It was another beautiful day in New York, the sun was shining bright and people were making their way to wherever need be. In Queens, namely the Heffernan home, it was a quiet day for once. Nothing seemed to be going on, when suddenly...

Iron Man crashed down through the roof and landed in the kitchen, breaking the table in the middle. He looked around to see that no one was home, so he decided to raid the fridge.

The door to the basement opened and out came senile Arthur Spooner holding a fork. "Douglas, I have an itch on my back I can't reach, use this fork and dispose of it." He said to the man behind the fridge, only to see it wasn't Doug when the door shut. "Oh, hello." He said casually. "And you would be?"

"I am Iron Man." Tony Stark replied as he opened up a beer from the fridge.

"Ah, I see." Arthur walked over and placed the nasty fork back into the silverware drawer and faced Tony. "And what would be the nature of your visit?"

The helmet...thing on Tony's head pulled back, revealing his face as he chugged down the beer. "Uh, whatever I want really, usually I just appear and blast something, but no one appears to be home."

"Quite right, Douglas seems to be out, probably eating and my daught-" Arthur stopped when he saw that the table was smashed. "What the hell happened? You broke the table?"

"I am Iron Man, and I do what I want." His helmet went back and he flew up through the hole he made.

"HOW DARE YOU!" Arthur screamed up into the sky, watching Iron Man fly away. "I eat breakfast there you son of a bitch!"

Just then, Carrie walked in, carrying a bag of groceries. She saw the table and immediately sat her groceries down to cross her arms as she stared angrily at her father.

"I know what this looks like..." Arthur said slowly as he turned around to face his daughter. "But Douglas did it out of a fit of anger. Good day!" He said as he walked back down to the basement.

Doug walked in behind Carrie to see the table, and he was greeted with the same angry stare from his wife. "What?"