Disclaimer: Do I look like I own the movie/book? I'm still trying to remember if I actually read the book long ago, cause I honestly cannot remember (and the more I think about it the more I don't think so) since the movie was so good it's what I remember. And now after re-watching after years (I had forgotten about it until I came across it a few days ago) I love and appreciate it a lot more. Anyway, basic point: ownage honor belongs to SE Hinton.

A.N: I had this What-if scenario in my head every time I watche the fight between the Socs and Johnny and Ponyboy in the park…..The scenario is what if instead of getting out his switchblade and cutting the Soc, Johnny ran back to the Curtis' house to get Ponyboy's brothers….. How would thinks have gone differently?

I just had to write this out and see where it goes. As usual with mult-chapters…I have it all written out but I doubt I'd upload all at one time or one day.

Summary: Instead of cutting the Soc, what if Johnny had rushed with all his might back to get Ponyboy's brothers? Would they make it back in time to save Ponyboy from the Socs? Would Johnny forgive himself for leaving his best friend to fend for himself?

Chapter 1: If only…

The Socs watched as Ponyboy and Johnny slid off the monkey bars. The leader, Bob, smiled drunkenly and asked, "You know what greasers are?"

He took a sip of alcohol before answering his own question, "White trash with long greasy hair…" He threw the rest of the drink on Ponyboy.

There were snickers from the other Socs. Johnny flinched and swallowed nervously glancing between the two. Ponyboy glanced at him before looking back at the Soc.

It was a moment later but calmly he asked, "You know what a Soc is?"

"What?" Bob asked.

"White trash with mustangs and and madras" then he spit on him.

"Get him!" Bob cried before the Socs charged the two young greasers. Ponyboy and Johnny broke off running in opposite directions.

"Johnny run!" Ponyboy called out as several Socs gained on him, pulling the back of his shirt. He tried to fight them off but there were too many of them as they dragged him to the fountain. He did not stop trying to fight them.

Johnny ran with two Socs hot his tail. He grunted as he fell down to the ground. Johnny didn't have any time as they picked him up and threw him back down before kicking him in the stomach a few times. Johnny groaned once and curled into himself. Laughing they jogged back to help their friends who were dunking Ponyboy in the fountain. Johnny could hear the struggles as he tried to get breath back into his body.

It was a mere second before Johnny lifting his head up to see them dunking Ponyboy. Panic set in as he threw off the pain he was feeling and rose up, before taking off running. He had to get help! There was no way he could stop all those Socs by himself. His body seemed to know before his brain and instinctively he ran towards the Curtis' house.

"Hey! He's getting away!" one of the Socs cried having seen him in his parallel vision.

Bob barely glanced up. "Then after him, you morons! I'm busy here", he ordered ending with a laugh as he took a flask and dump some alcohol on Ponyboy.

Two Socs broke away following orders and began running after Johnny.

Blindly, Johnny ran. He never ran so hard in his life. But he couldn't stop, Ponyboy was counting on him. He heard the footsteps behind him, gaining on him. He was close to the house. Only a little more. He prayed he'd hold out. He prayed the Socs wouldn't get to him before he could get help.

"Help me! Soda! Darry!" he called out hoping they heard and could convey the urgency, "Ponyboy...!"

The Socs behind him realized what he was doing. "He's getting his friends!" one called to the other as they slowed down accessing their options.

"Whoo, let's go back. We gotta tell the others! We gotta go before they get here", the other said. Both turned and ran back to the park.

Johnny was aware on some level the cease of footsteps behind him but did not stop in his pursuit. "SODA! DARRY!" Johnny cried as he saw the house. He flung open the gate and bounded up the stairs, near tripping on the steps. It didn't slow him down any as he threw open the door startling the two men who were sitting on the couch.

Darry had his head in his hands and Soda had his hand on Darry's shoulder. Obviously, Darry was upset with what had happened and Soda was trying to make him feel better. They barely looked up much less have spoken before Johnny huffed out. "Ponyboy!" he said before darting out the house.

Darry and Sodapop didn't waste any time before darting out the house. They saw the wildness in their friend's eyes and didn't question it. They were barely out the door when Johnny had darted out the gate. Darry and Sodapop had caught up with Johnny rather easily.

