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Sakura goes to a private academy for talented art students. She is well known for her voice. She is also well known for her temper. She is set off at the slightest thing. She has anger issues. But now Sakura has snapped one too many times. After a huge fight several very expensive pieces of equipment are destroyed. Her academy's dean has had enough. She has been expelled, but thanks to the dean's son he comes to discover she was set up. Wanting to give her a chance to earn her place back into the school he is sending her to work off her dues at a second chance house for young teenage boys run by a close friend. She will have to be their maid basically. Cooking, cleaning and all else the head lady Tsunade can come up with, and she can come up with a lot. While working at this house Sakura befriends all fifteen of the boys in her own way. She learns about their secrets and helps each of them overcome their pasts, while they in turn help her. She sees that these boys aren't bad or dagerous just because of who they are and where they came from. One of them even sparks feelings that could be more than friendship...
Her old academy friends are worried. She spends more time than is necessary with the 'freaks'. They pressure her to stop, to just do what time is necessary and that's it. But Sakura knows just how much those boys need her as their friend. Even the ones that insist they don't. She must choose between her old friends and her new ones. Or maybe not…What if they could get along?
Just when her time is almost up on her service and their whole group is as close as it could be Tsunade is informed by the big time CEO Orochimaru, who has been after their house due to its location for a long time, that since she doesn't have enough money to support her second chance home he is buying it and she must sell it finally which means she must also relinquish all of the boys to foster care or orphanages. Sakura won't stand for this! They finally have a home. A home they like. They're a family. Maybe a couple concerts by her and some of the more talented boys and girls can save their home in time?

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It was going to be a bad awful day. Sakura Haruno could already see that very clearly. It had been raining this morning. Hard.

And her bus had been late. Really late.

So she'd been soaked. Now she looked like a soggy pink poodle as she trudged down the pristine hallways of the highest ranking Academy of the Arts this side of the globe.

But no, not even this was worse than the embarrassment about to come her way.

Harrow Itakatsuo.

And not only did the heart throb of the school, with his sexy black bed head styled hair, his cool dark eyes, and his magically delicious perfect body mirroring that of a greek god, have to see her looking like said soggy pink poodle he had to stop and talk to her. Of course...

Sakura nearly fainted, much like her closest friend Hinata would have had she been in the situation.

Fortunately, Sakura managed to maintain at least that much of her dignity by not fainting.

"Haruno, you look ridiculous. What's with the wet rat routine?" the Adonis of her school asked with a mocking tone.

Sakura shrugged, "I heard it was slimming? Think maybe your girlfriend, Dolly, should give it a try?"

His face held amusement as he rose one perfect eyebrow and asked, "Haruno? Did you just call my girlfriend fat?"

"Oh and its Molly. Not Dolly, Haruno." he added almost as an after thought.

Sakura smirked, "You sure? Cuz in my book when over 80 percent of your body is a form of plastic you're a doll no matter how you spin it."

"Then it's a good thing people don't like you enough to read your dumb book." a snotty female voice said from behind her.

A voice that was like nails on a chalk board to Sakura. It annoyed her just as much if not more.

"My, don't you look retarded, Soak-er-a." Molly Valentine scoffed, giggling at her own awful joke.

Her, oh so sexy lap dog, Harrow chuckled along even though it was obvious he didn't think it was funny. Nobody would have thought that was funny.

"Wow…Dolly, and you came up with that all by your self, too. Maybe you should go back to letting your money speak for you, seems you haven't mastered that skill of thinking and breathing at the same time yet. You should work on that simple task before you try taking on something as complicated for you as talking." Sakura said with a confident smirk on her pretty face even as her wet pink hair clung to her neck and cheeks, stray pieces falling into her vibrant green eyes.

"Yeah, well at least I was smart enough to stay out of the rain, charity case."

Sakura's eyes flashed.

Charity case…?

"Why you fucking bitch! I'll kill you for that!" Sakura shrieked.

Suddenly someone popped up in front of her, "No, not really, she's kidding. No killing will be done here. Yet again, Molly, I compliment you on your style and wit. Have a lovely day! Toodles!"

