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It was the wedding of the century... literally, they'd been technically engaged for at LEAST a century. Everyone was there who should have been. This had confused Sarah, but Jareth wouldn't tell her until she saw for herself. It was frustrating but when the moment arrived, she was definitely happy to see the people she saw. Especially when she was adding the finishing touches to her dress and Alice walked in, aged but no more than Sarah was. Tears sprung to her eyes as she hugged Alice, her truest friend returned to her once more.

Turns out, as far as Sarah could gather, Time had owed Jareth a favor (though no one could get him to say why) and upon request from Alice, he called said favor in. It was so that Time slowed in Underland and only eight years had passed until this beautiful moment when friends and lovers could all be together in one place. That made Charles eighteen.

This was a long awaited moment. To their surprise, it'd taken nine years to finally wed after that night in the kitchen. Three of those were waiting for Jazz to adjust and get to know her father as well, five years of it was putting the wedding on hold because of a civil war which had broken out in the labyrinth (thankfully, almost everyone survived), and the last was repairs and planning... the dreaded planning... but that put Jazz at nineteen.

She'd become beautiful in those years in the labyrinth. Not that Charles, didn't think so before but now he was awestruck. Her hair was curled lightly, the pointed ears she'd developed stuck out in a way that he'd call adorable if he wasn't too manly for that. She was waring a simple dress that was fun and her but fit for a princess. But what really got to him was her face. There was so much familiar about her but she was enchanting from her pixie shaped face to her high, sparkling cheek bones, to the fact that both of her eyes had drained of color until her irises were silver. If he didn't know ebtter, he'd have said his Jazz was an elf. And even better, as he sat in his seat and she walked down the aisle in front of her mother, when he got his first glance at her a hole that had been there inside him for eight years filled. He wasn't going to allow that hole to open again. Whether she knew it or no, she wasn't leaving his life again... She hadn't even seen him yet.

She walked down the aisle with a smile at her father. He may not have been there for the first ten years of her life but she loved him and she knew he loved her mom. It'd been awkward at first but now it was as if there had never been a gap at all. Finally, she got all the way up to the front and turned, gasping as her eyes met familiar, currently green ones. He wasn't the little boy she remembered. No, now he was a man in his own clean black top hat. He looked like his father but much more handsome in her mind. A smile spread on her face. She hadn't gone a night without dreaming about the friend she'd left, though she'd never told anyone because she knew he'd grown up without her. But here he was and they were the same age! It was a dream come true! She had to turn her face away and watch the bride before she gave up on all sanity and publicly embarrassed the royal family by running to him now. But as she watched her mom, she made a decision. That was going to be her one day and she was going to never let that boy out of her sight again... They hadn't even said hello yet.

Jareth watched his queen walk down the aisle looking as beautiful as she had a century ago. It was this moment he'd been looking toward since the night Jazz was conceived. Surrounded by the people they cared about the most, he could finally take his queen.

Sarah didn't have to notice how handsome Jareth was, to her he got more and more beautiful every day. And it was then, at the age of fourty, Sarah married the Goblin King she'd been dreaming about since she was a little girl.