"What happened?" Darry asked.

"Socs!" Johnny answered as he veered to the park. The two brothers didn't need any other explanation at the moment as they ran both running ahead of Johnny now that they knew he was was going to the park.

Darry himself was maddening as various scenarios started playing in his head. He felt the need to beat someone up now. When they came in view the first thing they saw were the Socs frantically piling in the car. The car was already moving before they could barely get in. Darry had picked up a rock, not slowing down and hurled it to the Soc's car. It hit the hood and bounced off but the Socs were in the car by then and were speeding away. Feeling cocky, they were shouting obscenities to the greasers as they drove away.

"Ponyboy!" Sodapop called frantic worry in his voice, as he surveyed the park. He didn't see his brother. He hadn't even paid any attention to the Socs, his thoughts firmly on his younger brother.

Johnny also didn't care about the Socs as ran to the fountain, Sodapop close on his heels. "Ponyboy!" he called out, not seeing the young male. He proceeded to run around the fountain but when he got closer he realize there was a body lying on the ground.

"Ponyboy!" Sodapop cried before rushing off and skidding to the ground next to Ponyboy. He picked up his younger brother, tears in his eyes. "We are here now. Ponyboy!" He cried, shaking him. Said male did not respond nor did he more.

Not a twitch.

Ponyboy was drenched but Sodapop didn't care didn't even really realize that his brother was wet. Ponyboy's skin was becoming really pale and his lips were turning blue.

Johnny watched with worried eyes, leaning on the edge of the fountain, his breath coming out in gasps. "Is …..be….right?" he managed to breathed out. Now that he had finished running, his brain was catching up to his body and he felt extremely weak and tired.

"I don't know! I don't know…." Sodapop cried just holding his brother, worry overtaking him. He shook his brother and called his name, hoping that Ponyboy would give him something to work with.

"We need to get him to the hospital. Who knows how much water he may have swallowed?" came a soft calming voice. Darry kneeled next to Sodapop. Darry put two and two together taking in what happened. Now he had to be calm for his brothers and Johnny, though inside a wage of emotions burned though him.




"I don't think he's breathing!" came Sodapop's frantic voice as he was studying Ponyboy and he felt a small shift stop. Ponyboy's features seemed to get paler and his mouth bluer.

"Lay him flat!" Darry barked a command instantly taking charge. Soda obeyed without question. He did not know CPR well but he would dang well try!

"Come on, Pony!" Sodapop cried as Darry worked to get his breath back.

"Soda, run and call and ambulance!", Darry ordered between breaths and pushes, "If you gotta run across the street to a neighbor's do it!"

Soda didn't question, but with tears in his eyes he obeyed and picked a house running to it praying they were home. Though their house wasn't far, just around the corner and a few paces, it was too far in this circumstance.

"Ponyboy….." Johnny breathed. His breath was calming down but he was still weak. He dropped down next to his friend. He felt guilt well up. Maybe if he had stayed and put of a fight, Ponyboy wouldn't be in his position.

"Come on, Ponyboy!", Darry grunted, "Don't you dare do this to me, to us! Don't you dare!" Darry continued, feeling his arms burn but he didn't dare stop. He breathed in breaths and continued pushing, "Come on! Please…" his voice broke on the plea as tears began to fill his eyes. "Please, Ponyboy, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for hitting you. Please you have to get better so that I can make it better."

"Ponyboy….." Johnny murmured, as tears began to flow down his face as the reality of what was happening was sinking in.

"Ambulance is called. They'll be here in 5", Sodapop called out as he ran towards them.

Johnny was beginning to get sick. He felt this was all his fault. If only had stayed and fight. If only he had run faster.

If only he made Ponyboy go back home.

If only he had insisted they stay at the lot….

If only…..

If only……..

"Johnny….hey, Johnny!" Sodapop called. Johnny was dimly aware of someone shaking him. Johnny's ears were closing, his body shutting down. He heard Ponyboy's name slip from Sodapop's lips as he was talking to him, but he couldn't hear anything else. His eyes rolled back and he passed out.