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Chapter 3 The Adventures of Yankee Girl and Corona Boy


I was packing my overnight bag for New Orleans, and set aside the stuff I would need ready for my trip home. I couldn't believe it was already time to fly back. I had thought more than once to extend my trip, but the obligations of my life before Edward weighed too heavily on my heart.

I now saw my life in two sections before Edward and after him. I was amazed at all the memories we'd accumulated in the past couple of days. Life with Edward was wonderful whirlwind of activity.

After that first day in his office, Edward asked Alice and me if we'd like to stay at the house. Alice was happier here and I didn't want to be separated from that man for a second, so we checked out of the hotel in into the Brandon home. Edward and I had a long discussion about how carried away we got in the office and decided to take it slower.

I was worried that I would be intruding on the relationship Alice was developing with Edward, but that turned out not to be the case. All of Alice's evenings were filled with Jasper. It was amazing at how close they had gotten in such a short amount of time.

Edward and Ali seemed to make time here and there for each other, but she spent the majority of the time in the attic going through the boxes of treasures long forgotten. Pieces of Ali's life puzzle were slowly being put into place as the contents each box was revealed. Edward graciously told her to take whatever she wanted.

Edward and I developed our own little schedule. We had breakfast in the morning with Alice and worked for a couple hours until lunch. I was amazed to find out how easy it was to keep up with all my classes. I even had time to work on the presentation I was doing for the Non-Profit Association when I got home.

Even though we set up work only rules for the office, Edward tended to break them and tease me with kisses along the back of my neck and collarbone, but I couldn't complain. I was just too blissful.

We talked a lot about the Foundation work and found we had a lot in common as far as grant allocation. I told him he really should talk to Ali about a lot of this stuff. She had an uncanny way of predicting trends.

The afternoons were filled with day trips. The first day we went up the Natchez Trace, which is a old highway that once was the main though fare from the south to the north. Charlie would have appreciated the historical nature, but I loved the trees and foliage. It was incredibly peacefully there. We had a picnic lunch and ended up touring a couple antebellum homes. I couldn't imagine living here before air conditioning, but the houses were graceful and amazing. I had my first Mint Julep at the end of the tour of the second house. Edward assured me they were better than what I got; I hoped so because it was truly awful.

The second day, I got a real insight into Edward's college days as we traveled up to Oxford, Mississippi where Ole Miss was located. The fraternity and sorority houses had huge columns stoically mark the front of each house. Each one looked more and more extravagant versions of Tara from Gone With the Wind, I had never seen anything like it. There were Oaks and Magnolia trees flanking each side of the street that grew over to create a canopy of lush green.

I thought they were little too crazy about their sports, but especially football there. The speed limit was 18 miles an hour in honor of some guy named Archie Manning who played there once. It seemed a little ridiculous to me, but the pride in Edward's eyes, made me love it through his eyes. It was intensely personal and I was honored that he was sharing it with me. Edward showed the fields where they would have huge bonfire parties and we even made out in his old room at his frat house.

The third day, he made me close down the computer by 11:00 and we left driving down Ocean Blvd to the east. We passed Keesler Air Force Base where Jasper had been stationed and kept driving until we crossed the state line. When I questioned him, he told me I told me I was going to have to wait for the surprise. I hated surprises. We finally came to a resort town called Orange Beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama. I couldn't believe we drove all that way for a beach until I got out of his Volvo. Orange Beach is the prettiest beach I had ever seen, it reminded me of the postcard Charlie and Sue sent back from the Caribbean honeymoon.

I thought the sand was white in Biloxi, it didn't compare to the super fine powder I got to squish between my toes. Edward surprised me by unlocking a mammoth house overlooking the ocean. We spent the whole afternoon cuddled together on the double lounge chair talking about our childhoods. I was so grateful to be with this beautiful man.

That night I was the first night, I slept in Edward's bed. I wasn't ready to take the next step with him, but I couldn't separate myself from him either.

The fourth day I woke up blissfully incased in Edward's arms. It was as close as I had ever come to feeling perfection. I was falling dangerous fast for this man and I couldn't make the effort to stop myself or even question it. It just was. I tried to come up with excuses to stay in bed longer, but Edward would have none of it until, his morning wood, helped with the convincing. We had progressed through the heavy petting stage and that morning I had plans for him. He had already warned me on a couple of occasions that I was pushing his limits, if I wasn't ready. I wanted to push a little more, so as a stroked him, I slowly kissed down his beautifully sculpted chest, taking time to nip, suck and tease his nipples and V shaped muscles at his hip bone. When his hips arch up to meet my open mouth, I was amazed and delighted that I had this kind of effect of him.

