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-One day later-

"Mmflm..." Deidara groaned and rolled over on his other side, trying to get more comfortable. Very slowly he opened his eyes to see that he was still in his bedroom where he had fallen asleep. He tried to sit up, but continued to lie down. Turning his head he saw a lump on the other side of the bed. Once he was finally able to sit up, his bandages fell of his face, bringing blood with it.

He hissed. 'God, this hurts!' putting a hand over his left eye, he nudged Sasori trying to wake him up. "D-danna, un." the lump shifted a little then stopped moving. More blood came. "Danna, wake up!" another shake and a groan came. "Come on, Danna, un!" Deidara pulled on the red hair getting a yelp. "Oh my god, Eien, I'm sorry!"

The said redhead sat up and looked at Deidara with dead eyes. "Do you know where your father is, un?" Deidara asked trying to get the redhead's attention. "What once was white will turn red and all that will be left is the dread... What once was pure will turn filthy and you'll no longer be healthy..." Deidara stared at his son as he continued on with the strange song.

"What once was good will turn evil and there will be no retrieval. What once was alive will turn dead and then it'll be your turn to be read..."

Deidara woke up, burning hot and panting. He looked to his left to see Sasori sleeping peacefully. He touched his bandaged eye to see that it was fine. He sighed. That was not the way he ever wanted to wake up. He sighed again and closed his eyes trying to fall back asleep.

A crash woke him up and he sat up. "Danna, stop making so much noise, un." Deidara yawned and lied back down, trying to get comfy again.

"Brat, I'm right here."

Deidara sighed. "Then go tell, Eien to stop making so much noise, un." Deidara waved his hand, trying to get Sasori to go.

"Fine." he got up and headed to the kitchen where the crash came from.

"Eien, I'll make breakfast la-" he stopped to see it wasn't his son, but a girl that was about ten, stuffing things into her coat, like food and jewelry. She had black hair and big black eyes. Once she saw him she began to scamper away, but Sasori caught her by the back of her hood.

"Let me go!"

Sasori sighed. "Not until you tell me what your doing in my house, I wont." the girl began to panic.

"God, Danna you don't have to make so much noise to-" Deidara stared at the redhead, confused. "What's going on, un?"

Sasori sighed. "I found this brat looking through our things and from what I saw, taking them."

The girl looked up at Sasori terrified. "I-I had to do it! Th-they made me!"

Sasori sighed. "Not sure if I believe you."

"Come on, Danna, give her a chance, un."

Sasori glared at the blond. "Well, sorry, brat, I just don't like people stealing my mother's necklace!" Sasori took out a silver chain with a locket on it from the girl's pocket.

Deidara frowned and looked at the girl. "Who told you to steal from here, un?"

The girl shrugged. "They promised me they'd give my family money and food."

Sasori sighed. "This is a waste of time-"

"My mother is sick a-and she can't take care of my little brother! I need money so she can feel better!"

Deidara sighed. "Danna, just let her go, un," Deidara said dead tired. Sasori sighed, but continued to glare at the girl; he let go of her hood making her fall to the ground with a grunt.

She ran out of the house leaving Sasori glaring at his spouse. "Would you like to tell me why you let a brat get away with stealing."

Deidara frowned. "It doesn't matter now. I'm going back to bed, un." Deidara sighed and went back to his room to get some more sleep. The only reason he even told Sasori to let the girl go was because he actually knew what it felt like to survive on your own and steal and do things your ashamed of for the rest of your life.

Lying back in bed, Deidara stared at the ceiling, one eye already watering. He sighed and wiped the tear ready to drop. 'I don't want to cry anymore... It hurts.'

Sasori sighed and looked at the time. Might as well go to work. He knocked on their bedroom door lightly. "I'm going to work... See you in a few hours." no response.

He frowned and left out of the front door.

-Twelve hours later-

Sasori entered the front door, exhausted from the work he had to put up with. He looked around to see that no one was in sight. Opening his bedroom door he saw that no one was in there. He checked Eien's: no one. The kitchen was empty, same with the living room, bathroom, the guest bedroom, everything. He frowned.

Suddenly the front door opened to reveal a panting Deidara and Eien. "Sasori!" Deidara sighed in relief and ran to the redhead. "We have to leave! Now! Eien go grab your backpack and grab some clothes."

