"Visualise Sakura always used her forehead protector, like a forehead protector. Now visualise it gone. NaruSaku – twoshot (now). "

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Sakura focused her sharp yet soft emerald eyes at the boyish grin a few miles in front of her with an intensity she had not known she had before. Butterflies swam through the flurry of flowers that inhibited her stomach as an inexperienced smile slowly grew on her face, along with a cherry red flush on her throat and cheeks. She effortlessly let her gaze fall to the ground, 'What is this feeling and where is it coming from?'

Letting her gaze rise again back up that at that mischievous, boyish grin that cheekily accompanied those bright blue oceans of eyes, she realised she had one of her answers. 'Naruto.'

They had both come to a standstill after Sakura had shouted his name and were now staring at each other from a distance away; one with a grin on his face and the other with a blush on her face; one was savouring the beauty of her without her forehead protector while the other was wondering how she was just realising how handsome he was; one was thinking of what to say while the other was wondering what the heck she was currently feeling.

Naruto wide grin slowly disappeared as he strongly squinted his eyes at the soft red tints on Sakura's cheeks and couldn't believe what he was seeing, 'Sakura has a blush on her face! Surely it can't be for me? Nani! (what the heck!) I'm definitely dreaming...'

Both were currently at a loss on what to say to each other which was quickly inducing a race between the brains on which one could begin working first.


Naruto beamed a small smile at her before turning his back towards her, waving one lean arm in the starry night sky as he shouted, "Catch me if you can, Sakura-chan!"

As he launched off into a feral sprint into the depths of the brilliant night sky he couldn't help but think, 'This sense of déjà vu... this must of happened some other time, or maybe it was the ramen I ate... yeah probably ramen.'

Sakura's faint cerise coloured cheeks faded into her cream-pink complexion as a shade of excitement fell over her bright green eyes. A determined smirk washed over her face as she softly chuckled, 'Exactly what he said earlier.'

Shifting her body slightly to get into position to chase after him, her chest tightened for a special moment as she watched his shoulder blades flex at every step of his sprint while his golden-yellow spikes softly fell over his collar, softly riding up at every step too.

Shaking her head and taking in a deep breath, she smiled at his back before pouncing off onto one of the village roof tops in pursuit of him. Sakura jumped from rooftop to rooftop, vigilantly watching him as he sped through the streets and the few civilians it had out at dinner time before losing sight of him as he dashed left into an alley way.

She vibrantly jumped across rooftops to try look down on the narrow alley only to find nothing but a empty dark and narrow alley way. Sakura stopped and blocked herself off from the world around her for a millisecond as she focused on Naruto's chakra signature in her mind before opening up her creamy eyelids a millisecond later and spinning 360' with a well-practiced kunai draw, only to come face to face with the devil himself.

Naruto grinned. "You took my earlier advice, Sakura," he calmly spoke with an admiring tone before pushing chakra down to his feet and bouncing off the rooftop while still facing her. He span around in mid-air only to land on the other rooftop already running again.

Sakura expertly dashed her kunai at him to distract him before jumping off after him with her trademark fist-cocked-back pose, only to become dazed when she saw her kunai deflected before it even touched him. 'What the heck? That was like air deflecting my kunai?'

Pushing her surprise down so she could ask him about it another time, she focused back onto the task of getting him.

They both leaped and bounced off a flurry of rooftops and chimneys that night (probably 80% of Konoha), creating a treat for the still-outside civilians and shinobi as they watched their two fellow villagers shoot through the lights of the night and the stars in the sky all-the-while being their same animated selves. Some of the villagers expected what they saw next but Sakura was somehow wholly surprised.

Naruto had just decided to bounce up and over the village walls.

Wondering whether it was a good idea to follow him, Sakura concluded it wasn't, but she had a score to settle with him so it'd have to be worth it. Leaping off a rooftop and then off another roof edge she soared into the sky like a nightingale before gradually letting gravity pull her down over the edge.

Sakura landed on a tree branch and closed her eyes quickly to try re-locate Naruto but a quick and powerful flurry of wind blasted at her, pushing her off the tree branch. Landing on the grass patch below she looked up and towards the direction of the wind blast only to find herself holding her breath and feeling butterflies again as she saw Naruto's beaming white smile and waving hands looking back at her.