I knew he thought it wasn't going to go any farther, but when I saw the pre-cum on the tip of his huge cock, I needed to claim it. I let my tongue tickle his tip as I swirled around it. He kept groaning, whispering expletives and calling my name. It was the most erotic moment of my life thus far. I took as much of him as I could, sucking, and licking both with the tip and flat of my tongue. I had him in the back of my throat and as I began to hum, he tried to push me off. I knew what was coming and I would not be denied. I looked up at him and shook my head and I sucked harder. It was his undoing.

I was so grateful that I looked up when I did. I will never forget what Edward looked like as he grabbed my hair in the back of my head cumming, and calling out my name in reverence, or, how he stared down at me in astonishment afterwards. I had given him everything I had yet to say to him and he gave it right back to me. There are a very perfect moments in a person's life, that was one of them for me.

He wanted to reciprocate, but I needed that morning to be about him. I giggled when he pouted, but grew excited as he teased me with the possibilities of the day's excursion. I couldn't imagine anything we'd missed. We'd eaten gulf shrimp, been to the casinos, Ole Miss, Orange Beach, Natchez Trace, but was I in for the biggest surprise yet.

That day, yesterday, was my favorite day. We skipped working all together and headed out about 10:00 in the morning. We drove across the border and into Louisiana. I wondered if we were going to New Orleans early, but knew not to question him on his plan to indoctrinate me into all things southern. My silent question was answered as we turned off the 10 and headed north instead of south to New Orleans. We drove along the river on a dirt road and I was shocked when we stopped at an Alligator Farm.

I refused to get out of the car for almost twenty minutes. He thought he was helping when he explained to me nearly every body of water had "gators" in them and as long as we don't bother them, they won't bother us. Really? I stayed in the car another fifteen minutes after his little explanation. He almost left, but when I saw the disappointment in his eyes, I opened the passenger door. He had no idea how much I disliked new things, especially when they involved pre-historical killing beasts. I held onto his hand for dear life as we headed through the swamp and down to the water. I couldn't believe I was doing this.

I got into the tour boat with Edward and our Cajun Bayou tour guide, Billy. Billy flirted and enchanted me with his tales of the swamp in his endearing Cajun accent until I finally relaxed and leaned back into Edward's chest. When was calm enough to finally take in my surroundings, I saw Cypress trees with roots coming right out of the water and tin roof houses that peppered the shore. I got lost in the unique beauty of the swamp with the moss covered rocks, bull frog croaking, and the dragon flies or mosquito hawks as Billy called them.

The movement along the shore didn't startle me like it should have until Billy tossed a couple of marshmallows in the water. He pointed down at the water, just as a caught the swish of a gigantic green tail. I let loose a blood curdling scream as that alligator came up along side of the boat. I stood up without thinking. Thank god for Edward's quick thinking, he pulled me back down and turned my head towards his chest to quiet me down, before the boat could tip or any of us fell in the water.

As soon as Billy balanced the boat again, Edward busted up laughing and apologized. I had never even seen an alligator, let alone one in the wild less than three feet from me. Billy started to use Edward's nickname of "Yankee Girl" for me. He told me no one had ever died on one of his tours and it wasn't going to happen today.

We travel down the bayou for another half hour before Billy threw in more marshmallows. I held onto Edward tighter than I had ever held on to anyone and watched in awe of these gigantic creatures. Who knew alligators ate marshmallows? Didn't they eat swamp things and small animals like dogs and cats?

I was taken aback by my disappointment when the tour was over with, but Edward was insistent that we had to leave, so we did.

I thought our day of exploration was over with when he surprised me with a dinner cruise on a Delta Queen Paddle Boat. It was utterly romantic and I couldn't help thinking of the other couples that traveled in the days gone by up and down the Mississippi River. Time passed slower here and I was grateful for every moment I had with this man. I could see the allure.

We got home late last night and were completely exhausted from the day's activities that we just passed out in each other's arms. I woke up this morning thinking I could get used to waking up in Edward's arms every day. I watched him sleep. He looked so angelic and serene. I couldn't help myself and ran my fingers through his messy hair, he sighed in his sleep and just as I was getting ready to snuggle back down in the nook of his arm he surprised me by grabbing my wrists and pinning me under him. He was so playful and sexy. He whispered romantic things in my ear as he told me he that no one had ever made him feel the way he feels about me. Then he made giggle when he told me he couldn't stop thinking about that swirly thing I did with my tongue.

