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District Six Reaping

Cosette Keegan

I awoke early the day of the reaping. I had to check on my father before leaving. He had fallen ill. The sickness that had killed my entire family had befallen him. He wasn't doing very well. I couldn't lose him too. I just couldn't. I couldn't be left alone; I was only fourteen years old. Of course, Dad wasn't really looking after me at the moment, the other way around rather. However, just having him around put me at ease.

I walked to his room, he was still asleep. I sighed. There wasn't much I could do. I checked his temperature and made sure that he had enough light quilts to remain warm. I didn't want to wake him. Perhaps rest would do him good. I went downstairs and reheated a bowl of soup. I placed it on his bedside table and left the room. Our doctor could not discover a cure. He didn't know what the sickness even was. He said that what I did everyday, feeding Dad, making sure he was warm enough, getting him whatever he needed, would have to be enough. I just hoped that it was.

I grabbed a quick breakfast and went upstairs to bathe. I then went into my room to dress for the reaping. I wore a plain white tunic and straight black pants. I looked at myself in the mirror. I was my small self, as ever. My black hair reached my hips. My olive green eyes had bags underneath them. I was exhausted. I heaved a sigh, squared my shoulders and left the room.

I checked on Dad once again and whispered in his ear, ''I'll be back soon.'' His only reply was a groan. I gulped, he would get better. He would. He had to. I left the house and rushed to the town centre of District Six. Mayor Vallen was beginning his speech on the Treaty of Treason. I barely listened. Then it was time for the mentors to take the stage. An unusually subdued woman stepped forward to the glass bowl containing the names of the potential female tributes. Her hand entered the bowl and emerged with a small slip of paper. ''Cosette Keegan.'' She called clearly.

My name, she had called my name. I was shocked. Completely shocked. Nobody would volunteer, that much I knew. This was District Six. I squared my shoulders and walked to the stage. Who would look after my father? Would he die? NO! No, he couldn't! I wouldn't let him! I had to come home. My size would work against me, of course. I would have to intimidate my opponents. Somehow. I reached the stage and shook the hands of the mentors and the mayor. The camera swung in my direction. It was a completely impulsive action, but I ..Bared my teeth and growled? Where had that come from? It seemed to work, however. The camera hurriedly turned away from me, as if frightened by my actions. Maybe this would be easier than I thought. Maybe I really did have a chance.

It was time for the picking of the next tribute. Sastor Cathaway sauntered to the bowl containing the names of potential male tributes. ''Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favour!'' He called and plunged his hand in to the bowl in an overly dramatic manner. His hand re-emerged with a piece of paper. ''Luca Boveri!'' He called. A tall boy approached the stage. He was of medium build and was fairly muscled. I felt my hope disappear. This boy could beat me easily. My size and speed wouldn't help if he caught me. There was also the fact that he would almost be considered the underdog in the competition. Other tributes would be much better than him, much stronger and probably more skilled with weapons. I couldn't win. But I had to try.

I kept up the fierce fa├žade for the cameras until I reached the Justice Building. Dad was bedridden so of course he couldn't come and say goodbye. Therefore I had no visitors. Who was going to look after my father? The doctors would have to, wouldn't they? They would check up on him, I was sure they would. They just had to. There was nothing I could do about it, though. I would be gone. I would try to come back, god knows that I would. I would do my best, but how I could I compete with the bloodthirsty Careers? I thought of dying, of never returning to my district, of never again seeing my father, and began to cry. The tears fell silently down my face until the Peacekeepers came to get me. I clutched my necklace token fearfully and followed them.

Luca Boveri

I awoke the day of the reaping and went downstairs into the kitchen. I ate breakfast quickly and went upstairs to bathe. Afterwards, I went into my bedroom and got dressed. My reaping outfit was a simple jeans and T-shirt.

My family and I made our way to the centre of the town. Rinadi was past the age of reaping so he and Dad stood with the rest of the crowd. I made my way to the fifteen's section and waited. I looked at the people around me and saw that they all had fear on their faces, probably a mirror of my own. However, I would hedge that mine was slightly less evident. Nevertheless, it was still there.

I lost myself in my thoughts and only resurfaced when my name was called. I gulped slightly but swallowed my fear. I might be able to win, maybe. Enerything was a blur afterward. In the Justice Building, my family and I said our goodbyes. They wished me luck and left. I can do this, I told myself. I can do this.

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