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A Yugioh GX fic. Darkspiritshipping


Rated: M

"H-Haou!" Yohan gasped as the man above him thrust his hips once more, tears welling in his orange eyes. The bluenette's body shuddered and he breathed in a heavy breath before collapsing to the bed, his eye half closed. "Haou..." He managed the brunette's name, coming forcefully from his worn body and out his smooth pink lips. Haou wrapped his arms around him, his finger pads rubbing on the nipples they found.

"Are you enjoying this?" The king purred into the ear of the one beneath him, biting at its hanging lobe.

Yohan was sprawled out on the bed, his eyes half closed and glazed over. "Haou..."

"I want to hear you..." Haou spoke once more into Yohan's ear, thrusting his hips hard, and taking pleasure in seeing Yohan move and hear him scream his name.

The bluenette beneath the king moaned, then arched his back, screaming loudly, his eyes wide open. "HAOU!" Tears ran down his cheeks as he smiled a bit, feeling Haou finally come inside of him, and groan, hugging his body tightly.

Haou, sighed, smiling into Yohan's shoulder feeling hungry after that meaningful display he'd just done. He rubbed his lips on the flesh of the neck in front of him, his length still inside Yohan, limp and finished with its job. The king never pulled out though, instead he laid down on the other, opening his mouth and biting the bluenette's neck, the need for blood taking over.

"Ah, H-Haou!" Yohan cried out as searing pain went through his body, and his eyes closed in extasy as he loved the feeling of Haou on his neck.


As Haou slept peacefully on Yohan's chest, a hand in the bluenette's hair, Yohan considered what he felt when he was with Haou. Why was he with him? This person who ravaged his body, taking his blood, and for what? Sex, pleasure, the feelings? He wasn't sure why he stayed with the king, but he knew one thing:

He loved Haou. And even though Haou didn't love him back, it didn't matter, as long as they were together, Yohan was happy...


(A/N: Just so you all know, Haou is part vampire in all of my stories, even if it doesn't come out and say, except Dark Storm, and A Mind Apart. He is because all these have been written after begining to RP as Haou with a person who's become my Yohan, and said RP's sparking the first story, My Love, I Need You. Thanks for reading.)