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Chapter One

His eyes looked hollow as he stood in the doorway of Grimmauld Place. His nose was bleeding, his eye was black, and his lip was gashed, blood dripping down his chin. It wasn't a bad injury, but the news he had to bear was.

"They're planning to attack Hogwarts tomorrow," he announced as he stumbled into kitchen. "This is it."

Molly Weasley rushed to the dark man's side as the others processed the news. Severus pushed the red haired woman away, his face set as the blood dripped from his mouth to the white undershirt that barely showed above his black teaching robes.

He watched momentarily as the room full of order members began planning and panicking. He did not miss, as he turned from the group, a pair of light hazel eyes locked on him.

With a sigh, Severus turned and made his way upstairs to shower.

The fragrance of tea hit him in the face as he exited the shower. The house was completely quiet, and he smiled. He went to his room and pulled on a simple pair of pajama pants and a white t-shirt. Why shouldn't he be comfortable during his last night on earth?

He knew he was to die. It had to happen. He had realized he was to die for this cause the day that James and Lily Potter died, and again when eleven-year-old Harry Potter made his way into the Great Hall.

Severus made his way down the stairs and towards the smell of the steaming pot of tea that had been left behind. It was sitting on the stove as he had expected. What he did not expect was to look up and meet the watery hazel eyes of Hogwarts' brightest witch sitting at the kitchen table.

Hermione stood abruptly, wiping the tears from her eyes. "Professor…" he greeted, trying to hide the fear in her voice. "I…they want someone to stay here…in case other order members came to the house. I made you some tea." She added, pouring him a cup.

Severus did not speak as he watched her pour the tea, her hands shaking. "They said they would be all night. I stocked the living room and several bedrooms with supplies for anyone that is injured." She bit her lip and stopped, spinning to face him. "This is going to happen, isn't it?" she asked, tea spilling over onto her hands as they shook.

Snape nodded slowly, taking the cup from her hands. "Thank you," he whispered. He sat at the table and placed the cup in front of him, watching the steam roll out from the top.

Hermione poured her own cup and sat across from him, sipping her tea slowly. "What are you thinking about?" she asked, watching him intently.

"Death…" he replied, quietly. His tone lacked its normal malice and power.

Hermione was taken aback by his answer but nodded. She was thinking of the same. Of death…of losing friends.

She startled as the large grandfather clock chimed that it was half past midnight "I should…probably go to bed," she said. She stood and placed her cup in the sink. She headed toward the kitchen door but stopped. Leaning down, Hermione placed a gentle kiss on Snape's cheek.

He stiffened and looked up at her, a confused look on his face. They locked eyes, his still hollow and slightly puffy from the meeting and hers still afraid. While this was true, desperation was sparked within them both. Hermione placed a soft hand on his cheek and pressed her lips to his gently.

She expected him to push her away, but his reaction was quiet the opposite. The professor pulled her into his lap, deepening the kiss, desperately. They clung to each other, neither daring to break the kiss. Eventually they both pulled back, taking deep breaths of air. Hermione looked at him, truly shocked by his reaction.

Severus stood carefully and took her hand, leading her up the stairs. They needed this, both of them. Needed to feel loved, to feel needed. If only one last time. Hermione knew he expected to die the next day; he had mentioned it to her once before. She, herself, did not expect to make it through the battle. He closed the door to his room and kicked his shoes off as he led her to the bed. She sat willingly, pulling her own shoes off.

Hermione wanted him, longed for him. While this was true, she could not honestly say that she understood her feelings as her pulled her into another kiss, his long fingers unbuttoning her sweater and pushing it from her form. She gasped as he kissed her neck, her hands slipping into his still damp hair.

When he pulled back and grasped the bottom of her t-shirt, Hermione grasped his hand. "I…I've never…I'm a virgin," she whispered, looking into his onyx eyes.

Severus nodded and kissed her gently. "Let me pleasure you…just give me the satisfaction of being able to do that one last time…" his voice was quiet, almost uncertain. While he was no virgin, he couldn't claim to be a master on the subject of sex. He kissed her neck again, hoping to encourage her.

