saleem started laughing just as the big wooden doors opened and two men came in dragging an unconscious Gibbs. They dropped him several feet away from where McGee was still lying.

"You mean him?" Saleem asked still laughing.

Oh no, Tony thought fear creeping into his veins.