Sakura speedily lost any hints of admiration she had for the boy and began laughing uncontrollably at the sight of Naruto's body groggily falling down the tree he had just crashed into, leaving a 'baka'-shaped dent in it.

Naruto's body steadily slid down onto the floor before his distinct head haphazardly left the tree bark and fell straight onto the lush earth beneath him. Sakura's bright laughter dimmed into happy giggles as she strolled up to him, her kunoichi boots lightly tracing the earth before him as her face settled into a content smile.

Crouching down to just above his head level, she rolled him around so that he was facing her. "That was so you, you know?"

Grumbling, he pulled his eyelids up to look into her currently content and soft jade eyes. "Yeah yeah, I know."

She was partly taken back by his self-disappointed look as he looked back down. "It's not a bad thing though, it's just who you are – completely idiotic and amazing at the same time."

Startled, he rose his azure-blue eyes back up to stare at her soft gaze and could feel a strong blush growing on his face at the compliment. He quickly looked away, "Erm... thanks... I guess, Sakura-chan."

Sakura watched him silently as he tried ever-so-hard to not look back up at her and felt her smile growing bigger by the second from the cerise blush that was gradually lighting up his roughened cheeks. 'What should I say to him...?'


Sakura smirked devilishly, "Ooh Naruto... what was that little wind blast you used on me earlier and how did you oh-so-smoothly stop that kunai," she finished sweetly.

Naruto gulped in the direction he was facing quickly following it up with an anxious grin as he again turned his gaze towards her, sitting up to get into his trademark scratch-the-back-of-my-head nervous pose.

"... umm nothing, just a little jutsu I've been working on for the past few weeks," he replied charily.

Unsatisfied by the response, Sakura glared her steel-jade eyes threateningly into his uneasy-sapphire ones. Seeing his roughly tanned throat unevenly ripple due to the silky inward movement of his Adam's apple as he gulped, she realised that he wasn't about to begin talking any time soon.

"It's a wind jutsu, right?" He nodded, allowing her to carry on, "So you're telling me you manipulated the wind in a way that you can now use it as both a defensive and aggressive form of combat?" she briskly asked only to have him reply again with a nod.

Naruto watched with an unhurried smile as her 'beautiful' eyes became widened and round and her stare became slightly unfocused. He watched contently for a few seconds as she stared off astounded at the dark navy-ember clouds of the night as they swam past the joyful and vivid gods that were the stars, the world around them peacefully quiet other than the brittle songs of nature and the comforting bustling of the village behind them.

Her eyes soon steadied themselves though and directed their gaze back at him. Sakura took a deep breath in, "... are you trying to tell me, you can now use wind – something that is always available – in a basically similar way to what Gaara can do with sand...?"

"Yup, that is exactly what I'm telling you!" he breathed back, but with a grin that was screaming of testosterone.

Cherry pink hair glinted softly to his eyes as one of the sky's stars snuck up behind her, causing him to gently fold his eyelids in content at the fact that he was spending a special moment with the love of his live, in the protective and tranquil safety that Mother Nature provided.

A tender wind flapped at his eyelids, causing them to fly open but only to find an up-close and personal Sakura blowing her mildly sweet-dango breath into Naruto's now-open eyelids.

"Ow! Sakura-chan!" Naruto asked, taken aback at what she was doing.

Blossom-coloured tints lit up her cheeks at the notion that she had carried on blowing into his eyes while they were open, "You was spacing out and I didn't want to resort to anything physical, so shut up and be grateful!" she fired back.

"But Sakura-chaaaaa-"

"Why did you kiss me?"

The wind screeched symphonies in tune with the millions of little insects and bugs that were practicing choir in the hidden comfort that was the darkness before Naruto's brain began to function again.

Sakura's demanding tone coupled along with a question Naruto was not expecting at all had left him flabbergasted and retreating back out of instinct. She however, was not about to have any of this.