Rock Lee. The only person alive who could compliment that rude rich bitch with a smile and honestly mean it. Sometimes Sakura really thought the guy was too nice.

But…his heart made him Lee. If he didn't have it then he'd be…

"Yeah, get lost charity case! Stop standing in the way of real students!" Molly shouted after them.

Sakura fought to get at her.

"Sakura, you must stop! If you do not, then you will hit her and you know what happens the very next time you get in a fight." Lee exclaimed as he held her back with fair ease.

Sakura stopped and looked him up and down.

"Lee. You've been working out." she commented, her anger completely forgotten at the moment, lost with this new discovery.

He blushed and clasped his hands behind his back like a little boy, "Thank you for noticing. I have. I've been training extra hard lately."

"Trying to impress someone?"

His blush darkened, "Well not exactly, Sakura, I just…needed to be able to hold you down." his eyes widened and he added hastily, "From a fight! Hold you down from a fight! That's what I meant."

Sakura giggled, "Of course, silly, what else would you have meant?"

He shook his head, blush intensifying, "Nothing, nothing."

He then remembered that she was soaking wet.

Lee grinned at her, "Do you need another uniform, Sakura? I can get you one."

Sakura nodded. "Yes, that would be wonderful if you could do that for me."

"Of course I'll get you one! I can't let you be catching a cold on my watch! Go wait in that music recording room over there. It's usually warmer in those rooms."

"K. Thanks, Lee."

"Its not a problem. Just please watch yourself while I'm away. Dad really isn't going to give you another chance."

Sakura sighed, "Yeah…I know."

The black bowl haired boy clasped her hands gently in his, "Please do not fret. You won't get into another fight. I, and the others too, will help you make sure of it. We want you to stay."

"You bet we do!"

Sakura smiled and twirled around to see Ino, TenTen, and Hinata smiling at her.

"Girls!" she opened her arms and tackled them all in a tight hug.

Lee smiled softly at her, she acted like she hadn't just seen them last Friday. It had only been one weekend. Then again…Sakura was always happy to see other people.

He turned to go retrieve another uniform for her.

Sakura waved after Lee's retreating form and then hurried into the recording room.

Wow, Lee was right. It is definitely warmer in here than out in that hallway, she thought happily enjoying the warmer atmosphere.

Ino got in her face, "So we heard and we want what happened? We want details and we want them like yesterday, girl!"

Sakura blinked at the long haired blonde. They'd heard...? Wow...word really did travel faster than the speed of light...

TenTen nodded and added, bringing Sakura from her somewhat random thought, "Yeah, Sakura, why were you gonna jump the Barbie this time?"

Sakura growled to herself, "She called me…charity case."

All three girls gasped.

Hinata stepped forward and hugged her timidly, "D-don't w-worry S-Sakura, w-we know y-you're not."

Hinata had been born with a stuttering problem.

Some doctors said it was something in her brain causing it. Others said she would grow out of it. And others still, said that it was just because of her uncontrollable shyness and common fear of most people.

Sakura didn't know what the true cause for it was but she knew that the purple haired girl hated it more than she did her beautifully strange light lavender eyes.

"Thanks, Hinata. I know I'm not to you guys…but what about everyone else? Is that what they think about me? That I'm a charity case? Just because I'm not rich enough to pay my way! I'm a frigging scholarship student! Half the snots here couldn't pass the test to be accepted as a scholarship test if they dumbed it down to equal the IQ of a chimpanzee."

"Nah…chimps are smart. You'd have to pick something dumber." Shikamaru said as he strolled casually into the room.

"Shika? What are you doing in here?" Ino asked.

"Helping Choji. He has to record some song of his today."

Choji, as if summoned by Shikamraru's speaking about him, walked through the door.

"Oh hi guys! You all here to hear me play?"

Sakura shrugged, "Sure, I'm already going to be late for class anyway. I can't go anywhere till Lee gets back with my loaner uniform."

Shikamaru studied her with lazy eyes before muttering, "Never heard of an umbrella? Its early fall, Sakura. It rains a lot here in September."

She shrugged again, "I was running late and couldn't find it."

