It took two weeks before Tony was declared well enough to leave the hospital, and almost a month before he was able to return to work. All he was looking at was desk duty for a while but it was better then sitting around doing nothing when he felt absolutely fine.

Ziva had been with him the whole time he was in the hospital; he couldn't believe how much better things were between them.

Ziva hadn't even been able to go to NCIS since she had been rescued. She felt guilty and didn't want to have to face everyone. She didn't even work there anyway, she didn't know if she would ever work there again.

"Come in with me." Tony offered the night before he was scheduled to return to work. It had taken a lot of convincing but Tony finally managed to get her to agree to coming in.

That morning Ziva came to pick him up at his apartment, it was the least she could do and she still didn't think he should be driving by himself. She parked the car in the garage and headed towards the building.

"Hey Tony, how are you feeling man?" Rick the security guard asked as they entered the building.

"Fine." Tony answered. Rick looked at Ziva and smiled.

"It's nice to have you back, Ziva." He said.

"Nice to be back." She said in return.

They walked by and Tony pushed the arrow button on the elevator to go up. Once the doors slid open they entered the elevator together and Tony pushed the third floor button.

They rode the elevator in silence, watching as the numbers counted up until they reached three and the elevator door pinged as it opened.

They walked out of the elevator and started towards the bullpen when they were both simultaneously tackled by Abby. They were only in Abby's embrace for a moment before the others reacted.

The sound of a room full of people clapping could be heard as everyone on the third floor stood and applauded the amazing rescue of one Ziva David and the return of Tony. Even the director was standing on the stairs clapping.

Ziva looked down towards the ground, tearing were yet again threatening to fall. She had been untrusting to everyone before she left, especially the people she cared about the most. She would never distrust them again, they were her family and that was all she needed to know.

The End.

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