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England sighed, "We are not surrounded, Alfred." Even as he said that he glanced out the window to be sure. He wished he had a weapon right now.

The rattle of a pistol being loaded was America's response. He at least had a weapon. America always had one on him, ever since his civil war. At least America was down to just one again, during the Cold War with Russia, he had been carrying around two. England was once annoyed by this but now he was grateful for America's paranoia. "This is not how I imagined this vacation going." America wined out.

"This was not how I did either, Alfred." England sighed and put his arms around America.

America settled into the embrace and glanced around the room. It was filled with about twenty people. A huge amount to fit into this very small cabin, but desperate times call for desperate measures. There was several of their combined guard (their bosses have become increasingly more paranoid over the years. Unless they took a vacation in one of their capitals they were escorted everywhere and even then they might still be guarded.) scattered around the room, but there were also over a dozen civilians. All of them scared and tired. They had been running and hiding for the past several hours since they had all fled the bank that had been providing a safe haven to them all.

England let go of America (and skillfully ignored his disappointed noise) to check his watch, it was late afternoon. How long has this been going on? This cabin was not a good place to stay overnight. It wasn't well insulated and had no food. Most of their party were hungry and needed to sleep, the three children with them where almost dead on their feet.

Had the men who caused this terrible situation found his manor? He had the best protection spells up and the most advanced security systems available in place too. But if anyone could get in it would be these people. He and America overheard what or really who they were searching for. Them. They wanted the countries. This was a horrible situation to be put in.

"Alfred." They needed a plan. A good plan. Not America's "fly by the seat of my pants" style. "We need to get somewhere safer."

"Somewhere safer? Like ya manor?" America drawled out in a deep southern accent. "That's a good idea. We could get supplies and maybe some outside contact. And weapons. Them too."

England nodded. One of America's guards, Mr. Palmer, piped up, "There's a heliport at Sir Kirkland's grounds, right?" England nodded. "Then we might have a way out."

America's grin at England was what he called his Hero Smile. The one he used to reassure people that everything will be ok. "That's settled then. We'll be a going to Arthur's house!"

England nodded at his three guards. "It would be for the best. Mr. Mustang, can you please get everyone ready?"

The blond man stood up and England took that as an acceptance of his orders. England turned back around for the remaining five men and America. "Kirkland Manor is about 2 kilometers from here. With a group this large it might take forty five minutes. But hopefully it will only take an half an hour."

America nodded and looked over his shoulder. England turned around to see that all the civilians were standing and ready to go. All of them looked terrified out of their minds to be leaving the safety of the small cabin. Understandable as when they were leaving the town four of the original group were shot. Three were killed. One of them had been one of America's guards. America looked so pained when they ran away from the bodies. He did not like leaving a man behind. His Marines had to get it from somewhere, England had thought.

The Bank manager's assistant, a young man named Samuel, had been the lucky one to only be shot in the leg. The bullet had embedded itself in the leg and was giving him a lot of pain. That was why they were in the cabin in the first place, to see how and if they could fix his leg.

"Is your manor safe, Sir Kirkland?" The mother of the single family asked fearfully. She clutched her youngest child to her chest protectively. Her husband kept a hand on the shoulders on two young girls.

England gave her a reissuing smile, "Yes. And there's food and water and beds for everyone there. We will be safe there."

"But what if they have taken it like they took the town?" She voiced a fear that was in all of them. She really wanted to believe that the manor was safe but she had to be sure.

"If they have broken in then you would know." He continued to keep his voice reassuring. "The alarms are quite shrill you could hear it for kilometers. Mr. Jones could attest to that." He glanced toward America and smirked slightly.

America frowned and then pouted. "That was twice in 198-... a long time ago. Will ya ever let me forget it? I told ya I did not mean it and that I was sorry!"

The first sign that something was wrong was the silence. The town, while not large, was not a dead silent place. England and America were going to lunch and then to see the town. This had become a ritual whenever they stayed in at England's home. They both loved this rural place and all the fond memories they had of it. Whenever the two went to America for vacation they always went to this one camping spot in Yosemite. It was just a tradition they had.

It was just odd to hear no one. Then the gunfire started. Their bodyguards wanted to turn around and get America and England to safety but before anything could be done they could hear the people with the guns come closer.

America looked around and ran into the nearest open door. The doors led into the main bank in town. The people inside looked at them, stunned. Then the gunfire got closer. The Bank Manager led all of them to the safety of the vault.

That was the start of their current problem.

"You should call your brothers." America's voice startled England out of his thoughts. America's face was right next to his own and that made him blush. "Maybe Francis too."