Shikamaru teased her, "That's because the place is a huge pig sty."

Ino scoffed, "Like you have room to talk Mr.-too-lazy-to-clean-up-anything."

Shikamaru smirked, "Yeah, well, you know what the say about a messy room. It equals a brilliant mind."

Sakura giggled, "Then we must both be geniuses!"

Shikamaru blinked once as if recovering from momentary shock before mumbling, "Well, at least one of us anyway..."

Sakura wrapped an arm around his slumped shoulders, "Aw, don't be too hard on yourself, Shika."

He stared at her the slowly shook his head, "You're something else."

"Isn't she though?" Lee said coming back in the room with her clothes in hand.

"Shikamaru, come with me to get some chips before I start."

The lazy boy sighed, "But, Choji, you just ate not even twenty minutes go."

The other boy grinned and nodded, "Yeah, but this is the only class time I get to go get snacks whenever I want."

"Yeah, so it'll help you work and better find inspiration. You don't need that, your song is already written." Shikamaru argued.

Choji shrugged, "Well, I want chips so badly that I won't feel inspired to play it right. If I get some I will do much better."

"Ugh, what a drag. Fine. Come on, Choji."

The two boys left to get the boy some chips.

Sakura looked at the girls and grinned and then all in unison, except Hinata who just smiled shyly, they said, "So troublesome."

That was what the lazy genius was prone to say when forced to do something that called for more effort than he wanted to put forth.

All four erupted into a fit of giggles.

Lee chuckled at them, really they were all just silly this early in the morning.

Ino grabbed Hinata's hand, "Well, Sakura, we have to get or we'll miss the five minute late bell."

TenTen nodded as she moved to leave as well, "Yeah it won't count against us if we beat it."

"Go then girls, run like the wind!" Sakura cheered as the other three took off running.

Lee went to leave so she could change he said over his shoulder to her, "Change and meet me in the laundry room okay? That way we can start drying your clothes and get you out of those soon."

Sakura saluted, "Sir, yes, sir!"

The boy laughed lightly and shook his head, "Just hurry, Sakura."

"Got it. And thanks, Lee. Really. For stopping me and for the clothes. You're the greatest."

A blush came on his cheeks, "Thank you. You are the greatest as well."

She giggled, "No way. Its you, dude. You help me a lot and I just, you know, want to thank you for it. I love it here. It was my dream to make it in this place. And my temper keeps making it hard for me to stay."

He nodded, "Yes, I know. I want your dream to come true for you. So I will help you. But if you really wanted to thank me you could…"he trailed off.

There in the doorway stood an angry Molly.

"You bitch!"

Sakura looked confused, "What'd I do?"

"You sabotaged my locker!"


She didn't remember doing that…

Lee saw her genuine confusion and jumped to Sakura's defense, "Why Sakura would never do such a thing. Surely you are mistaken."

Molly frowned angrily, "I'm not Shirley, stupid, its Molly and I know it was her! She's the only one dumb enough to mess with me!"

Molly crossed her arms over her million dollar silicone breasts, "My father could have your father-"

Sakura's eyes hardened, "Could have my father what?"

Molly's eyes widened, "Oops. I forgot you were an orphan on top of being the charity case. No wonder the board let you in. You are just bunches of good PR opportunities, aren't you?"

Lee slapped a hand to his forehead, "Oh no…"

Molly never stood a chance. Sakura dove on her with wild eyes.

Kiba was walking by a recording room on his way to one of the private dance studios when he heard the huge crash followed by an ear shattering scream.

Boy was he glad Akamaru was at home or that would have made his puppy's poor little doggy ears bleed.

He hurried over to see something he'd have paid to see about a month ago. Sakura kicking Molly Valentine's ass!

But a month ago Sakura hadn't been told by the dean and director of the school that if she was in one more fight she would be expelled and loose all rights to her scholarship.

He burst through the door to see a frazzled Lee attempting to pull the raging pink haired girl off of the Barbie blond who was currently gasping for air.

Lee was muttering over and over, "Didn't train enough. Need to train more."

Kiba came to his aid and between the two of them managed to pull their friend off, kicking and screaming the whole way.

