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Holy Gerbils! A PONG CATEGORY! 8D Must… participate!

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Rated: T, for some suggestive themes and swear words.

Yo Momma

"Hey yo! Yo' momma so fat, when her beeper goes off, people thought she was backing up!"

Paddle A and Paddle B were currently on an intense PONG battle. After Paddle A got 2 points higher than Paddle B, Paddle B decided to play the nasty.

Paddle A was furious, to think that his companion would go so low on a simple game of PONG. He almost lost the last goal because of Paddle B's interjection "You shut up about my momm-"

DINGDINGDING, Point to Paddle B.

'Damn it' Paddle A said to himself.

"Ooh, someone's a momma's boy!" Paddle B laughed, "Next round, next round!"

'Okay, focus, focus.' Thought Paddle A.

Paddle A was getting better he hit the ball and it nearly went into the goal. He was sure to get the next one until…

"What's wrong Paddle A? From what I heard, yo momma's twice the man you are!" Paddle B shouted from across the game system, nearly missing the ball.

Paddle A gritted his teeth, 'Okay, this sucker wants to play dirty?' Paddle A slipped a bit since he was trying to think of a good comeback, thanks to that slip though, he saved the ball.

"Ooh, like mother, like son!" Paddle B gave the ball an even harder hit.

Paddle A missed another shot once again as the sound indicating that his opponent won went off. He couldn't stand losing to something as sore as him. Paddle A thought on his comeback while waiting for the next ball to come. He thought on what his older brother told him a few months ago while they were joking around. Oh, his brother was a genius when it came to "Yo Momma" jokes.

The next ball came, Paddle A smiled and hit it as hard as he could.

"Happy now Paddle A?" Paddle B said, "Happy that you have yo momma to wipe your ass once I'm done with you!"

Paddle A smile grew into a grin and wasn't bothered by Paddle B's insult.

"Well yo momma's the one who would want to wipe my ass; yeah she'd like to wipe it real hard, like last Friday."

Paddle B missed the ball that came at him, and so close too. "WHAT?" His eyes turned into slits as he eyed his opponent.

DINGDINGDING, Point to Paddle A.

That concluded the match, 3 – 2 giving Paddle A the pride of this battle.

Paddle A approached the loser and leaned in closer to the stunned paddle's ear.

"And nice Star Wars sheets by the way."

Paddle B dropped the ball he had previously recovered. "…what?" His eyes grew wide as he stared at his opponent strutting away and heard a roar of laughter erupt from the other Paddle.


A vertical stick lie quietly on the ground as other paddles passed the paddle formerly known as Paddle B.

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