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Chapter 11

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"Sammmmm, Sammmmyyyyy boyyyy" screamed Dean in panic. "ARE YOU IN THE HOUSE?" Dean was sweating in great amounts from the heat of the flames and face was turning red from it.

Deciding to run out side, Dean took one last look behind him at the front door and teared up as he saw the box with the childhood pictures became demolished. Having his dads journal in his left hand he ran outside and saw the second floor was on fire as well. He dropped his dads journal my his dad.

"Damn it" he said tearfully since his cell phone was burning inside and so were his keys to the impala since he wanted to go into town and call the cops.

"Dean" he heard someone say lightly.

"Dad, Bobby" he said horsely, now coughing but they were still asleep.

"Son, your brother is in the panic room, hurry my little one" said a voice and Dean through the red flames could see the outine of his mother.

"MOM!" yelled Dean running back into the house, but she was gone.

"Sam, I'm on my way"said Dean and he trembled as he saw the only way to get downstairs was blocked by fire.

"Oh, god, oh lord," said Dean quickly and counted to three and as fast as he could ran through it while shielding his eyes

"Thank you, thank you" said Dean once he was in the basement and he saw he was covered in thick black smoke and that he did not get seriously injured. Only a few first degree burns. Running like lightening he reached the panic room and did not see his brothers face in the window waiting for him.

"No one loves me, I am not good, no one will find me, today I will burn, and go to heaven, to see my mother, maybe, or it can be worse... hell" Sam was singing to himself sitting as far as he could opposite the window and door to the panic room to let him be alive the longest possible once the room caught fire.

"I am going to miss life, food, hunting, but mostly living. That stupid Simon... Jessica did not want to be with him, but he was an angry ex. I am going to die soon, I'll really miss, Dean... He is the best in the whole world, he is god, I hope you help him to get out. He was not just my brother during my childhood but my father, and mother..."

Police two of them eating bagels in their car ten minutes from Bobbys house-

"Woah, that car is speeding, lets go."

"Nah, something does not look right where they came from, like they had to leave really fast."

"Fine, lets check it out."

"Sammy," said Dean opening the panic room door and saw his little brother sitting on the floor singing to himself.

"Samuel Winchester, get up we need to go" said Dean pulling his brother by his arms.

" Heaven looks nice, you look just like my brother Dean, I guess he did not make it either."

"Get up" said Dean. "I am Dean, your alive and I want to keep it that way bro so move" he said pushing his brother through the door and up the stairs.

Seeing the fire in the hallway, Sam freaked out. "I cannot make it, mom died like this, I'm scared."

Seeing his brother crying Dean said "you hold onto my hand, clench your teeth together and we will be okay, I won't let go of you Sammy."

Crying and terrified Sam took his big brothers hand and Dean pulled him into the fire and fought his way into the kitchen where they could get out by the front door. This was the fastest route since even though a bedroom was right next to the basement, with a window... Dean did not want to risk getting more burned not being able to open the window in the pitch black smoke.

"Come on, come on," thought Dean the pain was excruciating, however he knew they were almost to saftey. "I so will have third degree burns from this, said Dean in his mind and bit on his lips to keep him from yelling out in agony!

"Holy, crap" said one of the police as they pulled into the junkyard and saw the fire.

"I"ll call the fire department" said the other and the driver drove the car near to where John and Bobby lay.

"Mister, wake up," said one of the police pushing at Bobby and the other felt Johns pulse.

"They are fine, perhaps swallowed smoke, the ambulence will take them to the hospital."

"I wonder how this started?"

"Everything lost, how sad."

"" screamed Sam and Dean as they made it out the front door both on fire and they over ran the five steps leading up to the front door and smashed to the concreter floor.

"Boys, drop and roll" said one of the police and soon the fire was out just as the fire department sirens could be heard.

"ohhhhh," moaned Dean loudly as one of the policemen kneeled down next to him and pushed his short hair back.

"Good boy, you'll be okay, help is here"

"Sammm" coughed Dean not being able to turn to see if is brother was alright. Dean felt that his face was burned, hands, and practically everything was. His clothers was burned onto his skin. "Sam?"

"This one does not look good, unresponsive," said one of the police pulling the other out of Deans hearing range. "I also can't tell if the person is a male or female."

"Looks like a male, but you never know."

Finally the ambulences arrived and was loading Dean onto a strecher and all along he was groaning in pain.

Dean saw that his dad was starting to move and become responsive as the EMT put him into another ambulence but Bobby was not. However, Dean breathed a sigh of relief since he knew his dad was alright so Bobby had to be as well.

"Is my brother, okay" asked Dean to the EMT as she put an IV into his foot.

"Well, he is awake now, but rather quiet. He is being tended to behind the firetruck and will be loaded in the same ambulence as you though."

"I want to see him."

"In a few minutes, so just settle down and we will be of to the ER soon."

"Fine" said Dean too tired to argue and he sighed deeply as the omen and a man who helped lift him into the ambulence stepped out and closed the door shut to keep him warm.

Through the window of the ambulence Dean could see nothing left was of Bobbys house and he teared up at how everything was lost. He nodded in peace with himself that he saved his brother..., just like when he was a baby.

Finally Dean saw the ambulence his dad and Bobby were in zoom away and Dean finally was able to settle back and relax since the pain killers were finally kicking in. He closed his eyes but not for long.

"Dean" Sam said in a low voice as the paramedics loaded him into the ambulence.

"Sammy" croaked Dean.

"You look horrible."

"Right back at you Sam."

"They could not tell I am boy, a male Dean and they had to take me behind the firetruck to see if I really am a boy."

"Hilarious" said Dean, "you must have been so embarassed, you must have been brick red.

"Actually Dean, I don't think I can get anymore red than I am now...thanks to my third degree burns.

The End

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