AN: Charlie and Claire have ALWAYS been my favorite LOST couple, and so when I saw they had a moment in The End, I simply had no choice but to write a fic about it.

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Their Happy Ending

Charlie Pace couldn't believe his eyes. It was her, the beautiful blonde woman who he saw in his near death experience. From the moment it happened Charlie felt like she was a phantom that would haunt him forever; he never realized that it wouldn't be long until he got to see her. Since his vision of her he'd been desperate to know her identity, but it seen like trying to find her was like trying to find a needle in a haystack, impossible.

And being the heroin addict that he was Charlie turned again to the drugs that dulled his senses and eased his grief. He fell into a stupor of drugs and alcohol that he would not be pulled out of for anything. And even though Drive Shaft had been hired to do a concert, something Charlie had been wanting for a long time, he was still depressed and he couldn't stop thinking of her

As it turned out Widmore didn't take no for an answer, and before he knew it Charlie was coerced into performing the concert that would end up being his salvation. From where he stood on stage he saw her, the beautiful pregnant woman, and he couldn't bear to take his eyes away from her. She eventually noticed his look and looked around to make sure it was her he was looking at, and when she finally matched his gaze again, she started with pain.

Charlie watched as she stood clutching her swollen belly and rushed off, and Charlie felt an immediate fear for her. When he could eventually escape off stage he found he crying out in pain, and a dark haired woman coaching her through her labor pains. Charlie was dumbfounded and just stood there staring.

Until she spoke to him. "Who are you?" she asked.

Charlie gasped out. "I'm with the band."

The other woman soon directed him to get blankets and as Charlie dashed away, more clearheaded then he'd been in a long time; the only thing he could think of was that he hoped she and the baby would be alright. He had very little luck and when he came back with only one blanket that he found in a dressing room, he saw that it had already happened. The baby was born and the relieved mother was smiling at him.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't find anymore," Charlie apologized.

The brunette smiled. "Go ahead and bring it to them."

And then it happened. As soon as Charlie out the blanket over her and the baby, she took his hand in hers and then they remembered.

Pretend peanut butter on the beach, their first sweet kiss, stolen moments that they'd treasured during the all too short time on the island. Charlie's grief when she was kidnapped and how he killed Ethan to protect her. The baby Charlie called Turniphead, but was named Aaron. Giving up the heroin for her, throwing statues in the ocean.

"Charlie," she said in recognition.

The time that she gave him a haircut, the times he played guitar to her on the beach, the moments spent with mother and baby, giving Charlie the fulfillment he never had before.

He looked at the beautiful woman, the face he so treasured, as he finally spoke, his face full of emotion, "Claire."

And then they kissed as if they'd never been apart, as if Charlie never died, as if Claire never went crazy from grief and loneliness on the island. All that happened on the island, and no longer mattered. They had one another at long last and this time there would never be a goodbye.