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Disappearing Boy – Green Day

Fletcher hated being ignored. He also hated that people never took his opinions and thoughts seriously. Well, maybe he made a few too many jokes in situations that didn't call for humour, but why should that make a difference? And there was the fact that he usually teleported away at the slightest sign of danger, but he always came back, didn't he? Mainly because of... her. Fletcher had to admit, he did have a slight crush on Valkyrie. But he knew he had no chance after yesterday afternoon...


''Happy birthday Skulduggery!'' Everyone was singing happily while Ghastly carried the cake into one of the many living rooms of the house on Cemetery Road. The cake was shaped like a skull, and had taken Ghastly hours to make.

''Thank you everyone,'' he had said,''you didn't have to go to all this trouble. Then again, I am worth it.'' Everyone laughed, and cut themselves a slice of cake. Before anyone could take a bite of their cake, Skulduggery clapped his hands together and said ''Right, time for presents!'' Valkyrie stepped forward first. To everyone surprise, she didn't have a package of any shape or size. When Skulduggery mentioned this, she leaned in and kissed him, taking him by surprise. Mouth agape and holding back tears, Fletcher teleported away. He didn't care where, as long as he could get away.

Paris was where he had ended up, in a hotel room he remembered staying in a while back. As soon as he arrived, he received a phone call from an angry Valkyrie.

''Fletcher? Where are you?''

''Far away. Don't worry, I won't get in your way any more.'' And then he hung up.

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