Edward started kissing my neck and traveled down my collarbone. He spent a delicious amount of attention on my breast as he rolled and pinched my nipples. He gave me his own version of the swirly thing from my nipples to my hipbone. No one had ever kissed or licked me there and I found it entirely erotic and sensual.

When Edward placed my legs over his shoulders I was completely exposed to him. He told me how beautiful I was and how he had been dreaming of this moment. I was lost in the ecstasy of it all, as he slid his magical fingers along my slit before sliding them inside me. I lost all train of thought as he replaced his fingers with his tongue. I came undone when he bit down on my clit and curled his fingers to stroke my g-spot. I can't remember if I called out his name or God's or both. All I knew was that was the most mind-blowing orgasm of my life. Thank god for the swirly thing.

We laid in bed holding each other. He pulled a me and refused to let me reciprocate like I had done to him yesterday. I couldn't help but wonder if he felt the same loss I did this morning. It wasn't about a tit for tat; it was more about the connection that came with the act. I wanted to touch, taste and love him again, and it was as much for me as for him.


It physically pained me to watch her pack her bags. I needed more time, we needed more time. The week just flew by. I tried to cram everything I could think of into the past couple of days so that she would see the south as I did and want to stay.

I couldn't believe how easy it was to work with her our office. Our office? The mornin's we worked together were the most productive time I had spent there since Nana Kate had fallen ill. Invariably my thoughts would turn to the remarkable woman sitting less than four feet from me at the other computer. I would sneak over and kiss and tease her just because I could. She didn't seem to mind, but she definitely had more will power than I did.

After my talk with Emmett and then later with Bella we decided to slow things down a bit. Emmett was right, the stakes were high, I was riskin' my whole family by choosin' to be with her. She was not a one night stand.

After she finished packin', we collected Alice who had three times the luggage Bella did and headed to the beach. Rosalie and Emmett were meetin' us in New Orleans and bringin' the final dissolution paperwork with them.

Friday was Jasper's day to work in the water with the dolphins and wouldn't be done until two in the afternoon so we decided to make a day of it. I knew Bella was dyin' to see all the trainin' they had been discussin' when we saw Alice and Jasper in the evenings. Ever since Jasper heard she had her doctorate in Psyche, they put their heads together comparin' the various techniques he was using. Apparently she has done some field study with dolphins on the west coast and they knew some of the same people.

Alice was practically bouncing to show Bella the dolphin Jasper let her name. Every time a new dolphin was tagged and micro-chipped for study, they were named. Jasper had stopped asking Emmett to help name them after he found out Emmett was namin' them after his favorite porn stars.

"Jasper!" Alice exclaimed jumping up into his arms, "How's our baby?"

I saw Jasper roll his eyes, but I could tell it was all for show. There was nothing but love and adoration in his eyes. Did I look at my Yankee Girl like that?

"Miss Daisy is doin' just fine, perfect really, as it turns out, your Miss Daisy is pregnant, baby girl" he told her. "We just finished the examination; she's gonna be the focus of our next study and the basis for my thesis. "

"You named your dolphin after a flower?" Bella asked laughing.

"No, silly I named her after that sweet old woman in the movie, Driving Miss Daisy. Jasper made me watch it one night. He said it was a 'quintessential southern documentary', funny how he just made out with me through the whole thing!

"But MY Miss Daisy not old, she's going to have baby daisies!" she called out as she dragged Jasper to the holdin' tank.

Bella and I left Alice and Jasper to their own devices as we took a walk along the shore.

"Thank you for sharing your south with me Edward," Bella said quietly and the trade winds carried her voice out to the Gulf of Mexico.

I stuck my finger under her chin and pulled her face so that she would look in my eyes, "It was my honor, thank you for lettin' me."

We walked hand in hand down the beach in comfortable silence, enjoying sounds of water gently lapping into the shoreline.

"You know when I first got here, I stood looking out over this same beach comparing it to Forks and thinking how I just want to go home. As crazy as it sounds, just two weeks later and I can't imagine leaving," she said as we sat down in the sand.

Then don't leave.

"That first day I was struck by how much my mom would have loved it here. She's always been the adventurer in our family. I lived with her until my junior year of high school when she left on her latest and greatest adventure. She's always willing to try new things. I thought I was more like my dad, sticking to what I know, but look at all the things I did this week!