Sasori stared at the blond who was now clinging to him. "What's going on?" Deidara was still panting and Sasori could even tell that he was crying.

"They know..."

Sasori continued stared at the blond. "What do you mean 'they know'? That you're a man?"

Deidara shook his head and pulled away from the redhead. "We have to pack, un. I'll tell you then." Deidara pulled the redhead towards their bedroom and grabbed a bag to put their clothes in. "There was an old woman in the street, preaching that the devil is among us and that he had a spawn. She said that they were here to destroy the world and said that one of us is helping with that. Th-they took all of the people who hadn't been to church for a while.

"They questioned us, they interrogated every person who was chosen, un. When they weren't looking I managed to sneak out-"

Sasori put a hand over the blond's mouth. "Calm down. Now why are you in such a hurry to leave? We have a little while before we do."

Deidara was still packing. "While we were leaving, I overheard what the woman was saying. She said any of them with a child is the suspect. I was the only one with a child, Danna," Deidara said his eyes tearing up. "And they said to rid the town of the evil, they have to burn all that is evil and all that was tainted by it."

Sasori stared at the blond as he began to cry. "He's just turning six, Sasori, un," Deidara cried into Sasori's shoulder.

"We'll get out of this." there was a banging on the door and some shouting. Deidara froze. "Come on." Sasori grabbed the bag and went to Eien's bedroom where the boy was currently hiding in a corner.

"Mum?" Deidara wiped the tears from his one eye and looked at his son.

"It's fine, un." the front door busted open and Deidara froze. Sasori ran and grabbed Deidara and Eien, teleporting somewhere else.


"They're not here."

The old woman snorted. "They're heading to the abandoned warehouse," she cackled and the man leading them sighed.

"What do we do now, sir?" one of the subordinates asked.0

"We go to the warehouse of course."


Eien gasped as they finally reached their destination. Deidara helped the younger stand up and not collapse. "How far did we get, un?" he asked, also tired.

"About five miles," Sasori answered as he kneeled by his family.

Deidara looked around to see that they were in some sort of a warehouse. "Will they find us here?"

There was a silence. "They have a person with them that knows exactly where we are... It'll be hard to escape."

"Why are we running?" Eien looked up at both his parents who wore sullen expressions.

"We have to go away for a little while, is all, un."

Eien frowned. "I know your lying."

Deidara sighed. "Eien, I can't tell you now, but I will later, okay?" the redhead nodded. "When can we go again, un?"Deidara asked, sitting down for a break.

"About an ten minutes." Deidara nodded and let Eien climb into his lap. Deidara began running his fingers through the red hair, enjoying the calmness for the moment. The ten minutes passed and Sasori touched Deidara and Eien, but they weren't leaving. "Somethings wrong." Deidara looked up, confused. "I'll be back in a minute." once Sasori saw Deidara nod, he left running somewhere in the warehouse.

A minute was all it took. Someone was banging on the doors demanding that they come out. Deidara quickly stood up with Eien, grabbed their bags and headed around a corner.

"They aren't here, either," a man said.

"Oh there here all right." Deidara's eyes widened. Itachi. "Look around for them!" Itachi ordered, making the people start looking.

"Go and get your father," Deidara whispered, barely making a noise. Eien shook his head. Deidara frowned and hugged him. "Please, un." the footsteps where getting closer. "Go." Deidara pushed him down the corridor where no one was looking and the redhead ran, not even making a sound.

"I found one!" Deidara turned around to see a man with long brown hair and eyes that resembled Hinata's behind him. The next thing he knew he was being dragged out of his hiding spot and being put in the middle of the floor.

Somebody tied his hands in ropes in front of him and he was surrounded by familiar people. "This doesn't help at all!" one of the townspeople shouted.

"No, it'll help draw them out." Deidara turned to glare at Itachi who just smirked. "Now," he said, standing in front of the blond. "Where are they?"

Deidara rolled his eyes. "Like I know, and if I did I wouldn't tell you, un."

Itachi smirked and brushed away the blond fringe, revealing the bandages, "Does it still hurt?"

Deidara glared at the man and swung his leg up, connecting with Itachi's crotch. "I don't know, did that hurt, un?" the ebony-haired male groaned in pain and glared at the blond.

