A small drabble fanfic on Angel Beats! It was inspired by the song, Alchemy that was a insert song in the anime. Please note that I maybe a Yugioh GX, but it doesn't mean I will write shounen-ai. So please respect that.

Everyone wanted to live forever.

To live forever with out pain.

To live with out worrying about their own health.

But when they died, who knew that the simple wish would be granted.

No matter how much one would get 'killed', beaten up, or any pain.. they wouldn't die.

However, when the battlefront squad settled in, they found it to be an advantage: to take down a made up enemy- 'Angel'. So no matter how long they went at her, nobody would die: they'd just lose their own pride.

As joyful days passed by, all of them had found a new 'life' or a new way to not 'disappear', and to bask in the ability to never die or get killed.

And what did they do with the new powers and abilities?

They just had fun.

To live their fill to satisfy themselves, as their past lives were the worst. And they even questioned it when their members would vanish one by one, and labeled it as a threat.

But little did the battlefront squad knew:

When they had vanished, they could see a glorious light that was warm. Comforting. And from that point on:

They could all think with a satisfied smile:

' I'm so glad that I lived. '