I nearly tipped the boat, because I was three feet away from an alligator, in a swamp! I had dinner on a paddle boat and drank a horrible mint julep. Things like that just don't happen to me, but they did… because of you. Edward, you have changed my life in ways I never thought possible." She continued as she wiped a tear from her glistening eyes.

"I love that you're the first thing I think of when I wake up in the morning and the last thing I think of before I close my eyes at night. The last two mornings that I have had the privilege of waking up in your arms have been the happiest and most intimate moments of my life.

I'm not sure if it was the first night at Eclipse when your music drew me in or when I heard you sing even though I didn't even know if was you. I'm not sure if it was in your office when I figured out you sang Brown Eyed Girl for me or any of the moments after that. All I do know is that my life is irrevocably changed because of you. I love you, Edward."

I couldn't speak so I just kissed her. I pulled her between my legs so we were both facing the ocean, wrapping my arms around her. I didn't think I could look at her and say all I needed to say.

"Yankee Girl, I haven't been able to get y'all out of my head since you ordered that damn Corona at Marlin Murph's. I couldn't tell you that night, but Corona is my usual beer."

She turned around with a look of shock on her face. "Shut up, are you kidding me?"

I laughed and continued, "I couldn't stop thinking about you that whole night, and so I put all that energy into my music. The fact that it called to you should surprise me, but it doesn't. We have a connection that I've stopped questionin'. When I heard you talkin' to Charlie on the phone I was almost incapacitated with jealousy. I had already started to think of you as mine."

I took a deep breath and continued, "The first morning we woke up together was the closest thing to heaven I had ever experienced. I didn't expect you to put your mouth on me like that, but I can't say I hadn't dreamed out it every night since I had met you. What I can tell you was that it was better than anything I ever imagined. When I looked down on you…" I shuttered and closed my eyes for a second.

"It's all about the swirly thing, huh?" Bella asked smiling through her tear lined face.

"God, yes girl, it is all about the swirly thing," I laughed.

"I'm sorry I stopped you from reciprocating that morning," she said as I looked at her curiously, "When you wouldn't let me "return the favor" the next morning, I felt like I was being denied a chance to connect with you. I really was trying to give you something that morning, all of me really, but I didn't understand until the next day that maybe I was denying you something too."

I smiled introspectively. God, I love her. "I knew what y'all meant and please understand I was doin' the same.

Yankee Girl, I know this sounds crazy, but I think I've always loved you." Stay with me.


How can I ever leave this man? We love each other.

We kissed and held each other until my skin got pink from the sun. Edward got up to walk us back just as it was time for Jasper to get off work. I had planned to spend the afternoon going over Jasper's project, but wouldn't have traded my time on the beach with Edward for anything.

"Hey guys, are you almost ready to go?" I asked.

They looked at each other and then us, it appeared they had had a similar afternoon to ours. It was so good seeing Ali so happy.

"Bella, Jasper has a surprise for you and then we can go." Ali answered.

I scrunched my brow, "What's up Jasper?"

"Well, Miss Bella I was wonderin' if y'all would like to name your own dolphin, seein' as Miss Alice has already named one. I thought I could give you the GPS trackin' code and you could follow him when you went back home." Jasper offered as my heart wrenched at the thought of leaving Edward.

"Oh, Jasper, thank you, I'd love to, can you give me a minute to think about it? I asked.

"Yes ma'am." He answered with a smile.

A hundred options went through my head, Edward, Charlie, even Billy. I'm sure they were all taken, I thought about Edward's dad, Carlisle or Garrett, Alice's dad, but they were all taken too. I looked back over the most perfect week I had ever known and inspiration hit me, I checked the name database and it was available. Perfect.

"I got it!" I yelled to all of them.

"Okay, Miss Bella how should research study dolphin number 201390 be known as from this point forward?" Jasper inquired.

My eyes snapped to Edward's as I said, "Swirl."

His eyes darkened as he swallowed. He shook his head and bit his lip before mouthing "I love you, Yankee Girl."

The trip to New Orleans was a relatively short one, but I found it utterly amusing that Edward was so uncomfortable driving. I felt a compulsion to be touching him in some way. I didn't have to ghost his arms with light touches, but I did anyway. Crossing over the state line into Louisiana flooded my head with memories of yesterday and without thinking about it I placed my hand on his leg. He jumped.