Her flailing fist clobbered Kiba's head, "Hey!" he barked, "Watch it! I ain't the rich bitch. So lay off with the hitting me!"

Sakura's red haze slowly cleared and she realized she was being held back by Lee and also Kiba- when did he show up?


He nodded a grim line at his mouth.

Then she realized why with horror.

She'd snapped. She'd gone and done exactly what she'd tried not to. She'd gotten in a fight.

Her horrified green eyes surveyed the damage done to the room and in such a short amount of time too...

Not to mention she'd destroyed thousands and thousands of dollars in equipment.

She almost reluctantly cast a glance at Molly who was pressed against the wall crying crocodile tears- or maybe they were real since the broken nose and black eye looked real enough.

Oh no.

Sakura felt tears prick her eyes.

She quickly blinked them away. She couldn't waste time crying now. She needed a plan. An explanation.

She turned her huge worried eyes to Lee's sad face.

"I'm so, so sorry, Lee."

"Sorry will not save you this time, Sakura Haruno." Guy's voice said sternly from the doorway where he stood eyeing the scene with an angry tick in his face.

Lee smiled reassuringly to her.

Sakura stood and slowly made her way to stand before him.

Unable to meet his eyes she studied her shoes.

"My office. Now."

"Yes, sir."

She met Lee and Kiba's eyes once more before exiting and as she walked down the hall she heard Molly wailing, "My nose! She broke my nose! This nose cost more money than you're house is worth! I demand she pays for it to be fixed!"

Sakura sighed. Yeah it was definitely a bad awful day.

Guy pinched the bridge of his nose as he stood just outside his office.

He didn't want to do this. He knew Sakura was a good girl. She just had a bit of a temper. No. Okay. A bit may be his biggest understatement of the year. Sakura's temper was like the Niagara Falls. Huge, awe inspiring, lethal, and unstoppable. Unfortunately also like the great water fall her temper was unchangeable.

His son, Lee, he knew liked the girl. She was pretty, he could see why. She sang beautifully. Like an angel. If only she acted like one.

"You know…just standing there isn't going to help either of you." Kakashi said behind him.

He glanced at his friend over his shoulder. "I know and I am sorry this had to interrupt our meeting."

"It's fine. I hate meetings anyway. Can we just set the date as the usual and let you deal with what's important and let me get back to my school?" he offered standing and stretching.

Guy heaved a big sigh and nodded, "Yes, same date as always then. I will see you later, my friend."

Kakashi stared at the door a moment then his one eye that was not covered by an eye patch met Guy's gaze.

"Try to be gentle. She's a tender heart under all of that raw anger."

Guy groaned and nearly banged his skull on his door, "She's gotten you too. Is there a single person besides that Molly Valentine that Sakura has not bewitched?"

Kakashi shrugged, "Who knows. Well, I have to go. Iruka can only handle being principal for too long before those crazy kids get to him."

Guy laughed lightly at the thought of their usually mild mannered pal snapping and strangling a child.

"Such are the perils of the Public School Realm." Guy replied.

His eye crinkled with his smile and Kakashi nodded. "Too true. Well good bye and good luck. Just hope she isn't crying."

And with that, his fairly mysterious friend disappeared through the door.

Crying? What did he mean? Guy knew he could handle a crying girl. That was no problem for him.

Guy straightened his back and puffed his chest out a little as if preparing to face the roman coliseum. Which may prove to have been an easier task…

He opened his door and made it to his desk before his onyx eyes met her sad watery emerald ones.


This girl…when she cried…she was beautiful. How was that possible? She was already a very attractive young lady, which explained his son's fondness for her. But when she cried such sweet sad silent tears…she was almost angelic.

"I'm sorry." she whispered, "I know I failed and I won't ask for another chance. I knew the consequences. I'm sorry I disappointed you, Mr. Guy. I…honestly tried. And Lee…and the others…they tried to help me so much. Thank you for allowing me the chance to even come to this school. It was…amazing…"

Sakura stood, bowed, and headed for the door.