England glared at nothing at the sound of France's human name. "I will not call that frog. And Liam and Allen will not be much help. Liam is still angry at me. And Allen is out of the country at the moment. And I will call my boss when we get home. I can hope that calling anyone else is unnecessary."

"I would not hold my breath for that. Something major has happened we just need to find out what." America ran his free hand through his blond hair. His other hand kept a death grip on the pistol. His pilot's jacket was on the shoulders of one of the little girls who lost her jacket in the chaos. His shoulder holster was empty and looked intimating on America's large frame.

England sighed in relief when his manor came into view. Silent and empty as it had been when they left it this morning. No alarms or any cars other than the ones he owned. Good.

The pace of the group sped up slightly since the manor was in sight. Everyone wanted a bed to sleep in and food to eat, but mostly they wanted the protection the manor allowed.

However the head of America's guard, Mr. Booth, stopped them before they reached the edge of the grounds. "We should go in the back. Just in case, someone might be watching the front."

England took them around toward the back door leading into the kitchen. Normally his staff would be making dinner about this time but he had given them all a week off so that he and America could be (almost) completely alone. So the house was completely empty and dark. America ushered them all inside the kitchen while England struggled to find the light switch.

When he did light flooded the room, illuminating the odd survivors. America smiled and clapped his hands together. "Let's go find out what's happen' why don't we?" and he turned on his heel toward the direction of the communications room.

"SCOTT!" America's voice was loud in England's ears as he pulled America by one if his arms. The man was dead as were the other two. America was fighting to get to the dead man and pull him with them. But that would endanger the rest of them.

"Come on Alfred!" He whispered in America's ear. "We need to leave and protect my people!"

America looked at him blankly. England could see his thoughts turning.

The rest of the people who were in the bank were ahead of them and getting farther whiles the ones holding the guns were getting closer.

America nodded and ran with England to catch up.

Almost every Country has a completely up to date communications room. This was left over from centuries of war. England's was located on the first floor of his manor in a room with no windows. America had helped to build this room during the First World War.

England and his guards quickly got to work. America followed his lover into the room but did not go to a computer. "Oi. England. When was the last time you got new stuff in here?" He said walking around.

"I bought new equipment about two years ago." England said absently as he typed in a password. When he was in he opened a news station's website too see what was happening. The page declared only the barest details. They had no idea what was happening inside the town. And the government was not letting them anywhere near the there for the broadcaster's own safety.

"That's all they know? That is not helpful at all." America said reading over his shoulder. England waved a hand at his face to move him off England's shoulder. He hated when America did that.

"I need to get a video link opened with my boss. Can you get one with yours?" England asked looking up to America who shrugged as he did some thinking.

"My boss might not have landed yet. He is coming home from a trip overseas. He's coming from Africa." America said. "I can try but I really think he is still in the air." He grabbed the telephone from off the wall that was near England and called the White House. He knew that all the phones in this room were secure and could not be tapped easily. He called communications room in the white house and was directed to the Vice President. "Hiya, Vice-Boss! Is the Boss in?"

"Good Afternoon, America. I'm glad to hear that you are ok. I just received a panicked call from The Prime mister of England. Are you in the town? And no the President is not in." The worried voice came over the speaker.

America sighed into the phone. "No, we are at England's manor. The thing is that we have civilians with us. We are getting in contact with England's Bosses so I just wanted to tell you to get the boss to contact me as soon as possible!"

"Why are you not in contact with England's government right now?" His vice President sounded frustrated. "And I will send Mr. President you message when he arrives."

"I don't know. Let me ask Iggy!" America pulled the phone away from his ear and turned to ask England, "Why haven't you gotten to talk to your boss yet?"

"We don't know if they have hacked the manor. So far they haven't but to be on the safe side we are going the longest way possible into the government." England said as he continued to type things in the keyboard. "You have no idea if they've tapped the phones. You should be more careful!" He scolded.

"Oh. Ok." America went back to his Vice President on the phone, not hearing the last part of what England said. "They are being precautious and its taking a long time." England sighed and got up and moved to in front of the large video conference screen. "I've got to go, Vice-boss-man. Tell the boss that I need to speak to him ok? Bye!"

"What? America!" America hung up after that.

"Mr. Jones", one of America's guards said to get his attention. "I see a cabin. I think it's empty."

America looked around. This mismatched group looked as though it needed some rest. "Mr. Booth, please find out. If it is then we will use it to catch our breath. And that man needs to get his leg looked at."

The blond man nodded and walked away. The country turned to his lover. "Hey, Arthur. One of my men found a cabin!"

America left the Communications room after that. England had finally gotten in contact with his boss. They might be in love but they were Countries first. Staying for a meeting between the boss and a country would be pushing the bounds of their roles a bit too much. Unless the meeting was supposed to be them together but that was another matter entirely.

