Takes place in some kind of old village deal. Not like Japanese, but almost like European and American. I got one vote on the poll, so I'm doing it!

"So, he just took advantage of you and left?" Konan said in a state of shock. Deidara just nodded. He had told Konan about how he and Sasori were friends and how the ball went, but he really couldn't confess to her what Sasori was. It wasn't his secret to share.

"I can't believe he would do something like that!" Konan screeched in the tea shop that they were sitting in.

"Shh!" Deidara hushed as he looked around caustically. "Be lucky he didn't report me to the authorities, un." He whispered so only Konan could here.

"But I don't get it. Why would he even make that kind of relationship and then leave after practically raping you?" Konan asked curiously.

Deidara shrugged his shoulders. "I don't know, un. But I know that it wasn't meant to harm me... Okay, maybe it hurt like hell,but I'm sure that's not what he intended, un... Maybe he just wanted a quick fuck?"

Konan frowned. "Aw, Dei. I'm sure that wasn't what he wanted. If he did want that, he should've gone to that pink haired bitch."

Deidara sighed and shook his head. "I need to get going, un. I'll pay for the tea." Konan was about to protest, but stopped when the blond stood up.

"Have you seen him since?"

"No, un."

"But..." Deidara sighed and walked off. Konan actually thought that he had a chance of seeing that stupid redhead again, but it seemed useless now.

"Good afternoon, Miss Deidara. What can I get for you?" Deidara looked up at the shopkeeper, Naruto Uzumaki and smiled.

"Nothing really, just paying for the tea, un." Deidara took out two copper coins and the younger blond took them from his hand.

"Okay, come again!" Deidara nodded and left the shop.

Deidara was half hopeful that he would see Sasori again, but let's be honest. Why would the redhead want to see him again? It had been nearly a month since he saw him at the ball. Deidara just sighed and stepped into a bakery only to have an apron thrown at his face . "Where have you been! You're ten minutes late!" a blond women with brown eyes yelled at him.

"I'm sorry Tsunade, but it's getting really hard to have three jobs and-"

"I don't care, just get to work!"

Deidara hated working this hard for a living. Being forced to work twice as hard as men only to get half of what the get payed. It was easy for him to be a girl when he was younger, but now is was very difficult. He was treated like a piece of meat the whole time! He would get wolf-whistles or would try to be seduced by drunk men and he was sick of it.

He was a seamstress at a fabric store from six a.m. to twelve p.m. Next was the bakery and maybe before that he would get some tea with Konan. Then this job that lasted until five in the afternoon and afterwards he would work as a bartender till eleven p.m. He was surprised he was even getting any sleep. He was saving up to go to another village and start off his life as a man there, even if he had grown fond of his long hair.

"Ay! Stop daydreaming and get to work on kneading that dough!" Tsunade was screaming in his ear this time.

"Yes, Miss Tsunade, un."

Doing as he was told he took a big chunk of dough and began to knead it into a loaf shape.

After he made three one by one trays of bread ready to be made he began working on the pastries. Mostly croissants and jelly filled doughnuts, but on occasions he had to make cookies. "What did I say about slacking off! Get back to work right this instant!" Deidara cursed himself for blanking out again.

Today was a busy day as he had taken many orders from customers and got many complaints about how the bread or doughnuts were to hard on their teeth. By the end of his shift he was exhausted; today was a hard day for sure. "Okay, you're done for the day, and I want you on time tomorrow. Understand?"

"Yes, ma'am, un." Deidara bowed his head down and left the bakery.

Walking to the other side of the village to his next job Deidara began to wonder what in the world Sasori was doing. Was he in some other village? Country?! Maybe he was screwing someone else. Deidara flinched. Why did it hurt to think that? He shook the thoughts of Sasori from his head and continued on to the tavern.

"Hey, Dei!" Deidara was brought into a bone crushing hug, taking all of his air with it. "Hidan... can't breath, un..." he was released and he looked up at his silver haired friend, who was grinning so much it looked like it hurt. Like Konan, Hidan also knew he was a man in disguise, and he was glad it didn't bother him one bit.

"Hello, Hidan, un." Deidara gave a small smile, but it turned out to be fairly pathetic. There was a cough behind them and they turned to look at their boss, Kakuzu. "Hidan, when you address a lady please call them miss." unlike Hidan, Kakuzu didn't know he was a man.

"Fine, fine. Come on, Miss Deidara, we have to go an' clean the back 'fore some people come."

Deidara nodded and followed Hidan to empty out some stale ale. After that he went behind the counter and gave a generous smile to an already drunk man. "Gimme another ale, sweetheart." Deidara bared with the name and filled up a mug with ale.

Deidara couldn't believe that he was able to stay up six more hours. He was simply amazed. "Hidan, I'm going home, un."

"What?!" the silver haired teen got out from behind the counter to face the exhausted blond. "You're going alone?"

Deidara yawned and rubbed his eyes."Hidan, please don't shout, un. And yes, it's not that far-"

"It's on the other side of the fuckin' village!"

"Hidan! No cursing!" Kakuzu yelled from his office.

"I really need to get home, Hidan. I'll see you tomorrow, un. Okay?"

Hidan sighed, "Fine."

Deidara thanked him and left the almost empty bar.

Once Deidara stepped outside he wished he hadn't. It was freezing! He wrapped his shawl around himself more tightly. As he walked past all the dark houses his footsteps echoed off the walls. His breath was chilled and he was shivering as it began to snow. 'Just a little further and I'll be warm in my bed.'

About half way there he heard footstep behind him, but when he turned to see who it was no one was there. Who would be out here in the middle of the night anyway. He turned back around and continued walking. Five minutes later and the footsteps were heard again and when Deidara turned around he gasped.

There was Konan in all white and she seemed to be glowing. Her face was serious and held nothing of what Deidara had seen this afternoon. "Beware of the evil ahead. We cannot protect you forever." and in a flash, paper wings started to form onto Konan's back and she disappeared into thin air.

Deidara almost fainted from what he just saw. His childhood friend was something that he didn't even know what to call. An angel? Well whatever she was her message seemed important, but Deidara had no idea what it meant.

Deidara sighed as he saw his little house come into view. His breath showing in the cold air. Unlocking it he stepped in and stepping in, he realized just how cold it really was. He breathed in a shaky breath and closed the door. Walking into the den, he lit the wood stove and went to his room.

Lighting a candle on his way there he lit up the wood stove there and quickly got changed into his night cloths. "I really need to get a new house, one that isn't made of entirely wood, un." a wind brushed up against him signifying how shitty his house really was. He got into his bed as quickly as he could and blew out the candle.

He was almost immediately warm in almost five seconds. 'Hmm, that's weird...' and sleep over took him and his dreams were filled with angels and demons.

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