She twisted to stare back at him, "I'll get my things and head home now. But um... could…could you tell Lee thank you for me? Just tell him I really appreciated all of his help and that I wouldn't have made it even this far without him. He was a godsend." she let out a teary chuckle, "And tell him his training was really paying off. He almost stopped my blind rage. That's awesome. And maybe you could ask him for me to let the others know how much I love them all and how much I will miss going here with them? Also tell them I wish them the best of luck with reaching their dreams. Make sure you say dreams please, not goals. Because for some it's definitely not the same. I'd really be grateful if you could do that for me."

Before the man could respond she bowed once again, "Goodbye, Mr. Guy. Thank you for your patience…I will really miss you too. You were great for giving me so many chances."

He watched in awe as she left his office without another word.

She hadn't begged to stay. Sakura had accepted her punishment nobly and with grace. And had spoken such a tear jerking goodbye…he was really going to miss her too.

Later that evening at their home Guy watched Lee mope around the house. He had done his chores, his home work, and had trained with both his art and his fighting. Now the boy just sat there blindly flipping through the channels.

Guy wondered if the boy realized he was scanning the several hundred channels of static.

"She was okay, you know, Lee."

He nodded, "Of course she was. Sakura is a survivor. She was heartbroken and still managed to give me such a sweet goodbye…" he sighed and slumped further into the couch cushions.

"I hope she reaches her dream too." Lee whispered sadly.

Guy found himself curious, "What was her dream?"

Lee's eyes lit up when he spoke of Sakura, "Oh, she wanted to be a famous singer. She'd promised her mother that she would be someday so that she could tell her what it feels like to perform in front of hundreds of adoring fans."

Guy's heart went out to the girl. She'd lost both of her parents in a subway accident about three years ago. She'd been a freshman in high school and auditioning for the scholarship at his school.

He hadn't been able to get up with her to tell her she'd gotten it.

The reason being, he'd discovered when he'd gone looking for her, was that she'd been in ICU after being one of the only surviving passengers. And all because her father had shielded her with his own body.

Lee clenched his fists, "Dad, I know I should not hate someone…but I think I could easily hate Molly Valentine right now."

Guy laid a hand on Lee's shoulder, feeling that it shook with the boy's anger.

"It was not completely her fault. Sakura fought too. If you hate Molly you'd have to hate Sakura. And I know you don't want that."

Lee shook his head, "No. But I wouldn't. Molly had planned it. Dad, she planned it out knowing that if Sakura messed up one more time she was out of there. I heard her laughing about it later today with her friends." he slowed his talking down and said, "She's an evil person. She knew that if she called Sakura those things that she would loose her control."

Guy's eyes hardened, that was a low and dirty trick. One he would not stand for.

But what could he do? He'd already filled out the paperwork and filed it. That kind of made it permanent...

"What did she call her, Lee?" he asked, curiousity calling, he needed to know more.

Tears filled the boy's eyes as he answered quietly, seething with his anger, "Charity case. And orphan. She even made a crack about Sakura's father. It was the perfect assault to make her react violently."

Reigning in his anger, Guy stood and went towards the door.

Grabbing his coat he bid Lee a quick farewell and headed out.

He finally had an idea. One that just may be the answer Sakura needed.

There was a knock at her door. A loud obnoxious knock.

Tsunade stood and stalked to the front and threw open her door only to be greeted by the face of the one man she honestly didn't want at this very time and moment.

Really. She'd already had a bad day, now this clown had to show up on top of that? Why did she have such damn awful luck?

Guy smiled cheerfully, "Hello, Tsunade. Mind if I come in a moment?"

She frowned, "No, Guy, I will not go out with you."

He looked crestfallen a moment, but quickly recovered.

"Ms. Tsunade, as much as I would love to take you out, that is unfortunately not the nature of my call to your home this evening."

Suddenly interested, Tsunade opened her door more and allowed him in.

Out of the blue a loud bellow was heard followed by several thumps such as someone running.

A blonde boy in a pair of ragged baggy jeans and a dark blue t-shirt barreled down the stairs and past where Tsunade and Guy stood.

He screeched to a halt though when he saw the visitor.

"Hey Mr. Guy! Here to get rejected by Granny again?"

