Master Hand glanced at the machine in his office. He didn't know how or when it got there, but he was determined to find out what it did.

"OoH, wHeRe DiD yOu GeT tHaT mAcHiNe?" Crazy Hand asked in a really weird tone. His fingers twitched and turned in anticipation.

"Why are you asking me? I'm the one trying to figure out who's machine it is!" He responded sarcastically. He suddenly heard a knock on his door. "Come in," he grumbled.

"Oh, hey Master Handy Dandy!" Peach called him his nickname that she gave him. "You want some coffee?" Crazy Hand grabbed the cup from her and cackled.

When will that girl learn, Master Hand thought. Hands can't drink coffee! Crazy Hand poured the coffee all over him self.

"Is there anything you need, Handy Dandy?" Peach asked cheerfully. Master Hand looked at the machine, then back.

"Well, if you can watch over this machine while Crazy Hand and I go away for a month without touching it, then yes, there is something I need!" The giant hand watched her expression. She just kept smiling.

"Of course I will, Handy Dandy! Leave it to me!" Peach shoved past him and sat on one of his office chairs. "Just go, you can trust me!"

"Ya MaStEr HaNd, YoU cAn TrUsT pRiNcEsS pEaCh, yOu KnOw!" Crazy Hand laughed. This only made Master Hand more angry.

"Fine. If anything happens though, you'll be on garbage duty tonight..." he took one last look at his office before shutting the door behind him.

"Yo Pit!" Red approached the angel, who was busy watching Falco and Wolf play Star Fox 64. "I need chu to do a favour for me!" Pit looked up at him.

"What kind of favour?" He asked wearily. "Is it something along the lines of 'Potty Train Ivysaur?' How about-"

"No, silly! I need you to keep an eye out on Squirtle. You see, I accidentally lost his Pokeball... and since I don't have any extras, I need to make sure he doesn't escape while I'm out buying more!" Before Pit could reject, Red handed him the Squirtle and left.

"Wait... is it even possible to lose your own Pokemon's Pokeball? Or is this some lame joke the author came up with?" Pit mumbled to himself. "Whatever, I'm stuck with Squirtle... great."

"Squirtle Squirtle!" The Pokemon exclaimed. Pit sighed as he brought the Pokemon to the dining room. Many of the Smashers were in there. Pit sat down next to Ness, who was busy talking with Lucas.

"Hi, Pit! Why are ya holdin' Red's Squirtle?" Popo was sitting across from him. Pit sighed heavily. Him and the blue Ice Climber never really got along, and tended to argue quite a lot.

"Dude, he told me to watch it while he was gone-"

"No way!" Popo interrupted him. "You stole him, and I'm gonna prove that!" He took out his hammer and banged the table as hard as he could. It had startled Squirtle so much he jumped out of Pit's grasp and fled.

"Hey, Squirtle! WAIT!" Pit got up from his seat and charged after the Pokemon. He knocked his head off of a few walls before finally catching it. The two went flying and bashed into Master Hand's office door, causing it to fall over. Peach, who was busy being in a daze, quickly reacted.

"PIT! WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU CAN JUST BARGE IN LIKE THIS?" Peach yelled at the top of her lungs. Squirtle landed on her head all of a sudden, causing her to leap in the air.

"Squiiiiiiiiiirr rrrrttttttlllll lleeeeee!" Squirtle screeched as Peach flung him into the nearby table. He didn't seem unconscious, but he was dizzy. Pit and Peach stared at each other for a long minute. Finally, Pit turned his attention to the machine, whose door was open, behind her.

"Ooh! What's that?" He asked. "Can I look at it?" Peach slapped him really hard, making his cheek feel like it was burning. "I... think I can take that as a no... but what does it do-"

"I dunno? And even if I did, I certainly wouldn't tell you now!" She pulled out her frying pan and was about to hit him when Squirtle got up again and banged into Pit's legs. He bumped into Peach and they both went flying into the machine.

"Ack! We've gotta get out!" Peach said annoyingly. Pit smirked as he closed the door on purpose. The machine stirred and shook for a moment before a light flashed heavily in the room.

"Ike, do you know where Pit went?" Roy asked the blue-haired swordsman. "I haven't seen him since he ran after Squirtle."

"Watashi wa kare ga daijōbu desu negatte i masu. Kare wa tsūjō, saisho no hito no dinā no tēburu ni tsuku koto desu!" Marth exclaimed.

"What you say?" Ike groaned at Marth's limited English knowledge.

"He said that he hopes Pit is okay since he is usually the first person to be at the dinner table!" Roy said sarcastically. Ike groaned.

"Not my fault for not knowing Japanese! Still, it is a question... where is he?" A sudden shriek could be heard from down the hallway.

"What was-a that?" Luigi asked with a mouthful of spaghetti in his mouth.

"Gah! Lemme find out!" Young Link exclaimed.

"No, I wanna find out!" Toon Link poked at the other Link.

