The Rise of the Warrior

Legend of the Dragonsight

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The gentle breeze carried faraway scents with it. The scent of spring flowers, the scent of honey, and one of new beginnings. Spring was a wondrous time of year. The mountains always had these scents in springtime. The lush green forests were abundant with flowers, mountain and field. But thankfully the wind carried it up the mountain to a large, flat ledge.

"What is needed?"

A large dragon stood at the entrance of the cave. The cave stretched far back into darkness, and for someone seeing it for the first time, it would seem frightening. But the dragon was a regular here. It was his duty.

"Hazel? Where are you?"

A small fox like creature peeked from behind a boulder. "I am always nearby."

"What is needed? What are the children saying?"

The fox shook his head. "They're not children, heck, most of them died of old age."

"According to my age, they're children." The dragon bared his teeth.

The fox didn't even flinch. "They're saying one of heaven's name is awakening."

"Are you sure?"

"It's so hard to tell. Their voices are mostly wind you know."

The dragon growled.

"Yes I'm sure. One who bears heaven's name will soon realize who they are. Who their ancestors are."


The fox vanished into thin air. The dragon peered into the cave. "Have you any clues?" he called.

A gentle breeze from inside the cave blew in his face. It carried a small object with it. A pink flower petal.

"A girl. The last is a female."

Another wind brought a collection of leaves that bunched at the dragon's feet.

"She is under the cover and watch of trees. A warm place." The dragon dipped his head to the unseen in the cave. "I will find her. Or let her come."

The dragon departed from the cave, intent on his new job. Hazel would have to be more of a help around here. Stupid spirit. But he was loved by many in the stories told to little children as bedtime tokens in the Land of Valleys.

"The moon is bright tonight," the dragon said to himself absentmindedly, "I hope she is ready for the hardships that face her. It won't be easy being the last Ryuunogan* warrior.

Remember the dragons from time of old

On the fourteenth year, it no more shall hide

Young child remember your ancestors bold

And unleash the power, the sight inside.

Prologue done! What do you think?

*Ryuu means dragon somewhere and I figured gan means eye. So Ryuunogan should translate to eye of dragon, and if it doesn't, I don't care you get the idea.