All right, guys. So this is my first fanfiction ever. I've decided to write a "sucked-in" story, but I promise I'll try to make this one a little different. Such as, the main character is trying to play Resident Evil 4 for the first time, she doesn't end up where she thinks she'll end up, etc. I will accept constructive criticism (except for flames, of course), so if there's anything I'm doing wrong with the story, please, let me know (especially if my OC, Audrey, seems a bit like a Mary Sue, though I don't think she is, but you never know). This was an idea I had in my head for a while, so I thought, "Why not?"

DISCLAIMER: Audrey, Alexis, their mother, Jack (Audrey's cat), and Randy are all mine. Everyone else belongs to Capcom.

So here's the opening to "Resident Evil: The Other Side". Read and review! And enjoy!

"So tell me, Audrey," my older sister, Alexis, said to me as we rode home from Best Buy in her car, "Why would you start playing a game that's halfway into a series when you've never played the other ones before?"

She was talking about my latest trip to Best Buy, where I had finally decided to purchase Resident Evil 4. I stared at the cover of it, where Leon Kennedy held a pistol in his hands and wore a determined frown on his face. In the back, a group of enemies looked ready to attack him. I then moved my gaze to the Playstation 2 logo on the top. "I heard it was good," I replied, smiling, "Besides, I've always kinda been interested in the Resident Evil world."

"You would be," Alexis teased, "Just don't come crying to me if you don't understand something in the storyline."

I laughed. "Trust me, I won't," I assured her. She rolled her eyes and then muttered something about me being so sure of myself. I just shrugged.

"I've always picked up games fast. You know that."

"Don't get too cocky, little sis," Alexis warned me as we pulled into the driveway. To my disgust, standing outside was Randy, our mom's new boyfriend. I didn't like him at all and thought Mom could do so much better. Nobody will ever replace Dad, I thought to myself as we got out of the car. I wasn't even sure why I disliked Randy so much, but my only guess was that I just didn't trust him. I've always had trust issues with others, since I was a little girl.

"Hi, girls," Mom greeted happily, "You're back from Best Buy already?"

We nodded. "Yup," I answered, "I bought Resident Evil 4." I held up the game proudly.

"Just don't get obsessed with it, okay?" Randy joked, clearly trying to get on my good side. Well, I wouldn't fall for his tricks.

"I won't," I snapped, "Believe it or not, I can control how long I play a videogame, unlike you."

"Audrey!" Alexis hissed into my ear, but I ignored her.

"I'm going to try out the game now," I told the others, heading towards the front door.

"She's never liked me," I heard Randy say to Mom before I disappeared into the house, "And I don't know why." Whatever, I thought to myself, rolling my eyes.

When I arrived at my room, my cat, Jack, leaped off the bed and purred at me. I quickly pet him before I opened my new game and read the instruction manual. The controls were nothing like I'd expected them to be, but they seemed simple enough to pick up in a short amount of time. I stuck my memory card into slot one and then inserted the game. As I waited for it to load, someone knocked on my door.

"Audrey?" It was Mom.

"Yeah?" I called back.

"You owe Randy an apology."

I rolled my eyes to myself. "Why?" I asked.

"Because you have been very rude to him for the last two months. Just cut him some slack. I know you're upset over your father leaving, but give Randy a chance. You may even like him."

I snorted. "Yeah," I replied, "Fat chance."

"Audrey!" Mom snapped, "Just get down here and apologize. That stupid game can't be more important than accepting your possible stepfather, can it?"

"Yes, it can!"

"That's it!" my mom yelled, "Stay in that room, then, if that's what you want. And come downstairs when you're ready to act like the girl I raised!" She marched away, and I sighed with relief once I heard her walk downstairs.

Randy can go screw himself, I thought viciously, He's not good enough for Mom. I continued to think of ways to get rid of him as I waited for the game to load, which, for some reason, was taking an abnormally long time. In this time, I slowly began to feel slightly bad for my rudeness. Sure, I loved to be sarcastic, but I never wanted to intentionally hurt anyone's feelings. I didn't necessarily want to apologize to Randy, but if it made Mom and Alexis happy, then I would do so.

I got up from my bed and went to open my door only to find it…locked. This is so fucking weird, I thought to myself.

"Jack," I cooed to my cat, "Did you do this?"

"Meow," Jack replied, scratching his ears. I shrugged and tried unlocking the door again. Nothing happened.

"Mom?" I shouted, "Alexis? Randy? I'm locked in my room!" But nobody replied. They couldn't all still be outside. Could they?

Suddenly, the start menu of Resident Evil 4 appeared on the television screen. Leon Kennedy and Ashley Graham appeared, along with a few menu options. The top one said "New Game". Since I apparently couldn't get out of my room now, I had no choice but to try out the game. I clicked the X button, and suddenly, everything went black around me as an ominous voice announced, "Resident Evil 4!" and Jack meowed next to me.