He went to the Dining room where the civilians had gathered for now. Samuel, the injured one, was sitting and had his leg propped on another chair. He looked up as America walked in. "Um, sir?"

America smiled at the young man as he sat down opposite him. "Yah? And call me Alfred or Mr. Jones if you have to. But I prefer Amer-... Alfred. Just Alfred." America sighed at his mistake; he hated to deal with secret identities. Even thought it made him feel like a superhero from one of his comics. They got annoying because it was hard to keep track of everyone's human name. He could barely remember which of England's brothers Allen was and which was Liam. He thought that Allen was Scotland and Liam was Ireland but he was not sure.

"Well, Mr. Alfred, do you know where the stuff is so that I can fix my leg?" Samuel gestured to his leg. He was pale, tired and in a great amount of pain. One of the bank tellers had clumsily wrapped the wound at the cabin they had been staying in with the remains of a jacket but it really needed to be redone. "I kinda don't want to get an infection."

America gave the man a winning smile to calm him. "Sure. Let me get the Med stuff. I know where it is!" He got up and went to the second story of the manor. In one of the closets was the basic medical stuff. He grabbed it and went back downstairs to sit on the floor next the injured man.

America tried to remember all the stuff he learned as a medic in the Korean War. He had been with an M*A*S*H* unit at the time. He was lucky that all the stuff he had learned was coming back to him so quickly. Samuel kept gasping in pain and America felt bad because there was nothing to give him for the pain except pain relievers.

"Are you sure there is nothing?" Samuel asked after a while. America sadly shook his head and he finished off cleaning and wrapping the wound.

"All that's left is Advil and some Tylenol and I know that stuff is useless when it comes to things like bullet wounds." America started to put the medical stuff away when one of the bank tellers, the same one who wrapped the wound in the first place, came up to Samuel and helped him to a different chair.

"Hey, Mr. Alfred." She asked. "Where's Sir Kirkland? He has been gone for a long time..."

America looked at the woman and tried to remember her name or if he had ever gotten it. Then he mentally shrugged and answered her question. "He got in contact with his boss. His boss will help us much more easily than some other people. Altho-"

"What do you mean by that?" A voice interrupted America's sentence. A red headed man walked up to America and crossed his arms. "What do you mean by 'His boss will help us'?"

America frowned. He did not like the way this was going. "I mean just that. His boss will help to get us out." America did not explain farther. He did not see the point to, England's boss will get them out and that's all that mattered.

"Just who is his boss to have the ability to get us out? Those men have guns!" The man was not backing down. He looked somewhere between angry and scared. America hated dealing with people like that because it almost always ended badly. The last people who America saw look like that ended up throwing a pretty good punch at him.

He was saved from answering by England, who walked into the room. "What the hell is going on?" England asked when he stopped. The redheaded man turned toward him and was about to take a swing when America caught him.

"Thomas, please calm down!" The female bank teller told him. "This is not helping things!"

"Why, Nancy?" Thomas growled out. "I want to know and they are being evasive. Our current situation could be their fault and we don't know it!" He glared at America who let him go. America felt that the man was calmer then before and was not going to be throwing punches.

"I protest to that!" England said. "We do not know who started this and we are going to find out. My boss will help us with that too and if you must know I am a government official. So please stop harassing Alfred, annoying as he can be." He smiled at America with the insult to show that he really meant no harm. America was used to being called annoying so he ignored the comment.

"That still does not answer my question! I want to know who your boss is!" Thomas said. He glared at England, who just sighed. "You're being evasive."

England rubbed his face. This argument was useless and pointless. "My boss is David Cameron." At the stunned looks of the civilians who filled the room. They obviously weren't expecting that answer. England sighed again. Why did it feel as if he was doing that more often?

"The Prime Minister, that David Cameron? He's your boss?" The bank manager, Mr. David asked in a small voice that was opposite his large frame.

England nodded, "I told you that I work for the government. So can you believe me now?"

Thomas nodded and sank into a chair, all of his earlier anger gone. Nancy walked over to him and placed her hands on his shoulders. America could not blame him for freaking out like this. They were all in a tough situation.

"Arthur, are you done with meeting with your boss?" America finally remembered what England had been doing before coming into the room. He hoped that England's boss knew what was happening. Really, REALLY hoping.

England took a second to respond. "Yes... but he knows little more than we do. All the people who have taken the town have announced is that they will kill everyone if they don't get what they want. But they haven't said what they want. My boss believes that what they want is in the town itself."

The father of the family, America thought he said his name was Eric, asked the one thing that was on everyone's mind. "Did he say when we can get out? When we are able to escape?"

"Two days from now. We have two days on our own." England did not look happy with the forty eight hours before they could get rescued. No one did.

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