I giggled as he shot me a warning side glance. Alice and Jasper seemed oblivious to everything as they whispered to each other in the back seat. I started inching my hand further between his thighs. He shook his head slightly and put his hand over mine. I was getting ready to employ the other hand when Edward abruptly pulled over to a gas station. Oh Shit.

"Do you want anything inside Jasper? Alice?" he asked calmly.

"No, man we're good back here." Jasper replied as he went back to talking to Alice.

"Bella, you want to go in with me?" he asked expectantly.

Smiling, I shook my head, then ran my tongue over my lower lip before biting down on the inside of it, "No, I'm fine right here, thank you."

His eyes widened minutely before they got dark and predatory. "Come on Yankee Girl," he said pulling me out of the passenger side of the car, "Let's see if we can find you a pecan roll."

I giggled and ran for the glass doors of the mini-mart. Just before I entered, he pulls me back so I'm flush against him. He whispers at my ear giving me chills, "Do you feel what you're doin' to me, sugar? Best not to start somethin' you're not ready to finish," as he runs his tongue along my ear and bit down on my shoulder just enough to make my eyes roll back into my head. Oh my god.

"Who says I'm not ready to finish?" I ask waggling my eyebrows.

"That better be a promise you're willin' to keep Yankee Girl" he said.

"Oh it is Corona Boy," I promised and squealed when he swatted my ass.

"Edward?" I asked quietly.

"Yes, darlin'?"

"I love you."

"I love you too, sweet girl. So much," he replied. "Let's get back on the road."

I didn't tease him the rest of the way, we just held hands.

Jasper and Edward worked out their playlist for the rest of the ride. I started to get excited for our excursion into New Orleans. Ali had plans with Rosalie for a massage at the hotel spa and Edward and I were going exploring.

I couldn't stop staring at the lacey cast iron balconies as we drove into the heart of the French Quarter. Our hotel was right on Bourbon Street. I was stunned at the mixture of the classic marble columns with the Spanish arches in the lobby. The whole exterior of the hotel surrounded a magnificent courtyard filled with lush ferns, trees and flowers. I was utterly enchanted.

Jasper and Edward went to check in as Ali and I explored the courtyard and pool area.

"Are you going to be okay if Jasper and I get our own room Bella?" she asked, "I know the plan was for you and I to share and Jasper and Edward to share."

I nodded.

"Really?" she sqeaked.

I smiled, "Really Ali, I told him I loved him this afternoon and he told me back. It's actually more than okay."

"I knew it!" She was beaming. "I know we haven't had a lot of time to talk-talk, but I told Jasper I loved him the third day were here. I just knew, you know. He's the one Bella, he's my one and only."

"I can't tell you how happy I am for you Ali! You deserve this." We hugged and giggled as Jasper and Edward walked up.

"Y'all ready?" Jasper asked and I nodded because I knew we were.

When we got to our room I literally gasped.

"Edward, where is the bed?" I asked as I looked over the plush seating area.

"It's right up that windin' staircase darlin'." He said as he pointed to one end of the room, while pulling me to the other. He opened the double doors and we stood over all the people on Bourbon Street. "Welcome to N'awlins Yankee Girl. Now as much as I'd love to take y'all up on that promise you made me earlier, I know once we start I won't be able to stop and I've got a gig tonight, so let's go explore."

We took a horse and carriage to Jackson Square, where I we had our fortunes told and enjoyed beignets and chicory coffee at the Café Du Monde. I was spellbound by the street vendors and musicians. Edward put money in every guitar case and box, it didn't take them long to figure out it out and soon we had a wake of musicians following us from stop to stop. I picked up quite a few things for Charlie and Sue, including a box of my new favorite indulgence, pralines.

We made our way to Royal Street which had a different feel altogether. I browsed through the all the antique furniture and art, finding a hundred more things I loved about this place. We ran into Ali, Jasper, Emmett and Rose. The girls looked refreshed after their spa treatment and the boys looked pained as Ali seemed to find her shopping match in Rosalie. I wonder if Edward was bored.

"Why don't you boys go find a bar, so we can continue shopping?" I asked surprising even myself. I think Edward was about to say no, when he looked over at his two best friends.

"Sure, we can go over our set list again," Edward agreed, "Make sure to be back at the hotel in an hour, we have dinner plans before the show."

Edward walked up and whispered "I love you, Yankee Girl, don't think I don't know that you just sacrificed yourself to the shopping goddesses for me." I'm never going to get tired of hearing that he loves me.

