Story: Kiss The Rain

Author: Britt

Chapter: 8

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She could see how distraught he was but she could do nothing about it. She herself jumped at the breaking of the lamp, but again, she didn't move other than the small jump. As much as she wanted to go over and comfort him a part of her wanted him to understand the hell that they had all been through over the past five years. She knew that was petty of her and she really didn't like that part of herself, but really could anyone truly blame her? She knew that she was a control freak about things and she knew that she had pushed him towards Tess…but to sleep with her only a few months after they broke up…and then to get her pregnant on top of it? Then to leave the planet when there was a killer on the loose…or so they thought?

Yeah, there were a lot of things that Max, Isabel and Michael didn't know…and if Max was freaking out this badly about the five years passing since they left thing…what would he do when he found out that not only had she almost died because of powers that he had bestowed upon her (granted unknowingly but still) but also that his former wife…the mother of his child…had been the one to kill Tess. This was definitely going to be a long night…for everyone involved.

She could tell that Jim wasn't sure how to react to the outburst and it was clear that he needed someone to interject. Taking a deep breath she stood up slowly, not wanting to be the bearer of bad news but knowing that she had to be she walked over slowly to Jim and put her hand on his shoulder. "I'll take it from here." She whispered and smiled when he gave a relieved sigh. Shooting a look at Maria who was currently sitting against the wall simply staring at Michael and Kyle was watching the two groups like a tennis match, they were clearly going to be of very little help.

"Yeah, you guys left about five years and 2 weeks ago to be exact." She started off, not leading up to the reveal or anything, simply giving them to cold hard facts. She didn't want to get emotionally involved with this situation again, though in her heart she knew that there was no other way for her to be involved other than emotionally. "Lucky for you the four of us came up with a plan should you guys ever come back." She stated, not showing any emotion. It was true though…after the shock had worn off Maria had started questioning what would happen if they came back and there was no record of where they had gone. "Also lucky for you Alex had taught Maria and I a few tricks before he died… You guys are almost done with your Bachelor's degrees and have all graduated high school on paper at least." She stated, looking at Isabel instead of Michael or Max…she knew Isabel was the only one who would truly appreciate that. "You're parents think that you were all three accepted to a foreign exchange program over in Europe and decided to stay for college. That's what your social security numbers say as well…just we're doing the classes online." She explained…knowing that they really didn't care about any of those things but not knowing how to broach the stuff they wanted to hear.

"We figured if something ever happened and you came back, that it would draw too much attention for your social security numbers to have gone out of use for god knows how long and then to go back into use…so this was the only way that we could figure out how to protect you." She whispered, finally feeling a small hand in hers as she turned to face her best friend who had apparently gathered her courage and finally came to stand next to her.

Liz fell silent and Maria took over, wanting them to understand everything before they both lost their courage. "We know you have questions…so let's hear them. We reserve the right to tell you if we don't want to answer them. It's been a long time and we're not the same people that you left behind. And just remember that, you left us behind…so if we have an attitude then you're just all going to have to deal with it." She stated, gathering her usual DeLuca spunk and wearing it like a shield.

It was no surprise that Isabel was first as Max and Michael both seemed to be lost for words. Isabel, the beautiful woman she had become had tears running down her face as it became quite clear how much time they had lost. "You…you mentioned Alex. Did you ever find out who…what...what happened to him?" Maria sighed but nodded, throwing a sneer in Max's direction. Maria had always been Pro-Max all the way…but after finding out that he had quite literally slept with the enemy…she wasn't his biggest fan. She still loved him like a brother and she knew that should him and Liz find their way back to one another (which she knew they would…hello…they were destined to be with one another) that she would do whatever she could to support them…but that didn't mean that she wasn't incredibly angry with him.

Most would ask why she wasn't angry with Liz for pushing Max into Tess' arms. Her answer was simple…she had been. She and Liz had barely talked until about two weeks before graduation. After finding out that Tess had been the one to murder Alex and losing the hybrids…they hadn't really been close. It took graduating and realizing that they were leaving home to bring them back together. It wasn't a time they liked to talk about but it was there. "We know what happened…we know who killed him. However with the emotions like they are tonight it's probably not the best time to talk about it." She replied, feeling Liz trembling at her side. She could almost feel the energy on her skin jumping so it was no surprise when another lamp blew out. "Shit!" Kyle stated before jumping out of the way, rushing over to the two of them. Kyle had almost complete control of his powers being that he was all Zen and shit. He was the one who usually calmed Liz down when she got all freaked out as she was right now, so it was no surprise to her when he pulled her into his arms.

Clearly it was a surprise to Max though.

"Who was that?" Michael finally asked. No one answered and Maria watched as Michael's face got red at being ignored. "Who the hell blew up that lamp?!" He yelled out, and again, no one answered him…at least not verbally. Kyle did one better for him though. "NO!" She heard Liz yell out but clearly Kyle wasn't letting her get away with it. Yanking up one of her sleeves she saw plain as day…as did the three hybrids, the jumping green energy on her skin. "What the hell?" Was all she heard Michael say before she turned to stare at Max…who had a look of pure anguish on his face. "Liz?" Was all she heard before the lights went out.

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