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POV Change to none

Ever since then, things had gotten out of hand for the innocent little blonde. He had fallen for one of the sickest of tricks, the worst traps. He had been captured by the one and only unique information broker, Orihara Izaya, when he was in the most impossible state to encounter him with. Being drunk and misled.

The blonde had basically surrendered to the man, because either way, he knew something bad was bound to happen sooner or later. And the sooner, the better, right? At least, that's what he thought. As he let Izaya continue his 'work', he gave up on his struggles and just let him do what he wanted. What else could I have done anyway? He vaguely pondered to himself, I know I can't make it out of this one...

Well my first kiss went a little like this~
I said no more sailors,
And no more soldiers~

Hands travelled his body; his chest, his abdomen, his thighs, his rear, his everything! And the blonde didn't mind, not one bit. Alcohol can only do so much for you, can't it? Kida doesn't know anymore, and doesn't care.

Soon enough, he's lost both his black sweatshirt and yellow handkerchief that was on him just a minute ago.

With your name in a heart~
Tattooed up on the shoulders,
Your kiss is like whiskey~

Izaya licked at the blonde's suddenly exposed neck as he fiddled with one of Kida's nipples in an icy hand, roaming the rest of his body with the other. Then, the information broker takes it upon himself to suck at the blonde's neck, leaving multiple blotches of red all over his regularly clean collarbone. At the mere sight of it, Izaya nibbles on his bottom lip to stop himself from taking the boy right there. So badly, though, he'd really like to begin tapping...

It gets me drunk~
And I wake up in the morning with the taste of your tongue~

From the corner of his sharp eyes, he saw something the color of amber brightly glint in the distance. It could have been of a big importance, but Izaya shrugged it off as part of the raving party lights. Pressing himself onto Kida, who was flushed for many reasons, he rubbed both of their erections together intimately and hotly. They each sweated bullets.

In the back of the car~
On the way to the bar~
I got you on my list, (I got you on my list)~

Then the same auburn-something gleamed at the pair again, but Izaya was too busy sticking his tongue down Kida's mouth to notice. He was glad he didn't see it, otherwise he'd lose the boy and turn him off. Izaya knew better. He was Izaya, after all.

POV Change to Kida Masaomi

What the hell? Did I lose a shirt or something? Damn. I like wearing my shirt...haha, what am I talking about! Of course my shirt is off. My fans ripped it off of me and are selling it off EBay for millions! Because I'm just that famous, duh.

As I thought on and on about endless random things, I felt something wet go up my body, and at the same time, something hot and moist go down into my pants. The wet thing tickled me and made me feel all...shiver-y. Haha.

At the foot of the stairs,
With my fingers in your hair,
Baby, this is it~

Something's touching me. They're touching me. There.

"Ah! I-I-wa!"

I felt my head fly backwards, my hair flipping away from my eyes, I could see clearer. Stars are seen on a regular basis, right? My blush deepened as I felt it go up and down on me, it was warm down there and hard. It's really hot and wrong and good all rolled into one. It felt good...?

What was it?

POV Change to none

She won't ever get enough~
Once she gets a little touch~
If I had it my way,
You know that I'd make her say-

There was something about that honey-hued glare that made Izaya so uneasy. He felt as though it was angrily sticking daggers into his back, and it doesn't help set the mood with Kida whatsoever. He was trying to do something here!

"Mmaah! I-Iza-"

The information gulped down a lump in his throat as he swiftly moved his fingers to linger over the blonde boy's belt. He felt Kida shudder a bit, but that didn't stop him from unbuckling and discarding the velvet waistband. It dropped to the floor with a thud.

Izaya cranes over Kida's bare neck, causing the blonde's blood to run cold as he tickled his ear with his chilling cold breath. He was teasing him, and Kida didn't like it, detestably. His pair of thin blonde eyebrows furrow themselves as he unintentionally groans in Izaya's ear. A blush crept onto his beautifully featured face, Izaya nibbles on his ear.

She won't ever get enough~
Once she gets a little touch~
If I had it my way,
You know that I'd make her say-

"Hm, Kida-kun, what lovely sounds you're making," The information broker taunted as he boldly roamed down the boy's body with his experienced hand. In return, Kida wrapped his arms around Izaya's neck and fisted his slender hands in his short black hair. And he made sure to do it tightly, so that he'd cause the information broker to grunt. Not that Izaya was bothered by it, no, he was fairly well enjoying it.

Meanwhile, in the same bar-club they were in, a particular twenty-three year old blonde rolls his frightful eyes of his at this absolutely disgusting pair he had coincidentally spotted before him. They were touching each other, and licking each other, and kissing each other, and yuck! What is that damn flea doing?

He felt his anger build up inside him, little by little, but most of the time, lot by lot. He was practically boiling, and he feared if he didn't do anything, all these innocent people would get hurt. And he didn't want that-Oh dear god, what is that fucking flea doing now?

The nicely dressed blonde felt his eyebrow twitch as he saw that damn flea shove his damn hand in that boy's sleek black pants. The boy forcefully shut his pretty little eyes to a squint, his face in a tight knot between confusion, anger and pleasure all rolled into one. His lips formed an adorable 'o', while the flea watched, amused.

What did Shizuo do to deserve this torture?

"Dammit! That flea...what does he think he's doing?" Came his angry growl, grimacing. He really couldn't take the sight of them together like that, he really could not! If Shizuo attempted at looking away, his eyes would draw themselves back at them and he hated it.

Izaya grinned maliciously at the blonde boy as he jerked his damn hand up and down, back and forth. Stroking the boy successfully, with the boy groaning again, he pulled them closer with his free arm and began licking at the bare neck he had gained access to. The boy moaned deliciously, by the looks of it, and Izaya chuckled.

'Why?' Shizuo thought, 'Why, oh why, tonight, of all nights? Why here, of all places?'

"Dammit!" He muttered irritatedly, balling his strong hands into fists. His eye gleamed at the two once more, aimed specifically at Izaya. Then Shizuo noticed something as his eyes stealthily flickered to the boy biting his swollen bottom lip, and fearfully quivered in the flea's grip.

'That kid...' Shizuo pondered and tsked, his eyebrows knitting themselves agitatedly. 'Why's he here in the first place? If he knew better, he'd have stayed home and spent his time wisely. ...but now...now, he's become that bastard's sex slave!' Shizuo stomps his foot.

The surrounding adults part from him, hearing the threatening stomp, in fear of anything and everything. It was smart of them to do, because what Shizuo does next is something for everyone to be frightened of.

He snapped.

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