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Chapter 1- of multi chapters to follow

"Sam, enough said Dean dangerously, picking up the keys to the impala from is bed and walking toward the door as as he put his hand on the door knob...

"I did not mean to De"

but Dean cut him of by saying "Sam" in a I mean it voice and Dean left quickly the small, only having two twin beds room. Once stepping outside into the crisp cool night Dean was grateflul since he was getting claustophobic and looked at his watch, it was only 7:30 pm and still light outside, he put both hands to his head and looked up at the sky.

Walking to the impala he already cringed at seeing the injury to his beautiful baby inside his head. He had to leave the room or he would have hit Sam and had a few words for him. "Ahhh"said Dean out loud and quickly kneeling on the floor he touched the dent on the passangers side door. "My baby" he choked. "Look at what he did to you that creep" as he had a hard time getting up reliving the accident.

FLASHBACK-Two hours earlier

"Sam" Dean actually whined. "You said you would only drive a few hours and it now been officially five hours.

"Shut up, I'll stop at the next motel Dean."

" I would not have any complaint accept you missed the turn to the last motel and the next one is not for three hours!


Back in reality Dean was sitting in the impala and still feeling sorrow over his baby, when Sam fell asleep behind the wheel and luckily Dean who was snoozing woke up in time to grab the steering wheel to only graze his baby on the side preventing a head on collision while he screamed for Sam to wake up and slam on the brake!

Starting the impala and pulling out of the motel where they were in Philadelphia, Pennyslvania, he told himself he will not let Sam ever drive againand that he will never fall asleep when he is a passanger to have to wake up to almost crashing. But passing a McDonalds, Dean pulled in and actually felt lousy. Sam was only being a good little brother and trying to help since he called Dean a zombie and was afraid he would collapse and offered to drive so Dean could sleep. However, Sam was also a zombie Dean recalled.

Debating Dean said out loud "all right, all right, Sam I will talk with you calmly over a nice crispy bacon hamburger for me and steak burger for you."

Back at the motel Dean was now in a much better mood and took a sip of his chocolate shake as he unlocked the door. "Sam" he said in voice that showed he was not angry. "Sammy?' he called and he shut the door behind him and placed down the food bags on his bed since there was no table. Looking on his brothers bed he saw his socks and walked over to the closed bathroom door and knocked on it. Getting no response he opened the door hesitantly wanting to respect his brothers privacy and seeing no Sam, Dean ran over to the shower that was hidden from view by the shower curtain since hearing no shower could mean he was in the bathtub and something went wrong since he loved when Dean gave him baths when he was a child. Heart pounding and almost afraid to, Dean yanked it out of the way.

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