"Ugh, you both can go find out all you want!" Zelda groaned. The two Links glared at each other before running down the hallway.

"AUGH! I FEEL WEIRD!" Pit exclaimed as he felt his chest area. "What the heck happened?" He looked over at 'Peach and gasped. She was in his body.

"Why... do I feel so... manly?" She wondered. 'Pit' approached her and for the fun of it, slapped her really hard.

"Ouch, Pit! Why'd you do that...eek!" Peach stumbled backwards as she saw Pit in her body, ready to extract his leg. "What happened?"

"Hm, maybe the machine swaps bodies!" Pit screamed in surprise. Peach stood still for a brief moment before finally realizing something.

"If you'll excuse me... I'm gonna go FLY!" She ran towards the front door of the mansion. Pit stared in disbelief. He suddenly noticed two short figures coming around the corner.

"MISS PEACH!" Toon Link yelled. Pit stumbled onto her...I mean, his back. "We were wondering what that screech was!" Young Link came beside Toony and began to laugh at Pit.

"What a scaredy cat! Man, she just keeps getting blonder by the second!" Young Link and Toon Link high-fived each other. Pit's face turned red. Getting up from where he was sitting, he used the highest voice possible.

"Links! What would make you NOT respect your caretaker?" He said loudly. Toony backed into Young Link. "Why would you treat the simply AMAZING cook like this when all she does is care for you!"

"Er.. Miss, we, I mean, I.. well-" Young Link shuddered.


"Ack! We're very sorry, Miss Toadstool!" Toony's eyes shuddered.

"Thank you. Now, if you want to have dessert tonight..." Pit's eyes widened.

"Yes, Miss Toadstool, what is it, Miss Toadstool?" Toony and Young Link glared at each other with scared looks on their faces.

"Hm... get back in the kitchen and make me a sammich!" Pit exclaimed proudly.

"Yes, Miss Toadstool, right away, Miss Toadstool!" The two Links hurried away into the kitchen, where they began to cut bread and other ingredients. When he knew he was by himself, Pit smiled as he brushed blonde hair from his face.

"That. Was. EPIC WIN!" He hurried into the kitchen with the Links and began to prepare desserts.

"So, you are... Peach, not Pit?" Red was surprised to see Peach about to jump off of the roof of the Smash Mansion. "And.. do you know where Squirtle is?"

"Dunno," Peach shrugged. "I last saw him in Master Hand's office, but he's probably somewhere else by now." She took another look at Red.

"You're joking about attempting to fly, right?" Red sighed. "Just some prank you're trying to pull?"

"H*ll no! I'm gonna try to fly no matter what!" Peach extracted her wings as she leaped off of the building. She screamed as she swooped down over Red's head.

"Oh gosh... Peach!" Red tried to catch up with her. She quickly dodged a tree as she began to fly a little higher every second. She couldn't believe she was flying.

"Wooooooooohooooooooo!" Peach exclaimed as she did a U-Turn around a bush. She tried to slow down, but she couldn't stop as she bashed into Red and they both fell over. They looked at each other for a moment as they heard chatter and footsteps approaching.

"Pit! Are you okay?" Lucario approached the two of them before sensing their auras. Wait a minute, Lucario realized. Isn't Pit's aura a little bit darker?

"Aw, jeez Peach, that was AMAZING!" The two of them couldn't stop laughing. Lucario gasped, causing the angel to glance at him.


"So you are-a saying that the machine-a in Master Hand-a's room swaps bodies?" Mario asked the two upset Smashers at the dinner table. Pit had messed up badly on the ice cream by putting them in the oven by accident, which the others quickly noticed.

"Well, er, I guess you could say that.." Pit gulped as he ate through the sandwich Toon and Young Link made him.

"Look, Mario, sweetie, this machine isn't dangerous, I mean-"

"Look-a princess! You could've died from flying off-a Smash Brothers. Can I-a say that-a isn't dangerous?" Mario glared at his supposed girlfriend in some guy's body in sadness. He just couldn't take it anymore.

"Mario, this could pose as a new interesting thing for Smashers to do. I mean, being able to be your friend for a day or two is pretty cool, you know.." Pit's eyes gleamed. Mario paused as he stared into space.

"Fine. Until Master Hand-a gets-a back, Smashers can-a go into the machine-a and test it out-a. But-" Mario emphasized but a lot. "-but if anything disturbing a-happens, we will have to-a destroy the machine-a. Well, after everyone is in their-a rightful bodies. Is that-a clear?"

"Yes, sir, it is quite clear." Pit winked at Peach, who smiled back. "We'll keep everything under control."

"Okay. Now, who is-a up for a match-a?" Mario suddenly realized that the room was empty, and all the Smashers who were listening were heading for Master Hand's office to check out the machine. Mario took a deep breath.

"They can-a go in it all they-a want-a. But one thing for sure-a is that unless they can-a drag me inside the machine-a in my sleep-a, they'll never see me enter that stupid piece of junk-a!"

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