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Sora No Otoshimono: - The Higg's Mission


On the twenty-second floor in a high-rise located in Washington, Robison sat in a thick leather chair and shifted through reports about strange occurrences and satellite surveillance footage.

He watched Mr Smith (if that was his real name) gaze through the wide windows at the cities skyline. Mr Smith turned towards him and his iron-grey hair was visibly noticeable against the sunlight. His immaculate suit was always kept pressed, as well as making himself professionally presentable for moments like this.

"Are you sure these reading are correct sir, this information looks like a child's fantasy." Robison said. Mr Smith was still standing at the window as LCD screens flashed on the adjacent wall.

"No, the information is one hundred percent accurate. We've even sent agents into the area to monitor the activity."

"But sir? Angels? Girls with wings? This must be some kind of joke?"

Mr Smith walked over to the oak table and entered a few commands into the computer console. A video played and a girl appeared on the largest screen on the wall.

"She is called Ikaros and as you can see from this footage, she is some kind of warrior. About a month ago, satellite images picked up a massive disturbance on the outskirts of a small town called Sorami in Japan."

"Most impressive, what is she?"

Mr Smith sat at the table and poured himself a glass of water. "We believe she is called a Angeloid and why she's on Earth is another question."

Robison placed the documents on the table. Fascinated by the video. "Do you know where she came from, is there any more?"

"We've only detected this creature and we believe she came from the unknown hole that had been drifting through the skies of our world long ago. What she is and her mission remains a mystery. That's when you come in."

"Me, sir?"

"Yes, do you know someone called Carl Higgs?"


"He used to work with the United States military, and very good at… Getting things. Now after his little adventure with a few young girls in the Philippines he has been kicked out and now works with the CIA."

"Yes, I remember that, he said he was innocent." Robison drank from the glass opposite him and continued. "But why are you asking about him?"

Mr Smith stood and handed Robison the mission file. "You are to bring Carl Higgs here and prepare to send him to Japan. He's to capture Ikaros and bring her back for matters of… national security."

"Sir, he won't stand a chance, did you see the video footage?" That was a dumb question, of course he did. Robison thought, but continued. "She'll kill him the moment he touches her"

Mr Smith Smiled. "I know. He's expendable. You will also arrive with a extraction team to evaluate her strengths and then, once she is at her weakest, capture her." He turned towards the window. "Besides, Carl Higgs's smarter then he looks. Give him a chance. I am sure he'll capture her for us. If not, he will give us valuable information… by his death."

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