"She knows they're in the warehouse," a scratchy voice said in the back of the group. They all turned around to let the old blind woman pass through. "I've been watching you for a long time, Deidara. Ever since you met Sasori." Deidara glared at the woman who cackled. "Now which way did they go?" Deidara didn't say anything, just look away, but the woman just nodded. "I see, they went into the north corridor." Itachi began barking orders to go look for them and someone cut Deidara's ropes.

Soon everyone was almost gone. "What are you going to do when you find them, un? You're not going to be able to-" Deidara stopped in mid-sentence. What hurt so much? He looked down towards his stomach to see blood staining his dress, the pool growing bigger, and bigger. He slowly looked up to see Itachi holding a gun in front of it, smoke coming out of the barrel. The Uchiha gave a vicious smile with narrowed eyes. "Goodbye."

Deidara coughed up some blood and fell backwards.

"Come on!" Eien yelled trying to make his father leave the room.

Sasori looked around. Someone blessed this place which was making it harder to use any power. "All right." he followed his son down a corridor, which he presumed was the west corridor. Sasori froze in one spot and Eien turned around about to say something.

The next thing he knew he was being picked up and Sasori was running down the hall, looking panicked. They came to an opening and Sasori stopped. "No..."

Eien looked up at his father and looked around. What was he looking at? And that's when it caught his eye. "Mum!" he climbed out of Sasori's arms and ran to the figure.

Deidara blinked, thinking he heard something. "Mum!" he heard footsteps coming towards him then stop. He looked through his tears and saw something red. Once his vision cleared he saw what he wanted to protect the most. "Eien, un..." the said redhead looked at where his mum's hand was and froze. Blood. So much blood.

Sasori came up to them and he closed his eyes in sorrow. Kneeling beside the blond he examined the wound. He frowned. "C-can you help her?" Eien asked frantic. Sasori shook his head and Eien looked back at his mum who was now having trouble breathing. Sasori helped the blond sit up and Deidara hacked up some blood. Eien had already begun crying and Deidara frowned. His body was resting against Sasori's lap and the redhead was holding him.

Very gently he lifted up his bloodied hand and wiped away some of his son's tears. "W-why?"

Deidara smiled softly. "It must be fate, un..." Eien continued to cry and Deidara pulled him to his chest. "It'll be okay, un... I'm sure of it." Sasori felt a tear run down his own cheek as he felt the blond's soul slipping. "I know you'll do great things, Eien. Your father will help you from now on, so please... try. I love you both..." Deidara's eyes fluttered and his breath hitched.

His hand slipped down Eien's back and went limp. Eien looked up. "Mum?" no response. "Mum?!" he looked down at his mum to see a small smile gracing his bloody lips, and his eyes closed as if he were sleeping. Eien looked up at Sasori who shook his head, now holding the blond's body close to his. Then it finally dawned on him. His mum was never coming back. She was gone.

Eien looked at the body again, hoping that some life would come back, but it wouldn't. It never would. Drip. He continued to look at the body. Drop. The tears kept on coming and he let out a wail. He cried into his hands, hoping that his mum would come back and comfort him somehow and say it was okay and comforting him. None of it came.

Sasori felt the tears run down his face as he watched his son cry. Looking back at the blond's peaceful face he sighed and wiped the remaining tears away. "Eien... we have to go now."

The redhead looked up and sniffled. "Not without Mum." Sasori nodded and they both stood up.

"I found them!" both heads turned to see a group of people running towards them.

Sasori picked up the blond's body and Eien held himself close to his father. Before any of them could reach them, they were gone.


Eien opened his eyes to see nothing but a dim dark. He felt the tears on his face, he felt his breathing hitch, but why didn't he feel sad? He looked up at his father who was still holding the blond in his arms. "Where are we?" he asked, watching as his father placed the body of his deceased mother down.

"The Underworld." Eien eyed his father and for some reason it was like he already knew that.

This place felt safe for some reason. "Why are we here?" he asked.

"Your mum's down here."

Eien's eyed widened. He was feeling something, like pain and hope mixed together. In no time a light blue soul began walking to the main part of the room. Once it was in front of them, Eien's heart felt as if it was on fire. Deidara stood in front of them, smiling, no pain etched on his face, his eye was fine, but he was wearing a long sleeved shirt and a pair of pants that were both white.