Standing up, she began striding powerfully towards him. "Well Naruto? Why did you kiss me?" she repeated again, leaving Naruto to shudder as he watched her wild confidence bloom out of its shell.

He continued to retreat, his fingers pushing off the unvigilant earth at every stumble back as his carroty-orange trousers grazed the soil, leaving trickles of light grass and dirt following him.

"Uh... uhh..."

"Aargh, Naruto!" Sakura's temper rocketed at his idiocy as she kicked him back into the aged tree stump situated behind him. 'Does he seriously not realise how hard this is on me...? I can't even understand my feelings, and he's at fault!'

Sakura watched painfully as his head recklessly collided with the top of the stump, causing his whole body to jolt as a reaction and fringe splinters to fly into the air beside him. 'Aw.'

'Don't be like that, it had to be done,' her inner self insisted.

Naruto opened his azure eyes to the scene of a heated Sakura treading through soft grass and fragile dirt, yet with a pained expression, towards him. He watched her tender-emerald eyes as she crouched down in front of him.

He noticed how her eyes glued onto him as she moved in her head to stop right before him, and for a second he thought his increased-hearing senses had heard her heart beating very fast, but he deleted the thought within a second of thinking it.

She breathes onto him, "... Why did you kiss me?"

'I've got to tell her... she deserves to know.'

He let his eyes fall and allowed the shade of the night to represent him.

His voice burned, "I'm sorry Sakura, but I had to take a chance... you... you don't understand how long I've wanted that."

Sakura watched the night fall over his face and felt her heart ache; he's loved her for so long and yearned for just one chance. She knew what she had to do.

Gripping both sides of his face, she drags it up before smashing her supple lips onto his rough ones.

Naruto felt the weight of his body increase beyond imagination and his entire stomach drop, and wondered if he was dead. Feeling her flexible and 'oh-so-smooth' lips cause chaos on his, he marvels, 'What the HELL is going on?'

'She's kissing you, you dipshit,' Kyuubi mutters, annoyed.


'Are you going to stay here and keep letting her kiss a dead body of ramen, or what?'

Not requiring any more words, Naruto briskly returns to his body and begins to return the kiss with added passion and vivacity. He wraps his arms around her waist and zealously drags her into him, with her returning the fervour by coiling her hand around the back of his neck, her blossom-white fingers fragilely snatching at his flaxen spikes.

However Sakura, a bit too soon for Naruto, backed off panting. "... Naruto," she took a deep breath in, "I feel something for you, and I want to find out what it is."

She watches as his eyes brighten up like a 500V light bulb, 'I swear I've never seen his eyes so bright.'

Cerulean stars twinkle and the corners of his mouth widen and rise. Washed-out by years of ramen sauce teeth reveal themselves with a hint of a sparkle and he whispers, "Thank you."

Her chest tightens and drops as his happiness flies up into her, without an intention of ever coming back down. The dangerous Sakura she is renowned for floats back into her consciousness, but as she talks she can't help but let her giddiness coat her voice.

"Alright big boy, now let's go to our Rookie 9 party and don't get all teary on me on the way," she orders playfully as she grabs his hand and drags him along.

The prickles of hair on her arm quickly begin to stand up though, as she feels his comfortably larger hand wrap itself around hers protectively, and Sakura knows that she could swear nothing has ever felt so right.

Sakura soon feels his hand tremble though and begins to turn her head around to look at him, "What's wrong Naru-"


His bright blue eyes glowed with mirth as he roared joy to the heavens and pumped up a fist to a lone star in the sky. Deciding to pop his bubble, she grabbed his head and pulled it down and in.

She sighed, "Yes, I like you, but that doesn't mean you have to tell the world!"

A foxy grin on his face intoxicated her and Naruto took this chance glide his lips over hers. He flew up and down her face, whispering "Yes it does," before dipping in for a cheeky peck.

Her breath once again wilted and her cheeks glowed.

"Haha, I can make you breathless!" he laughed exuberantly.


"No, you can't," she giggled back, as his prone body on the floor grumbled.

As Naruto and Sakura stood outside of Sasuke's massive Uchiha household that he had inherited on his return, they couldn't help but wonder what all the noise inside was about.