"I love you too, thanks for the time frame." I replied.


Emmett could not stop making kissy faces and whip noises. It was ironic because no one was more pussy whipped than him. I was so excited for us to be playing together again. We had played all through college, but had to stop when it was time for Emmett to study for the bar. We downed a couple of bourbons and headed back to the hotel.

Dinner was set up on the balcony by the time Bella walked in from shopping. Chef Robere served us by candlelight as the street people below entertained us with their catcalls.

I pointed out the bar we were playing in and couldn't wait to show her the Quarter at night. After dinner we made our way down to the now full street. I loved watching Bella's eyes as she discovered New Orleans.

I took her into Patty O'Brien's for the mandatory Hurricane by the fire. We couldn't stay long, but got to sing Sweet Caroline at the piano bar.

I took her to Madame Laveau's Voodoo Museum where we got our tarot cards read and it was explained to her all people who come to visit New Orleans were romantically cursed to return over and over again.

"We've got one more stop before we get to Irina's" I say. "Think of this as one more stop on the tour of all things southern."

As we stood in line I could hear the music that was so close to my heart.

"Where are we?" Bella asked.

"We're at Preservation Hall, one day I want to play here, but for tonight, we just listen." I answer.

It was finally our turn to enter. I look across at the simple setting and Bella's confused expression.

"Just listen, Yankee Girl." The next set of musicians cycled in and started to play.

Jazz filled the room and I watched my Yankee Girl's expression morph into one of awe. She gets it.

"No one gets paid to play here you just show up. Everyone from Joe Robchaux to Louis Armstrong have played here," I whisper in her ear and pull her closer.

"Thank you, Edward, I love this place."

Singing at Irina's was more fun than I had had in a long time. Emmett must have been practicing because he wailed those drums.

Jasper always plays the sax well, but he surprised us all and pulled out his guitar and sang a song he wrote for Alice.

I sang all my songs for Bella, just like I would do for the rest of my life.

In between sets, we danced and drank with the girls. I got my Yankee Girl to try a Dixie Blackened Voodoo beer, which she loved.

"You're going to have to be the one that orders Corona's in our relationship now, Corona boy. "

"Yes ma'am, but only if I get a y'all out of you tonight."

"Not going to happen!"

It was after two when we finally finished up and I could tell she was exhausted and buzzed.

We got to the room and she excused herself to the bathroom. I stripped down to my boxer briefs and climbed into bed. I felt her enter the room before I saw or heard her.

"I went shopping today Edward."

I squinted my blurry eyes and my breath hitched as she came into view. She was wearing a black and white lace lingerie set, with black garters and black high heel shoes. Fuuuuuuck

"Isabella Swan, you are the most breath taking woman I have ever laid eyes on."

She lowered her head a little bit as her blush traveled down her chest.

"Do you like it? Alice and Rosalie were picking out something for their evenings and I became their personal project. I'm embarrassed to say I didn't even think of it myself."

"It's perfect, but hear me now, when I say anything you would have to come this bed in would have been perfect Yankee Girl."

She climbed into bed and I kissed her neck and mouth. I was in no rush. Tonight was about us. I found the remote and started the play list I had waiting on the stereo. Brown Eyed Girl was the first song. I kissed, licked and sucked every inch of her. I hated to see the lingerie go, but I was done with anything that was a barrier between me and my girl.

The bra came off first as I ghosted the sides of her breast with the tips of my finger tips. I licked and nibbled on her sensitive pink taut nipples as she arched her back towards me. I swirled my tongue around her belly button and sucked on her protruding hip bones.

I looked down at the gorgeous heels and bent one leg and slid the shoe off her foot. We're gonna save those shoes for later. I unclasped her stocking from her garter and slid that down her leg causing her to shiver. I did the same for the other leg and then took off her panties. I ran my tongue along the inside of the arch of her foot and sucked on her big toe. I continued upward nibbling on the inside of her ankle bone, making sure each side had its' equal due. I kissed and tickled underneath both knees with my tongue. I knew she was getting impatient, but this is exactly where I wanted her to be.

I continued my erotic exploration of Bella's perfect body as I nibbled my way up her inner thighs. Bella grabbed my hair and ran her fingers through it as I reached my version of heaven. She was dripping wet and I was overcome but the sweet intoxicating scent of her sex.

"Please Edward…" she whispered as she pulled my hair with more intensity.