Breathing. That was all I heard when I finally came to much later. I couldn't open my eyes at first; they felt heavy. But as I tossed and turned a little bit, the breathing continued. Did I always sound like I was congested? Last time I checked, I was not sick. Sure, I came down with colds and allergies every spring and fall, but I was never truly sick. That was when I realized something was wrong.

More creepy breathing. I couldn't take it anymore! Where was it coming from? I slowly forced myself to open my eyes…to a hideous monster with red eyes and razor sharp teeth.

"AHHHHH!" I screamed, instantly leaping up and backing against the wall. The monster continued to breath as if it had a really bad cold as it slowly walked towards me and bared its teeth. It was much taller than I was (about 7 feet, I gathered, which was even taller than Randy) and it had gray skin that smelled like the dead. What the hell is this thing? I thought to myself, terrified.

It was getting closer to me, and when I quickly looked around, I surmised that I was in a jail cell. A very narrow jail cell, apparently. I looked around for anything that could stall this creature long enough for me to get away. To my right was what looked like a medical table with all sorts of sharp instruments on it. I picked up a small axe and hurled it at the monster's arm. The arm detached from the rest of its body and flopped around on the floor. The monster stopped for a second, and I celebrated. "Yes!" I cried, pumping my fist into the air.

However, my joy turned to horror two seconds later. Just as I was making a run for it, I spotted some worm-like creatures sprouting from its shoulder. In a matter of seconds, they fused together, creating a stronger bone, which was soon covered by gray skin once again.

"Oh, hell no!" I gasped when I realized this thing had the ability to regenerate lost body parts, like a starfish. Time to go! I thought as I made a run for the closest exit to the jail. To my surprise, this creature could run pretty fast; it sprinted after me as I ran through the prison. It growled and extended its arms close to me in an attempt to grab me. Holy shit!

I found the nearest door, which was next to a garbage dump, but to my horror, it was locked. I looked over my shoulder and saw the creature getting closer to me, so I turned and bolted back the way I came, confusing it. It was then that I spotted another door that had been right next to my cell the whole time. I noticed it was high up on a platform, so I ran around to the side and climbed up it, since there were no stairs.

The monster reached for me and grabbed a hold of my leg. "Get off me!" I shouted, struggling to get out of its surprisingly strong grip. I ended up struggling with it for a while, as I felt it grab my jeans belt with its other hand in an attempt to drag me back down to its level. Unfortunately, it succeeded, and I found myself being thrown against the wall.

With a growl, the creature leaned in and bit my neck. "AHH!" I cried, throwing a punch to its head and dazing it for a second. While it was confused, I quickly climbed up the ledge again and ran through the door, locking it behind me as I left. I refused to look behind me as I ran down the stairs, stumbling and falling as I did so. The throbbing pain in my neck worsened, and I could barely feel my right leg, which was the one the monster had latched onto. What an entrance into a game I have no clue how to play! I thought sarcastically to myself.

I rested on the ground for a minute to recuperate and think of a plan to get out of here. How had I ended up here in the first place? Would I be able to see my family again? Would I ever get back? I stood up, using the wall as support as I limped around this new area. There was nobody around that I could ask for help, and as I continued to walk, I began to cough up a little blood. My vision faded in and out.

Everything was too quiet, I noticed. I hated the silence. "¡Hey!" a voice suddenly shouted, "¿Quién es?" I looked around. Was someone talking to me in Spanish? Admittedly, I didn't know a lot of the language; just basics from high school.

Le estoy hablando!" the voice snapped, "¿Quién es?" I picked my head up to see a man staring at me and scowling. He was dressed like a soldier and carried an electric taser in his hand. Like that other creature I met in the prison, his eyes were also red.

"Uhh, I…" I started, but I never got to finish.

In that moment, the soldier turned his head and shouted in Spanish, "¡Intrusa!" Instantly, alarms started to ring and hordes of soldiers emerged from hiding.

Allí está!" they shouted, pointing at me, and before I could think too clearly, I was running again. But I couldn't go back into the jail cell where that monster was. So I ended up plowing my way through the massive army that had converged on me, and one of them grabbed my already numb leg and tripped me. As I fell, I felt myself collide with another soldier's taser, which hurt like a bitch. I writhed and screamed in agony as I collapsed to the ground.

Suddenly, another, much bigger soldier emerged from a clearing, and he wielded a larger Gatling gun in his hands. Oh, crap, I thought as he laughed maniacally and began firing bullets at me. I turned and ran in the opposite direction, hoping that these guys would just leave me alone. Oh, God, I prayed, What did I do to deserve this? Please get me out of here alive!

A scorching heat suddenly greeted the small of my back, and I saw bullet shells land near my feet; the big soldier had caught up with me, and his bullets barely grazed my hip. "¡Cógela!" the soldiers shouted from behind me. I looked up just as another soldier grabbed my arm. Pain shot through my upper arm as I tried to break myself free.