Knock Knock

"I'll get the door!" they heard a mangled voice shout out among a lot of music. "Coming!" shouted the voice again.

"I reckon that's Chouji, any bets Sakura-chan?" Naruto mingled hopefully.

"No bets –"

Click Click

The door opened to reveal a half-naked Chouji in his boxers and fervently munching out of a packet of Yama-chan Squid Crackers.

"– because as you can clearly – not to mention disgustingly – see is Chouji," finished Sakura, with both cerise eyebrows finely raised in horrific confusion.

"Hey guys," Chouji garbled in greetings as he stuffed his mouth with his crackers. Naruto and Sakura watched in horror as bits of the squid arms fell off from Chouji's devouring bites and rolled down onto his carb-and-fat-rich endowment that rested above his digestive system. Their expressions of horror turned to ones of murder though as they soon lost sight of the squid arms as they dispersed into the thick rolls of flab; well-hidden.

"Move out of my way," muttered Sakura as she pushed Chouji aside, fully convinced that whatever was going on was way out of hand. Her speculation was soon confirmed though as she walked through the clean-house-entering room and straight down the hallway on the right, into the living room.

There on a karaoke stand was Shikamaru, Neji and Hinata singing ardently. The rest of the crew were spread out around the sofas surrounding the karaoke stand, screaming and shouting whatever nonsense they were thinking of at that moment.

"Woooahhooaahoo –" began Shikamaru, his microphone in his hand as he animatedly danced.

"– oooaaahhhoohooo," carried on Neji, fervently.

Hinata finished it off, "Caught in a Bad Romance!"

The occupants of the several sofas all sniggered, clapped and screamed, urging their friends on.

Sakura's jaw abused the ground as she stood there, her eyes and face mortified by the scene.

"Hey Sakura," a smooth and surprisingly normal voice welcomed behind her.

She turned round gradually to come to face with the tenant of the household, Sasuke. "Why the heck are you not like these lot? What the hell happened here anyways?"

"I'm not like them because as you can clearly see I would never want to be, and because someone is required to stay responsible in case this all gets too far out of control. On the topic of what happened, look at the corner over there," he pointed his firm porcelain finger in a top-left direction, behind the sofa Kiba and Ino were currently beat-boxing on.

He was right, she concluded, as she eyed a large box of Chachachaan sake. "Are they mad? That's worse than the sake Shishou drinks!" she shouted furiously.

"I tried to tell them, but that idiot over there," he pointed to a knocked-out Lee in a fish tank, "managed to get them all fired up about youth, how good it tasted and how important it was to keep your will of fire burning, before shaking the bottles and spraying them all over everybody," Sasuke coolly replied.

"Neji managed to knock him out though, that is before he became drunk himself," added Chouji as he and Naruto entered the room.

"Hey teme," greeted Naruto, smiling at his best friend.

Sasuke nodded back in acknowledgement, "Dobe." He however swiftly noticed the fading content in his quickly-becoming-mischievous cerulean, and adding to the fact that he and Sakura had come to his house together, he had a question.

"So, what happened between you two? I expected Naruto have received at least a few broken bones from stealing your forehead protector but by the looks of it he's unharmed?" he steadily asked.

Chouji boldly grabbed Sakura's shoulder and gently moved her around. Squinting and bending his head over at different angles, he had come to his decision. "You look hot and sexy without a forehead protector... definitely tap-able."


Sasuke winced at the hole in his wall, realising that it might take quite a bit out of his wallet. Turning his attention back to Sakura, he was left to wince again.


Naruto was next to go after Chouji, flying out through another hole with hints of orange and black that were the only indications that it was him, causing Sasuke to gulp as he heard her fume. "That's what you get for losing it, Naruto!"

Sakura turned around to smile a little too sweetly for Sasuke, "Thank you for reminding me, Sasuke, and there you go – Naruto now has broken bones." Sasuke shivered, even her voice was coated with sweeteners.

"I DON'T WANNA BE FRIENDS!" yelled Shikamaru.

"WANT YOUR BAD ROMANCE!" Hinata followed with a scream.

