She was teasing him. Every day was a sort of torture.

Derek made him promise the he'd stayed away from her "little", from her. And he was doing his best. But that day Lexie made the impossible to torture him.

She began at the nurses' station. She was doing some charts when he approached her. Mark was mesmerized. Mouth half opened, eyes widened while he was focused on her lips sucking her pen cap. He swallowed, feeling his scrub pants a little tight and, after have grabbed some new charts, he made his way to his office.

Later that day, another episode, another torture.

Lexie was eating a lollipop while George was talking to her about his worries for his intern exam. Mark tried to not look at her. He really tried. But he failed miserably. His eyes were fused to her mouth and his fantasies started.

"Fuck. She's teasing the beast.", he groaned and then sat on a chair far from Little Grey. But he couldn't help it. He was watching at her again, wishing that he could take her on an on-call room and make his was on her body.

She was teasing him and the funny thing was that she didn't know it. Mark was crazy and promised to himself that one day he would have teased her like she was doing now. In the meanwhile he was fantasizing about her lips with eyes half closed.