"Leave me alone!" I shouted, elbowing the soldier in the face, thus freeing myself from his vise-like grip. I continued to run, and just as I was making my way up the set of stairs again, I saw a hand reach out from an inconspicuous hiding place and grab my wrist.

"Get down!" a voice ordered in English, and I happily obliged, not wanting to get caught in the crossfire.

"Just stay down, kid, and wait for my signal," the voice commanded.

"Who are you?" I demanded, finally turning to face the man that had made me hide with him. He was big and muscular, if not bigger, than the soldier with the Gatling gun. He had blonde hair, wore a tight, black, short-sleeved shirt, green army pants, combat boots, and a red beret on top of his head. A scar also ran down the side of his face, breaking at his eye and then continuing from there, with another break at the mouth. He carried a machine gun in his hands.

The man shook his head. "Don't worry about who I am," he told me, "Just keep your head down." Once again, I obliged, covering my head with my arms and listening to the gunfire above me. That, along with the inhuman screams from the soldiers, as well as the sickening sound of decay and blood flow, made me want to throw up. It also made me think about how much more terrifying violence was up close. I loved action movies, but I could tell what was happening right now was going to give me nightmares for a long time. I was not going to be some action movie hero who was perfectly fine emotion-wise after living through a near-death experience.

Suddenly, the man grabbed my arm. "Come on, let's go!" he shouted, "Before more of them come back!" We dashed down the stairs again…back to the door leading to the jail cell. I stopped for a minute.

The man turned around. "What are you waiting for?" he demanded.

"I almost got killed by something in there," I told him, "No way in hell am I going back through there."

"Oh, I don't have time for this," he growled, "I don't know about you, but I'm not waiting around for those soldiers to get back."

I sighed. "Fine," I decided, following him cautiously up the stairs. He unlocked the door, and the creepy breathing greeted us again. Instinctively, I gripped the man's arms, but he shook me off.

Suddenly, the regenerating monster appeared again and glared at us with its red eyes. It seemed to remember me from before, because it suddenly growled and swiped at me, missing me and hitting the wall instead.

"Go! Jump!" the man shouted, giving me a slight push, "I'll stave off this thing as long as I can." I hesitated for a minute before leaping back down to the ground. From behind me, I heard the machine gun again and the sound of a limb being blown off. I didn't stick around to wait, though, and I kept running. The guy must've had super speed or something, because he caught up with me quickly.

"Let's move!" he cried, and we raced for the locked door from before, which was suddenly mysteriously unlocked. He pushed me through and then he followed suit, closing and locking the door on the monster.

"That door was locked before!" I gasped, "How did you unlock it?"

The man smirked. "Simple," he replied, "I just turned the lock."

"But…but…" I stammered, "It wasn't like that before!"

"You just weren't looking." He smirked, and I narrowed my eyes at him and stuck my tongue out. We walked outside in the cool night until we arrived in another building. We quietly climbed up the ladder until we emerged onto another pathway. We hiked up it silently before pushing our way through a set of double doors. Along the way, the man turned to me.

"Who are you, by the way?"

I hesitated in answering at first. Was this man to be trusted? He was trying to help me, but at the same time, I wasn't sure. "I'm…really confused," I replied lamely.

Before he could say anything, a swarm of soldiers suddenly appeared and surrounded us. "Follow my lead," the man whispered to me. He lifted his gun into the air and commanded, "Don't shoot! This girl is injured and I need to take her to see Lord Saddler right away."

"Who?" I shrieked, turning to face him again.

He narrowed his eyes at me. "You know who he is," he hissed through gritted teeth, "Just play along." I gulped and nodded, still feeling confused as hell.

He turned back to the soldiers and asked, "Can you take us to him?"

The army took one look at me, frowned, and then moved forward to lead us to whoever this Lord Saddler guy was. "Who the hell is Lord Saddler?" I whispered.

"Just shut up and keep walking," the man ordered, leading me by the arm. I scowled at him, wondering what his problem was and why he had such an attitude. Now that he brought up my injuries again, I felt the burn from the taser again across my chest. I clutched myself in pain and felt warmth on my leg from my own blood. I held back my tears; if this man saw me crying, he would call me out on it, which I so did not need right now. I was already upset over randomly landing here.

We continued to follow the soldiers all throughout the complex as we walked through the military base, then through some ruins, and finally up a few ladders into another building.

"Well, Really Confused," the man said sarcastically, "This is where I'll leave you." He dropped me off in a side room where I would be safe from the other soldiers. Just as he prepared to disappear, I ran after him.

"Whoa, wait a minute!" I cried, "What about me?"

The man smirked. "Sorry, but I've got my own business to take care of with Saddler. I don't have time to babysit," he responded, taking off before I could stop him again.

"Wait, come back!" I shouted, attempting to run after him and failing miserably. "Bastard," I muttered under my breath as I tried to look for a way out. Just as I ambled towards the door, the lights above me flickered and then shut off for good, leaving me in the pitch black. It looked like I had woken up in hell after all.