"I WANT YOUR LOVE AND I WANT YOUR REVENGE... YOU AND ME COULD RIDE A BAD ROMAAANCE!" finished Neji, his shriek-singing bad enough to make the neighbours move out; luckily Sasuke didn't have any.

Sakura stood, shocked with repulsion. She let her jaw drop and become comfortable with the floor this time, not caring about anything else.

Kakashi was currently reading one of the scenes in Icha Icha that he had read many times, but still couldn't get enough of. It was the one where both female characters, Tatsumi and Kaisee, entered the hot-springs together and bega–

Alert, Kakashi's lone eye sprung up to the sky as he quickly removed his eye-mask to focus his Sharingan on the sky too. He watched as two silhouettes, one fat and the other lean, flew through the stars and let out a breath, his Sharingan having identified the two as Chouji and Naruto, not intruders to the village.

Hiding his Sharingan eye once again, he returned to his Icha Icha book smiling as he heard Naruto and Chouji crash into where the direction of their flight was heading: the Hokage's office.

As they flew through the small, naive clouds that glided through the clear and glowing night sky, Chouji decided he needed to talk to someone or he was going to piss himself out of fright.

"So Naruto... you must do this often, eh?" Chouji tried to casually ask, but his fear was evident as he looked down on Konoha from the star he was currently paying a visit too.

Naruto grinned back at him, "Yup, you get used to the scary heights after a while – and it's a free tour of outer space!" he finished with both of his thumbs up and teeth flashing.

"So... where the heck are we heading?" Chouji fearfully asked again.

"Where she always sends me, and don't ask me how because I have no idea: Baa-chan's office!"


Naruto was wholly confused as already within one second of his and Chouji's landing, he hadn't heard a shout or a scream or anything.

The silence of his and Chouji's task to get out of the rubble of the crash was soon interrupted though, and dreadfully if Naruto's face was any indication, as Tsunade screamed, "Danzou you idiot! Why didn't you noob-tube him!"

"Shut up woman! At least I'm capturing flags, what the heck are you doing? Go back to the kitchen!" Danzou replied furiously.

"Why you bastard!" she vehemently fired back as she mashed the buttons of the PS3 controllers, finishing off a player by the name of 'Lt-IzzyG' while in Last Stand with an M9 handgun.

"YES I GOT UAV!" shouted Tsunade in celebration, before calling it in.

"Yesssss, now I can go camp," slithered Danzou with a smirk as he went prone in the cockpit of the map 'Terminal', his SCAR-H and Grenade Launcher ready at a moment's notice to rain death upon the Spetsnaz.

Naruto and Chouji were both filled with revulsion as they stared at the two as they sat in front of Tsunade's desk with two PS3's and two '26 inch T.V's, playing the new hit-game that was released two weeks ago here in Konoha – Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

The revulsion was not out of the horror that a 56 year old woman and 72 year old man were playing a games console, never mind such a game, but out of a horror that Naruto had decided to express.

"Baa-chan! Are you stupid? How could you not be using Commando? It's the best perk in the game!" he lectured.

Chouji agreed as he munched his somehow still-full Yama-chan Squid Crackers. "Yeah, Naruto's right, last night I got my record 4 kill streak and Counter-UAV by hiding in corners and teleport-knifing suckers with Commando!"

"Shut up, this sniper guy 'Hishman36' keeps getting me with these quick-scope thingies and I need to concentrate to get him!" she barked back at them as she sprayed her entire SCAR-H clip at said player, killing him with the few bullets that hit with Stopping Power.

"YES! PAYBACK KILL!" she yelled in triumph.

Danzou however, was not having such a great time. "This stupid 'Sushi-O_o' guy keeps killing me with this F2000 under-mounted Shotgun attachment," he complained irritated as he spawned in the cockpit again with his Tactical Insertion, only to get killed by 'Sushi-O_o' once again.

"Message him and tell him he's a scumbag noob," advised Chouji as his squid arm crackers fell into Danzou's hair.

Danzou opened his PS3 Cross-menu and scrolled over to Friends, about to go on Players Met before Naruto interrupted him.

"Why don't you invite Sai? He usually gets like Harriers every game."

