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Summary: After two years of dating, Shikamaru plans to propose to Ino. Ino is excited aboout the date, but, there is one problem. Temari. Temari wants to go with Shikamaru and Ino is starting to doubt him. Will Temari break the relationship they have? How will Shika propose to his lover if Temari keeps butting in?

Inside an empty house was a beautiful 18 year old young woman with bright ocean blue eyes, platinum hair that reached her hips, and a perfect hour-glass body.

Yamanaka Ino, a freshman ANBU, was in her room taking a shower. Ino had let her hair grow long because her boyfriend, Shikamaru, told her that he missed it, but she left her bangs short. Right now Ino is getting ready for a big date, why? Well not long ago Shikamaru told his lover to wear something fancy-like, or so he says, for he said that he was taking her somewhere expensive. At first, Ino didn't want him to spend so much money, but he insisted.

So when Ino got out of her shower, she dried her body and hair, and wrapped a light green towel around her slightly wet body. She walked over to her bed where she had left a beautiful open back baby blue dress that is mid-thigh, a soft silk fabric. A dimond necklace that Shikamaru gave to her on their 5th month anniversery, and three inch clear high heels. She grabbed little of her hair and put it into a ponytail, and made the rest of her hair curl. She put on a light red lipstick, and blue eye shadow, with a little fragrince that smelled of a sweet apple, Ino looked at herself in the mirror and was pleased on how she looked. She grabbed a small white bag, and walked down her stairs.

Ino looked at the clock, 6:25 PM. Shikamaru said that he would pick her by 6:30 to 35, but she wouldn't mind if he was late, he usually is anyway because he was lazy, but that was her excuse. Though Ino did wonder why he was still lazy when he became an Anbu six months before she did. There was a knock on her door and Ino walked over to it and opened. Before she had a chance to see the person's face, lips smashed into hers.

She already knew who it was. When they separated, he glanced at her being. "You look amazing." He said. Ino smiled. "Arigato. You look handsome yourself Shika-kun." Even with high heels on, Ino was still shorter than Shikamaru. "You're actually eary for once, it's barely 6:30."

"Well I told you before, today is a special day."

"Why is it special?" Ino asked.

"You'll find out later." Shikamaru smirked. Ino pouted, wanting to know but Shikamaru just shook his head, saying that he wasn't going to tell her yet. Shikamaru grabbed Ino's hand and led her out of her house, Ino let him take her to where ever they where going.

After a few minutes of walking in the night and calmful street, they arrived at a very nice looking restaurant. Ino gasped when she read the place, it was the new restaurant that opened up recently, Hikari. The platinum blonde turned to her lover with wide eyes. He smiled.

"Come on, I have reservations for us." Shikamaru grabbed Ino's hand walked her inside the rather incredible place that was just breath taking.

After being seated, a young female waiter came to them with their menus. "Here are your menus, hope you would enjoy our meals. Can I start you off with something to drink?" The young dark brown haired girl asked.

"Green tea please." Ino said. The waiter wrote down on her small note pad and turned to the Nara man. "And you sir?"

"I'll have water." He replied. The waiter nodded and left. After looking through the menu, Ino placed it on the table and looked at Shikamaru. He was wearing a white long sleeved collored, button up shirt, but it wasn't buttoned up all the way, it was open by three buttons that showed his collor bone. His tie wasnt properly on, the sleeves were rolled up to his elbow.

Feeling being watched, Shikamaru looked from menu and looked at Ino, who blushed and looked away. He chuckled slightly.

"This place is amazing. You didn't have to do this you know." Ino said to her lover. The young man sighed and closed his menu. "I told you, today is special, so I want to make something perfect of it."

"Of what?"

"As I said, I'll tell you later." Ino was to say something more, but the waiter came back with their drinks.

"Are you ready to order?"

"Yes." Shikamaru answered. The young girl nodded. "What can I get you?" Shikamaru turned to Ino, indicating that she go first. Ino opened her menu once more and found her order.

"I'll have the Gyu Don please." The waiter nodded. "And you sir?"

"I'll have the same." The waiter nodded and took their menus and left. Both of them were quiet as they waited for their food. Ino looked out the window next to them, and stared out to Konoha. After two years, it was still being rebuilded.

That's right, two years ago the Akatsuki invaded Konoha, and the village was in deep chaos. Thousands of civillians were injured, hundreds were killed along with ninjas, and some were in the state of comatose. Like Tsunade, she was in a comatose, but recovered. It was truely a miracle, she decided to travel once again, but with Jiraiya, who she managed to beg and beg for him not leave to Amegakure (Rain Village), and he hated the saddness and pain that was all over her face so he complied to her wishes. A year later, after the destruction of Konoha, they decided to journey like good times, but they went together. Shizune stayed in Konoha and helped out in the hospital with Ino and Sakura.

But before Tsunade and Jiraiya left, they announced the new Rokudaime Hokage. Uzumaki Naruto. That boy no, man, was so happy he actually passed out of excitement.