I couldn't wait any longer, so I slid my flat tongue from her entrance to her clit in one long stroke. She bucked and pulled my hair tighter.

"Oh God, Oh my god" she moaned.

I circled her clit with my tongue and slid my fingers inside her. She came hard screaming my name as she clenched around my curled fingers massaging her g-spot. I lapped up all of her glorious juices as she rode out her orgasm. As soon her breathing returned to normal she pulled me up and kissed me.

I knew she could taste herself on me and I got impossibly harder.

She kept repeating I love you I love you I love you between our fevered kisses.

I pulled away to look at her. She looked primal and sexy and perfect as I told her, "Bella that was amazing, thank you."

She looked me straight in the eyes and said, "Corona boy, y'all ain't seen nothing yet." She rolled me over and slid off my underwear with her teeth. She said y'all, God I love this woman.

"Edward, do you have a condom?" I reached into the side table drawer and pulled one out. She rolled it on and positioned herself right above me before sinking down on my cock.

"Fuuucckk" we said at the same time. I waited for her body to expand and accommodate my size. She grabbed the head board and rode me hard as I watched her bounce above me as she caressed and teased her own breasts. She's absolutely magnificent. I could feel her walls beginning to tighten around me.

"That's right baby, cum for me." She arched her back and splintered into a million pieces calling out my name. I immediately followed her as I screamed out hers and came inside her.

We passed out sometime after sunrise. We work up at made love three more times before our pre-arranged late check-out time of 3:00 in the afternoon.

We met Jasper and Alice in the lobby, no-one wanted to talk.

I was a mess of emotions. I knew what leaving our room meant, we had to acknowledge that Bella and Alice were flying home to Washington tomorrow. She can't leave me.

We immediately split up into our respective bedrooms as soon as we got home. Her bags of luggage stood as a silent reminder of what was now between us.

"Edward, I need you, please make love to me?" Bella asked like she was saying a prayer.

We made love twice without uttering a word to each other, knowing that once words were spoken everything would change.

I drew circle on her back with the tips of my fingers. "Bella, I don't want you to leave. I love you and I can't live without you."

I heard her breath hitch and then felt warm tears drip down the arm that she had made her pillow. She turned around. Oh my God, she's still leaving.

"I don't want to go either, but I have to." I couldn't breathe. I closed my eyes to control the pain that was radiating out of my chest.

"Please don't leave me." I begged.

"Edward, listen to me, it's not that easy. I have a life back home, I have a job I love, I have obligations that I agreed to before I ever met you. I have to go. I don't want to, but I have to."

I was pissed. "Fuck! To hell with your obligations, your life is with me now, I need you, I love you, god damn it."

"Edward," she plead.

"What Bella? You can't do this, you can't make me fall in love with you and then leave me, I won't let you. Please Bella, I'm beggin' ya."

"I'm so sorry Edward, I really have to go."

I thought I was having a heart attack. Nothing had ever hurt so badly in my entire life. Why does everyone leave me? Momma, Daddy, Nana and now Bella.

I couldn't lay there with her anymore. I needed some air, so I did the only thing I could do, I left.


He left. Oh my god, he left. I'm here in his bedroom and I'm getting on a plane in five hours and he's gone.

I cried until I had no tears left. It was time to get ready and he still wasn't back yet. I finished packing when I heard a knock at the door.

"Edward?" I cried as I threw open the door to find Ali standing in her sweats.

"Ali, we're gonna, be late, hurry up." I tell her in a robotic tone.

"Bella, we need to talk. I've made a decision, I'm gonna stay here for a while."

I stared at her blankly. I wanted to be happy for her, I wanted to hug her and tell her I can see how much she loves Jasper and how much he loves her. I wanted to tell her that this was the right choice for her. But I couldn't do anything because as I tried to speak I started to cry again.

"Bella, where's Edward?"

"I, I, I, d,d,d,don't knnnnoowww," I sobbed. "He he he ju, just, lllleft."

"Jaaaaasperrrr!" She screamed, as he came running down the hall.

"Bella, calm down, what happened to Edward?"

"We were talking and he asked me to stay." I took a deep breath, "I told him I had to go."

"He, He got angry and then just walked out."

I couldn't stop the tears as they fell. Ali held me, as Jasper left to go find Edward.

When neither one of them came back within the hour, Alice called Rosalie and they took me to the airport. I waited as long as I could to go through security, hoping Edward would show up, but he never came. It was the longest flight of my life. I cried silent tears until I finally passed out.