Tsunade and Chouji both mumbled "mmhmm" in agreement causing Danzou to go down his list and invite 'laurence_321' otherwise known as Sai.

The gods however weren't about give Naruto the blessing of staying long enough to watch Sai get his 1st and soon world-renowned legendary camping nuke, as he verbally attacked Tsunade.

"Baa-chan how did you not see that, 'Hishman36' just ran past you, look to your left!" he shouted unbelievingly before leaping at her controller, snatching it off her.

Naruto ran after said player while hip-firing the SCAR-H, before said player spun around 360' degrees and quick-scoped Naruto to death.

"Naruto you're shit!" barked Tsunade before cocking her fist back.


Naruto was sent flying again, presumably back to Sasuke's house, and as he thought about how weird this night has been his mind clicked, 'How did I only just now realise how weird this night is... and isn't Danzou... meant to be dead?'

"Sup Naruto, my homie-dawg."

Naruto came out of thoughts only to have his eyes widen at the sight of a 'bling bling' Shino riding on an out of this world Jiraiya-sized cockroach.

As the night stars began to whisper "Oh Narutoo, Narutooo, Ooh Narutoooo" to him, he could only wish this was a dream.


"... Ooh Narutooooooo..."

Naruto grumbled as he rose from his flat body position, a throbbing pain in his head. He opened his eyes to come face-to-face with Sakura back outside of Konoha, and he sighed in realisation that it was all a dream.

His sigh was short-lived though as the throbbing caused him to hold his head in pain. "Thank you for waking me up Sakura-chan, but did you have to hit me so hard?"

"You've been knocked out for 30 minutes, nothing else was working," she replied clearly annoyed.

"Did you try kissing me?" he grinned cheekily, eyebrows wagging as she floated her hands over his head with a green glow, healing his throbbing.

"Ew no." she stated grossly, leaving his ego to deflate. As soon as she had finished healing his head they both stood up among the now faded-jade patches of grass and navy-maroon earth, beginning a walk back to Konoha.

"Your loss," Naruto mumbled in an attempt to reaffirm his ego, ultimately failing as Sakura laughed.

"Hahaa... such a baka," she sighed with satisfaction, her voice gliding among the air as happiness danced in her eyes. The realisation that she might just want Naruto as her partner wasn't as startling as it was before anymore, and she boldly reached out to gingerly grab his hand. He squeezed back in affection, "But I'm your baka."

As he beamed a smile at the sight of her dimples and smile he loved so much, he remembered something from his dream. 'She still hasn't remembered her forehead protector... damn what should I do?'


Letting go of her hand, she looked at him confusingly as he led his slim, tanned fingers towards the back of his golden head, fumbling with something before his forehead protector slowly slid down his face. His mane of hair fell over his dark azure eyes as the forehead protector dropped gliding through the air, like a feather, fully controlled by gravity. He gingerly grabbed the forehead protector by its trademark silky orange threads that seemed to gently fly through both the air and the forehead protector before bringing it up to rest before Sakura's surprised sea-green eyes.

"Since I lost yours, this is now yours," he whispered before placing the front of the forehead protector, with the Konoha insignia, on top of her blush-coloured head before tying the smooth orange threads through her supple locks of pink.

He grinned, teeth sparkling, "There you go, and I must say you look beautiful, Sakura-chan."

She gently smiled back at him, cheeks glowing red with dimples and all as happiness soared up into her once again making her chest tighten as her eyes took a photo for memory. 'He really is a prince...'

'Or maybe not,' she concluded as he turned his back on her shouting, "Now come on! We don't have all day and I wanna do some karaoke!"

As she watched him walk with his lean arm up towards the sky waving for her to follow, she realised that whatever he was, he was hers, and that was all that mattered.

Breaking out into a feral sprint, she pounced onto his back giggling before planting a soft kiss right on top of one set of whiskers causing him to growl while wrapping his arms around her creamy legs. In return, she coiled her lily-white arms around his chapped neck, and Naruto knew he had never felt so relaxed as he felt her soft chuckle reverberate through his hair. Sakura eyes gleamed up at the sky.

'To think all this was because of a forehead protector... haha.'

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