Title: Giggles

Author: Kadysn

Prompt: Written for my writing partner-in-crime, PlatinumRoseLady, just because she's awesome, and because she adores Sam when he giggles because it brings out his dimples.

Disclaimer: I don't own Sam, except in my fantasies. I just like playing with him and making him happy.

Words: 100 on the nose 'cause I'm good like that!

A/N: PRL and I write our own SPN !verse where both Sam and Dean are married with families. Sam and his wife Rose have twin daughters, with another baby on the way soon. This drabble features our Daddy!Sam and his daughters.


Rose stood in the doorway and watched, a large grin on her face, as her husband played on the floor with their daughters. The toddlers climbed all over him, tickling and squeezing him, doing everything they could to get their daddy to laugh. Like their mommy, it was a sound they loved, so they pounced on him every opportunity they had.

Sam rolled over the floor, tickling them in return, and it wasn't long before all three voices were bouncing off the walls, gleefully giggling.

Amidst the play, Sam's gaze met his wife's, and his smoky eyes sparkled with joy.