The first year was the hardest: adjusting to Fred, Lupin, Tonks and so many others being gone.

There were colossal celebrations in the streets, even bigger than the first time that the Wizarding World thought that Voldemort was dead. Harry had lost loved ones then too, why was it that these things were always bittersweet for him?

The gaiety in Diagon alley was darkened only by the somber reminder of those who were lost; represented by the closed Weasley Wizard Wheezes shop. The shop had been the only reminder of laughter and happiness in the wizarding world during times when everything was dark and depressing. It had stood out brightly against the drab shops that surrounded it and seemed impervious even to the growing number of dementors that cast gloom all over. Now while the other shops cast away the gloom of the past year, the Weasley Wizard Wheezes sat glumly on the street.

Hogwarts lay in ruins, and while everyone was eager to build it up again, they were hesitant to solidify the new walls over the memories that the ruins held. Eventually it would be done and Hogwarts would reopen for a new generation of students to learn. But it would never be the same Hogwarts.

Teddy's first birthday came around, Harry had held onto him tightly, filled with guilt over Lupin and Tonks' deaths. Teddy of course did not understand but enjoyed playing with Harry. Harry tried to see Teddy as often as he could. The pain of knowing he would never talk to Lupin again abated slightly whenever he saw his son.

Victoire was born to Bill and Fleur on the anniversary of Voldemort's defeat. George had refused to hold her, or be anywhere near her. Mrs. Weasley had alternated between tears of joy over the new baby and tears of lament over Fred. Charlie teased Mr. Weasley about becoming a grandfather while Percy proudly told everyone that he would take his niece under his wing to ensure her success. Ron had looked upon the tiny baby in awe, as if surprised that something so precious and small could exist in the world. Ginny cooed over the baby happily taking every opportunity to hold the baby that she could.

The second year past, and then the third. The losses became easier to bear. The dead remembered with laughter instead of tears. George quickly became Victoire's favorite uncle, he seemed to think that spending as much time as he could with someone so full of life would make up for the fact that he felt half dead. He re-opened the joke shop and occasionally had help from his brothers in running it.

Soon enough everyone was getting married, Percy and Audrey, George and Angelina, Ron and Hermione and Harry and Ginny; not to mention all of their classmates. And then having children of their own.

Dark wizards continued to appear, but none carried the threat or terror that Voldemort had spread in his time.

Suddenly nineteen years had passed and Harry stood on Platform 9 ¾ with his family and best friends watching his oldest and youngest sons get on the Hogwarts express he knew that right now all was well.

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