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At first I thought it was completely risk-free. I thought I would fall into some sort of fun stuff, dancing the night away. I thought I would be having the most fun I would ever have. Like someone would fire a gun in the midst of all the raving, and we all wouldn't mind because we were too busy drinking and laughing it off.

Okay, let's just say it all started from a call I got from a few of my friends. They invited me to a bar-club thing they said was completely safe, and that there was absolutely nothing to worry about because they were going too. How should I have reacted? I didn't know what the consequences were. The dangerous outcomes never once came to mind. I didn't know what would happen, so I said,

"Sure, why not?" Feeling the most excitement I've ever felt since the last time I've gone on a field trip in school-4 years ago. The excitement inside my body gave me butterflies and a sort of fluttering feeling I just couldn't ignore.

"Ah, perfect! I'll go tell Dotachin you said yes. Okay, I'll call you back!" and with that, the call was ended. The arrangements had been made. They were to pick me up at 8:00, expecting me to be prepared, and we'd drive there in Togusa's olive green van. Sounds good so far.

Later in the evening at 7:30, I dressed up in some sleek black slacks, wearing a white cotton v-necked shirt with a short onyx jacket on top. I quickly tied a yellow handkerchief around my neck to match my blonde hair. Eyeballing myself in the mirror, I hoped I looked at least somewhat appropriate for the party. Who'd want to show up in something completely irrelevant and awkwardly showy that you stood out like a sore thumb?

After a couple more minutes of indecisive choices of accesories, I heard my hippy ringtone. A short tune that happened to replay until I picked up. I slide my orange cellphone up and put it on speaker-mode.

"Hey, Erika," I greeted, sliding a gold ring on my left hand's middle finger and slipping a couple gold bracelets on both of my wrists. "You said you'd call when you got here."

"Yeah, I know what I said." she replied with a cheery voice, "So, um, why don't you open the door? That way I wouldn't have the trouble of ringing the doorbell."

A hesitation.

"...What are yo-oh! You're here already?" I gasped, "S-sure, I'll get the door." As I spoke (half-into-the-phone and half-across-the-house), I walked around my little humble home and reached for the knob. I pried the door open and it squeaks.

The otaku stood there, a smile plastered on her face, her dressing attire a black party gown. Well, maybe some of the design had changed, but it wasn't all that noticeable. You could hardly tell when the whole thing was black. Where'd she get it? Hot Topic?

"So you ready to go?" Erika's question hits a higher pitch, and I flinch at the echo of her voice in my phone. I decided to snap it closed so it would shut up. From the corner of my eye, I caught Erika smirk after she was done examining me.

"Yeah," I said, pointing behind me with a thumb, "Just let me go check to make sure everything's off."

"Sure, sure."

With casual approval, I hopped into each room, shutting off all the lights and all the electronic devices. Saves energy, saves money. The more money, the better. I checked my pockets for my wallet and my phone. Yup. They're there. I walk back to my front door and slip my orange converse on.

"Okay, I'm ready."

"Alrighty! Awesome!" She cheers, waving and signaling at Yumasaki and the others that I was set. "C'mon, let's go!" Erika springs off towards the van while I turned to close the door and reassure myself it was locked. I jogged to catch up with Erika.

Once I was beside the otaku in black, matching her pace, she grinned at me. A big ol' goofy smile. I couldn't tell what that grin meant, sarcastic or genuine, so I just grinned back.

"I like what you're wearing." she says cheekily, looking me up and down again. "You look so..." and mumbles the last part. I would've caught what she said if she hadn't snickered and suddenly hurried around the van to get inside. I shrug it off and jumped in too. Erika sat between me and Yumasaki, while Togusa-san drives and Kadota-san sat next to him. Togusa-san twists the key a couple of times. It grumbles to a start, and we began to move.

"Hahaha! Wouldn't it be so funny if something really horrible happened at the party like in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya? Aliens and Espers and Time Travelers just appear out of nowhere or something?" Yumasaki joked, giggling and gesturing at Erika, who laughed along and added things like, "No, no, it's more like in Death Note! We're all 'woo-hoo!' Dancing and stuff, but then bam! We all drop dead!" They both started cracking up.

"Ne, ne, what if someone just turns into an akuma?" Yumasaki laughs.

"Hahaha, like they were disguised as humans?" Erika replies, "Yeah, that would be hilarious! 'Innocence activate!' much?"

"Help! We need an exorcist! Hahaha!"

"Hey! Quiet back there!" Kadota-san scolds, whirling around to face the two from the front passenger seat. Erika and Walker chuckled, but eventually followed his orders. They picked up their own manga from somewhere on the floor and began to flip through them. Erika with Loveless, and Walker with Full Metal Alchemist. I stared out the window the rest of the way, watching the streets and tall buildings pass by in a rush of colors while also waiting anxiously to get to our destination. Anticipation bubbled up inside me.

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When we reached the tall and jazzy building, we straightened ourselves up, looking all adult-like. Well, maybe not Kadota-san or Togusa-san, since their regularly grouchy face expressions showed they were around the age 20. (No, it's not an insult.) Erika and Walker weren't really paying attention, but for some reason unknown to me, they looked old enough. Basically, I was the only one that tried to hide my age-actually, I was the only one that wasn't old enough to even go in a club. Ha, like that was going to stop me...