Hermione placed a hand on either side of his face and guided him to look at her. She shook her head. "I want to…" she blushed. "I want you…" she bit her lip.

Severus' eyes went wide. "A-are you sure?"

"If I die tomorrow…" she stopped and nodded. "I'm completely sure."

Severus allowed a small smile to grace his face. He kissed her again before pulling her shirt gently over her head. He smiled seeing her nearly naked form before him on the bed. He pulled his own shirt off and noticed her eyes go wide when she saw his tented pants. He smirked and pulled her pants off before climbing onto the bed next to her. He kissed her once more; his hands sliding down her side. He pulled her against him and she gasped, feeling his arousal pressed against her.

Hermione felt a fire ignite within her abdomen as his arousal pressed against her thigh through his pants. She was unsure of what to do. She had kissed boys and read romance novels but none of that prepared her for this. She looked up at him, embarrassment on her face.

Severus smiled, comfortingly. "You don't have to know everything, Hermione," he assured her. "Some knowledge must be gained…through experience," he cupped her between the legs, smirking when he felt the damp heat that was settled there even with her panties still in place. She couldn't prevent the moan from escaping her lips, and she bit her lip. "Seems as though you've gotten off to a pretty good start," he teased.

Removing his hand, Severus unclasped her bra and slid it from her chest. She blushed and looked down as he admired her chest. He massaged her breast gently while his moved to tease the other nipple with his tongue. Hermione gasped and moaned, pushing herself towards him. She ran her hands down his back, enjoying the lean muscles that lined it.

After several moments, Severus pulled away and looked down, smirking when he saw her chest heaving. He ran his hands down her sides and massaged her thighs. Biting her lip, Hermione pushed his pajama pants off. As Severus began to massage her clit through her panties, Hermione pressed her hands to his chest, running her nails down the taut skin. He slipped her panties off and slipped a finger into her, a loud moan escaping the Gryffindor's throat.

Hermione moaned as he slipped a second finger into her, pumping them quickly. She glanced up at him and felt herself coming to climax. Her walls tightened around Snape's fingers and she shook slightly as she came, moaning out his name.

After some time, Hermione bit her lip and slipped her hand down to the top of his boxers. He could sense the hesitation and smiled to reassure her. She slid her hand into his boxers and grasped his length gently. Hearing his groan, she bit her lip and looked up at him, worried that she had done something wrong. Severus smiled and lifted his hips so he could push his boxers off. Hermione blushed a deep red as she stroked him, slowly at first but then faster as his moans egged her on.

Severus grasped her wrist gently after a few moments. "Stop…" he said, wanting to be inside of her. He moved over her and kissed her. "Are you sure you want to do this?" he asked again.

"Please…" Hermione's voice was quiet but certain. She knew it would hurt and took a deep breath to prepare herself, grasping his forearms for support. Severus kissed her neck as he began to push into her. Feeling her breathing hitch, Severus kissed her lips and pushed into her completely, her cry of pain lost in their kiss. He held still and broke the kiss, looking down at her. "Are you alright?" he asked.

Hermione nodded slowly and took a shaky breath. "Yeah…" she said. After a few moments, she moved her hips slowly. She glanced up at him and nodded. He smiled and kissed her again before beginning to move slowly. He relished in the feeling, knowing he would never experience it again. They moaned each other's names and moved against each other before they both reached climax, Hermione just before Severus.

As they lay next to each other in bed, Hermione allowed herself to imagine a future. One without the threat of Voldemort's attacks, one that included Severus. She bit her lip and turned in his arms to face him. "Severus…I…I don't want to lose you…not now…not right after I've found you." She cried, tears spilling down her face.

"Hermione…I have always known that I am not expected to make it past tomorrow. I have always accepted that…until now. I promise…I will try my hardest to come back to you…but you have to promise me the same."

Hermione managed to smile despite her tears. "I promise…everything I can to come back to you." She kissed him and moved to straddle him, never pulling her lips from his.

Hermione and Severus spent the rest of the night exploring each others' bodies and making love, both desperately hoping that their first night together wouldn't be their last.

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