Tsunade's eye twitched, "Don't call me Granny!" she snapped.

Naruto waved her off, "Yeah, yeah. Whatever you say." he grinned devilishly, "Granny."

"AAAHHHH!" Tsunade screamed her frustration.

Just then another boy appeared in the doorway of the living room.

Kankuro glared at Naruto.

"You're gonna pay for that shit stunt, you asshole!"

Tsunade snapped, "Watch your language! We have a guest over." she said jerking a thumb at Guy.

"And? He's here enough trying to impress you that he don't count as a guest anymore." Kankuro retorted.

Guy got teary eyed, "He sees me as one of you."

She clobbered Guy upside the head, "Don't do that."

Then the tall, fierce busty blonde pointed a finger at Kankuro and Naruto.

"You two. What's going on?"

Kankuro held up his puppet Crow- who now resembled a drag queen with how much make up was on his face.

Naruto pointed at it and laughed loudly.

Tsunade whipped her head around to glare at him.

"You did this?"

He nodded, while holding his stomach, it was starting to hurt he was laughing so hard.

"Why?" she asked angrily.

Naruto shrugged, "Why not?"

The hyper boy studied the thing a moment, then shrugged, "Besides, I did the guy a favor. His original face was worse than Medusa!"

Kankuro's face went red with anger. "You're dead!"

"EEP!" Naruto took off running for his life with a pissed off Kankuro in hot pursuit.

Guy coughed subtly bringing her attention back to him.

"Tsunade, I have a…special situation."

"Do you?" she asked smartly.

He nodded, oblivious it seemed, to her tone, "A girl, who is a very nice girl, has quite an anger management problem. She has been in countless fights and destroyed thousands and thousands of dollars worth of equipment."

"And your point?"

"Recently she was set up to get expelled. Now that I know the truth of the other student's treachery I can not stand by and allow this sweet girl's dreams to be crushed. "

Tsunade nodded showing she was following so far.

"So that is why I propose to you, Tsunade. It is mid September now. Allow me to assign her five months community service here. She will do anything you request of her. And in exchange I will allow her back into the school once it's completed as well as wipe her debt clean."

"Why so long?"

He sighed, "Sadly, that is the shortest I am able to give."

Tsunade placed one hand on her hip, "And why should I do this?"

Guy shrugged, "Not too long ago you mentioned to me while I was here that even with Shizune's help this place was running you ragged. I hate to see such a beautiful woman so weary; so I offer this girl to aid and assist you as well."

"Do I have to pay her?" she asked suspiciously.

He shook his head, "Of course not it's community service. Just keep in mind that she also has a job elsewhere so as to have money for her own needs."

"I get it. And apart from her anger, which with this big ol' group of ninnies I am far beyond used to that, there is nothing wrong with her?"

Guy smiled hesitantly, "Apart from her anger I doubt there is anything wrong with this girl at all. Here let me tell you her story, at least what I know of it, and let's see if you want to help her out or not.

"Sure. I got nothing better to do at the moment." she said sitting in her favorite chair. "Alright, Guy. Make it good. I'm listening."

And listen she did. To the entire life story about this girl.

In the end Tsunade sat back, thought it out carefully, weighed her pros and cons and nodded.

"Alright, Guy. Tell this girl to be over here by three."

He nodded, a wide and teary smile on his face.

"Thank you so much, Tsunade. You'll love having her I just know it!"

He launched himself at the woman and wrapped his arms around her.

"I swear you won't regret this!" he proclaimed loudly.

"I had better not." she warned him as she awkwardly attempted to pat his back enough that he was satisfied with the hug they were sharing…in a strange manner.

Moments later Guy waved goodbye once more before practically skipping down the sidewalk.

Tsunade closed her door with a weary sigh.

So…Sakura Haruno was coming to Tsunade's House of Second Chances…

Another sigh whispered past her lips while she made her way back to her chair to sit and relax as she reached into her shirt for her tiny hidden flask. Tomorrow would probably be rough. Rough being polite code for hellacious.

And so that's the first chapter of HO2C! What'd everyone think? I'd love to know. Pretty please tell me what you thought of it. I'll try to update as soon as I can.