And now the second year, Naruto had made a fine Hokage, he kept the village filled with hope and kept it stronge, the villagers were happy to have him as Hokage, and he made his soon-to-be wife happy as well. She was going to be an Uzumaki, Uzumaki Hinata. Heck, even Sasuke and Sakura hooked up, but the Uchiha hasn't proposed to her yet, and Ino is wondering when he is because she kept asking him. Neji and Tenten were happily married, expecting a child soon, and hell, Kakashi and Anko started dating, which shocked everyone.

Ino smiled, everything had gone great, everything was okay now. There is no more war, the Akatsuki were killed, the five great nations were now at peace together and with other small villages. Everyone was happy, new life were made, as in babies were born to see the world, all but one. One person didn't see the world change for the two years that gone by.

Ino mentally shook her head, now was not the time to think about her, today is a special day like Shikamaru says, so there's no point in getting sad right now.

When Ino turned to look elsewhere, the food had come. She had no idea that she had been thinking that long. When both Shikamaru and Ino began to eat, Shikamaru took a quick glance at Ino.

'She must've been thinking about her... I don't blame her, she was everyone's best companion and we all miss her... To see her in that condition makes everyone want to cry, to know that she single handedly went up against one of the Six Paths of Pein, only to end up in the hospital... Where she... She...' Shikamaru didn't want to think about it anymore, even though she was cold to him before he was with Ino, she really had grown to him. Everytime her birthday came, everyone; Neji, Tenten, Sauke, Sakura, Naruto, Hinata, Kiba, Akamaru, Shino, Sai, Suigetsu, Juugo, Karin, Kakashi, Anko, he, Ino, Chouji, Ichigo, Renji and her other ANBU friends would visit her and say happy birthday to her, even though she couldn't see them, she might here them, and that might have made her happy to know that her friends were there for her.

Ino felt it, the tension there was. They were both thinking about her. Deciding to lighten the mood Ino decided to make conversation with her lover. "So, what made you suddenly want to make this so special?" She asked, hoping the tension would go away, and it did.

"Well I have been thinking about for a while, even when Naruto sends me on missions, and I thought I could wait another year, but I guess I couldn't, so that's why were here today. And before you ask again, I'm not telling you yet." He smirked as he saw Ino puff out her cheeks. He chuckled at her childish behavior and began to eat his food again. Ino also began to eat her delicious meal.

Few minutes later, Shikamaru paid for the bill, and walked Ino outside to the night sky where the moon shown its beauty at full. After walking into the forest for a few minutes, Shikamaru took Ino to a pond that brighly showed from the fireflies.

"It's beautiful Shikamaru!" Ino said in awe. "How did you find this place?"

"Well, when I walking to watch clouds, I stumbled upon this place. I thought it was a beautiful place, to see water streaming down like a waterfall, but only smaller. The flowers that bloomed here how the moon reflected its beauty at night- It all reminded me of you." He said sincierly. Ino blushed and smiled, she reached up and wrap her arms around Shikamaru's neck and kissed him passionately, and he returned the same.

They both pulled apart and stared into the pond that also looked like a stream. After a few minutes, the young Nara man thought it was time, and the perfect place to do so.

He turned to his blonde lover. "Ino." The eyes woman looked at the Nara man. "The two years that we've spent together made me the happiest man on this planet. I love your eyes, I love your voice, I love your bashful personality, and even though you may be loud and partly annoying, you're always on my mind every minute of everyday. I want to spend the rest of my life with you." Shikamaru reached into his pocket and took out a small velvet box. Ino's eyes widen.


"Hey you two!" A voice interrupted. Shikamaru sighed and put the box back in his pocket, Ino frowned at the voice. Both ANBU turned to see another blonde smiling at them.

"What are you doing here Temari?" Shikamaru questioned.

"Well I was bored and decided to walk around, and I came here and found you two."

'More like following us.' Ino thought. She knew Temari liked Shikamaru, and she had been concerned about it, but Shikamaru proved that he loved her, and Ino stopped being worried about it. But in the back of Ino's head nagged her that Shikamaru wasn't going to be with her, but she pushed that though aside. Though she didn't like the idea of the Suna girl staying in Konoha for two months.

"Oh Ino! I love your dress!" Temari complimented.

"Oh thank you!" Ino faked a smile.

"Well Temari, nice to see you here, but I'm going to take Ino home now, so bye!" Nara didn't wait for an answer, he just grabbed Ino by the hand and walked away.


When Shikamaru took Ino home, he stood by her door way.

"So what was special about today?" Ino asked. Shikamaru shook his head, "Temari ruined what I wanted to say, and I wanted it to be perfect, so I'll tell you another time."

"Aw but I wanna know!" Ino pouted. Shikamaru chuckled and pecked Ino's lips. They were quiet for a while untill Ino spoke in a quiet voice.

"Hey, Shika,"


"Can we, see her tomorrow?" She asked quietly, looking down at the floor. Shikamaru knew this was coming, she missed her, and he even missed her as well.

"You miss her, don't you?" He didn't have to ask, he already knew the answer.

"You miss her too." She said, this time looking at him in the eyes. Shikamaru sighed. "Sure. We'll go visit her. I'll come and get you by ten." Ino nodded. Shikamaru said his goodbyes and gave another kiss to the small blonde.

When he left, Ino closed her door and went up her stairs to remove the dress and make up, and went to bed.

To Be Continued.

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