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I'm Only Me When I'm With You – Taylor Swift

It was a beautifully clear Friday night, and the midnight black sky was filled with countless glittery stars. From the roof of the late Gordon Edgley's house, if you really tried, you could hear the faint roar of cars in the centre of Dublin. But apart from that it was quiet. Perfect for Valkyrie and Fletcher to sit and relax.

''So… How've you been recently?'' Fletcher asked, sitting up from his laid-down position to face Valkyrie.

''Better than usual. I haven't injured myself in a few weeks at least,'' replied Valkyrie, a slight grin appearing on her face.

''That must be a new record!''

''You could be right about that for once, y'know.''

''What do you mean 'for once'? I'm always right!'' retorted Fletcher, with a cocky smile on his face.

''You just keep on dreaming, Fletcher!'' she giggled.

''I haven't heard you laugh in months!''

''Really? I'd say I haven't seen you mess around with your already ridiculous hair in months, but that would be a lie.''

''No, really... You hardly laugh anymore...'' Valkyrie examined Fletcher's face and found he was actually serous. She also found that he looked pretty cute when he was serious. Stupid Val, she thought, why did I just think that?

''That's why I like being with you!'' declared Valkyrie.

''You like being with me? I thought you said I was an arrogant moron with an obsession with my awesome hair?''

''I never said your hair was awesome! And of course I like being with you! I wouldn't have agreed to come with you up here if I didn't!'' Valkyrie pointed out.

For a few minutes, the two fell silent, just laying back and gazing at the stars. The eerie shriek of a barn owl pierced through the night, and Valkyrie broke the silence by elaborating on what she had said earlier.

''I think I like being with you because you're fun to be around. Not many people I know even have time for fun now... But you do.'' The young teleporter shrugged, as if to say 'think nothing of it,' and ran his hands through the mess of wild spikes that was his hair.

''It's a nice night tonight…'' Fletcher observed.

''It is...'' Valkyrie murmured in agreement.

Before she knew what was coming, Fletcher pulled her into him and kissed her on the lips. Not harshly, as Valkyrie had been surprised to find out, but gently. When the kiss finally ended, Valkyrie leaned on Fletcher's shoulder, and he put his arm around her comfortingly.

''Shall we go back down now?'' Fletcher softly whispered into Valkyrie's ear.

''Not yet... Maybe in a few minutes? I'm comfortable now.''

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