When I got off the plane, I got the text Ali sent to tell me they had found Edward and he's was okay.

Getting back to my life in Forks was tedious. I texted, Skyped or called Ali every day. She kept me up on stories about Daisy's pregnancy and all of the people who continue to visit her. She never said much about Edward except that he was having a hard time adjusting. And I'm not?

I ate Charlie three times a week, but other than that I kept to myself. I was miserable.

Three weeks had passed since I had arrived home and it was already time for my presentation to the Non-Profit Association of Seattle. They were putting me up Alexis Hotel, one of my favorites in downtown Seattle. My presentation went off like a hitch and I was pleased to see the names of some many of my students in attendance. I spent almost an hour putting faces to names and trading stories.

I was just getting ready to head upstairs when I heard the piano playing in the bar. I ordered a glass of red wine and let the music wash over me. It was the first time I had relaxed since I left Biloxi. I got up to leave as I heard the notes to that song. It was just too much and tears started to fall down my face.

I started to run out the door when I heard his velvet voice. Oh my God, am I dreaming?

"I'd like to play a song for y'all I haven't been able to get out of my head for a while. I've always loved it, but the words have new meaning for me, especially the last verse."

Hey where did we go,
Days when the rains came
Down in the hollow,
Playin' a new game,
Laughing and a running hey, hey
Skipping and a jumping
In the misty morning fog with
Our hearts a thumpin' and you
My brown eyed girl,
You my brown eyed girl.

Tears streamed down my face as he continued.

Whatever happened
To Tuesday and so slow
Going down the old mine
With a transistor radio
Standing in the sunlight laughing,
Hiding behind a rainbow's wall,
Slipping and sliding
All along the water fall, with you
My brown eyed girl,
You my brown eyed girl.

Do you remember when we used to sing,
Sha la la la la la la la la la la te da

He turned to look at me as he sung the next verse.

So hard to find my way,
Now that I'm all on my own.
I saw you just the other day,
My how you have grown,
Cast my memory back there, Lord
Sometime I'm overcome thinking 'bout
Making love in the green grass
Behind the stadium with you
My brown eyed girl
You my brown eyed girl

I ran into his arms and kissed him.

"What are you doing here Edward?" I ask in between my kisses.

"Well I heard there was goin' to be the amazin' speaker at the Seattle Non-Profit Association Presentation." he answered.

"Edward, really, I was so worried and angry and confused, how come you didn't call or email or anything?"

"Listen Yankee Girl, I've been tryin' to work lotta things out in my head. I'm so sorry for hurtin' you. But you leaving kinda broke me for a bit. I needed time to figure some stuff out."

"What conclusion did you come to?" I ask.

"First of all, I love you. All of ya. I understand y'all have a life out here and I respect that because that's part of what makes you, you. Everythin' happened so fast back home and I didn't tell ya all the things I should have."

"When I took you on my tour of all things southern, as you like to call it, I started with typical touristy things like antebellum home tours and the Natchez Trace. What I didn't tell you was that I chose the Natchez Trace because that was where my Dad and I used to go hiking and I wanted to share that with you.

Some of the best times in my life, before I met you, were at Ole Miss. My life has been about obligation, to my nana, my mother's memory, the family, the Foundation, even to my music, but college was about me and I wanted to share that with y'all too.

I'm not claiming to be a saint in college, far from it. We had a lot of parties in that frat house, but I want you to know, I never brought a girl to my room. The minute we stepped on campus I couldn't think of anything else but getting' y'all up there.

The house I took you to in Orange Beach was my summer home. I had my first kiss on that beach; I wanted you to be the last girl I kissed there."

The riverboat was my big plan for that last day. Nana convinced me that takin' my prom date there for dinner would be a romantic gesture, it totally backfired when the string quartet started singin' Old Adeline and my date ditched me. I took you there, because if I would have known you, you would have been my date instead of her.

Believe it or not I've never been to the bayou and always wanted to go. Had I known you would stand up and nearly make us gator bait, I might have changed my plans." He chuckled, as he wiped the silent tears from my check with the pad of his thumb.

"So I'd like to take some time and figure out how and where all the this is goin' in the future, but until then," he pauses and takes a breath, "I'll could work here, and give ya time to show me your Yankee version of the Natchez Trace.

I 'm not sure what the future holds for us, all I know is that I want all my new adventures to be with you…"

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