Eien did the first thing that came to mind: he ran to the soul and hugged it. Deidara smiled and looked down at his son, who had begun crying again. He began running his fingers through his hair gently, and rubbing his back. "It's only been a few minutes, Eien," Deidara said, kneeling down by his son.

"B-but you died!"

The blond just smiled. "I still am dead."

Eien frowned, but continued to hug his mum's soul. "Can't you come back?" he asked, his voice muffled.

Deidara looked up at Sasori, who was watching the whole scene with sad eyes. "Yes, she can, but that's up to her."

Eien looked at his mum and Deidara gave a sad smile. "I'm sorry, Eien but I can't. I wouldn't be right-"

"Why not?"

His smile never faltered. "Because my time has already come, un. Please understand this." Eien was still crying but he nodded. Deidara hugged him close and Eien hugged back with about as much force, crying again. Deidara pulled away and kissed his forehead, leaving a warm feeling. "I love you." Eien sniffled when Deidara pulled away and went to Sasori.

"I'll let you decide what you want," Sasori said, looking at the blond with tender eyes.

Deidara nodded and put his hands around Sasori's neck, pulling him down for a kiss. Eien wasn't bothered by this since he had seen his parents kiss many times before. Sasori cupped the blond's cheeks and deepened the kiss. Deidara pulled away, a blush tinting his cheeks.

"I love you, un."

Sasori smiled. "I love you too."

Deidara giggled. "That was the first time you ever said it, un."

"It was always implied," Sasori replied tenderly.

Deidara nodded. "I want to be put to rest, un." Sasori nodded and whispered a small chant against the blond's forehead. Deidara's eyes slowly began to drop and he began to fade. Eien stared at his mum as she began to disappear.

Eien sniffled when he saw that she was gone. Sasori sighed. "We'll have to go back to bury her body." Eien nodded and they went back up.


Eien stared at the spot where his mum was buried. He had no idea why it hurt so much for him to bury the body, even though it wasn't his mum anymore. "Thank you."

Sasori looked at his son and smiled. "You're welcome." they were about to leave when a newspaper fluttered by. Sasori picked it up and eyed the paper.

Small village went on a rampage and killed one person. The murderer later known as Itachi Uchiha died from suicide.

Sasori stopped reading there. "This'll be fun," he said, grabbing Eien's hand as they went down to the Underworld to treat their guest.


The red soul was panting on the ground, tired from the torture it was getting. "It's pretty stupid that you committed suicide when you knew you'd be coming to me, you know that, right?" the Uchiha was still panting, holding the open wound in it self. "Your soul is being torn apart, isn't that nice?" Sasori asked as he watched the weasel slowly disintegrate.


Sasori scoffed. "You gave no mercy to Deidara, so why would I give it to you?" Itachi winced as another ball of energy was throne at him out of nowhere, causing him to cry out.

"I know what I did was wrong-!"

"Then why did you do it?" Sasori asked, getting a shrug form the soul. Sasori scoffed. "I'm done with this... Eternity of torture, no rest what so ever. On the good news you can't die again so you'll be having a lot of fun with our punishers!"

The said demons began dragging the soul away, leaving the two redhead's to themselves. "That wasn't as satisfying as I thought," Eien said bored.

Sasori sighed. "Most of it never is..."


Blue eyes opened to blackness and Deidara sat up. He half expected to end up here, but what he didn't expect was to have someone there with him. He smiled at the woman known as Suna, and walked over to her. "How have you been?" he asked sitting next to her.

She shrugged and smiled. "I remember everything. Once you left I got all of my memories back, are you dreaming again?"

Deidara shook his head. "I died, un."

The brunette frowned. "I'm sorry... How did it happen, not to be rude."

Deidara smiled. "It's fine. I died from being shot, un." his smile died but a hint of it still remained.

"Hmm, how's Sasori?"

Deidara looked up. "He's fine, he's still trying to get Eien to warm up to him."


"Our son, un... He was so upset when I last saw him..." Suna looked at the blond, understanding what he meant. "Hopefully he and Sasori can get along and hopefully Eien's not mad about me not coming back."

Suna nodded. "I'm sure he'll forgive you."

Deidara looked at the brunette. "I hope so... I love them both, un..."

The End