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4: Dreams and Dramas

Billie entered the house quietly- even though it was late she couldn't rule out the possibility that she'd soon be ambushed by the local branch of the Spanish Inquisition; quietly as she could she slipped out of the shoes she'd had forced upon her; along with the rest of the ensemble (apart from her coat) and sighed as her feet celebrated their new freedom from the cramped confines. Wriggling her toes to get the circulation back Billie quickly tiptoed over to the stairs and…


Lucy's auburn framed face appeared- a singular smile on her lips. "Ok, I want every single juicy little detail"

Billie groaned but it turned into a yawn half way through. "Lu, not now ok; it's late and I've got a lecture first thing"

Lucy didn't lighten her grip on Billie's arm very much. "Don't think I'm going to forget Missy"

Billie rolled her eyes smirking. "Lu, when it comes to gossip you're a bloody sniffer dog. I'll tell you tomorrow I promise"

Finally Lucy let go and Billie continued up the stairs.

"At least tell me if he kissed you"

Billie doubted she'd blushed this much in one night in any of the rest of her twenty one years of life. She'd never been one to kiss on a first date; but Lucy wouldn't accept anything less than the goriest of details so she muttered in a voice which was only loud enough for her housemate to hear.

"Yeah he kissed me" she unconsciously rubbed the patch in question. "On my hand."

She slipped out of the castle and into the gardens the dew soaked grass felt wonderful between her toes. The pre-dawn half-light cast a blue wash over the world, her world she smiled; inhaling the smell of the early summer flowers.

Cool arms closed around her and cool lips brushed her neck. "It is late sweet one"

"I know" she purred enjoying his touch as ever. "You go ahead I'll be up soon"

"Do not be too long" He pressed a parting kiss to her temple and disappeared back inside.

Someone was shaking her shoulder, gently, just enough to draw her from sleep.

"Miss Murray?"

Billie flinched, startled back into consciousness. "Oh Mrs Jones, you startled me?"

The librarian laughed good-naturedly. "I'm sorry dear; I came over to tell you that I was locking up but you were asleep"

"You're locking up?" Billie pulled her mobile out of her pocket the display read 23:30. "Merde- sorry Miss."

She flicked her notebook and textbook shut and slid them into her bag.

"Goodnight Miss Murray." The librarian smiled as she headed to her car. "Be careful"

"Don't worry about me" Billie folded her scarf around her neck and huddled into the warmth of the coat. "See you again"

A full stomach and the satisfaction of a successful hunt had Vlad in a good mood. His mind turned to the lovely Billie. He hoped she liked the flowers he'd had sent to her. She probably would- they were Mina's favourites- their rooms had been filled with them.

A sudden flash of second hand fear rippled across his mind. Turning his good humour to murderous rage- no one harmed his mate. His green eyes reddened and his fists clenched by his sides a low growl bubbled up in his throat.

He sank into a hunting crouch and sniffed- she was half a mile to the North West- he sped off towards her ready to tear apart whomever was accosting her.

Billie had never been so scared in her life- she was pressed against the wall of the alley she'd been cutting down, by a man dressed in a pair of trackies, trainers and a sports coat which probably had never been used for sporting purposes. She couldn't see his face as the peak of his cap was pulled low over his eyes and the collar of his coat was pulled high, obscuring him in the shadows.

"Wh-" she began but he silenced her with a hand to her throat

"Be quiet and you won't get hurt" he hissed, the other hand rooting in the pockets of her jeans.

It was then that a wave of second hand bloodlust rippled through her- she didn't understand why she got these emotions which weren't her own- they occurred at random intervals- but right at this moment in time, they were the least of her worries.

Suddenly the man was torn away from her, the force brought her stumbling forwards so that she tripped- her head impacted the corner of an abandoned skip and the last thing that occurred to her before oblivion was the thought that her arm wasn't supposed to be at that angle.

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