It would be rough, he reflected.

It wasn't as if their relationship was shaky; no. They had a solid connection, based in love and truth. Once he opened the floodgates to her, revealing his "evil" alter-ego, he'd not kept anything from her. He never saw a need to, as she understood what he did and why he did it. While she might not have necessarily agreed with everything he did, she knew why he did it and never tried to stop him.

That was what a relationship built on truth was all about. Which made what he was about to say all that much harder.



"I hate doing laundry."

She giggled and patted his head.


The only thing that ever bothers me about Billy and Penny's relationship is the first conversation they have about laundry. It seems like he's fairly honest with her beyond that, so I wanted to fix this one detail. It's short, but I've found the best stuff usually is.