The Child

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Hiashi Hyuuga heard the cry.

Grumbling that this was exactly what the little dragons were for, he stepped out onto the porch to see the problem. A little boy, barely past eighteen months old, was sitting by a post on the porch, sobbing. He had a large red swelling on his forehead. Most likely, he had stumbled and hit the post. Hiashi scooped up the small child, who clung to the Hyuuga elder's clothing like his life depended on it. His cries quieted down to hiccups since he knew he was in the safe arms of an adult that would take away the pain. Hiashi carried the small boy into the kitchen. He set the boy on the counter and grabbed a wet cloth to clean the child's face.

Where are you? he wondered vacantly. It wasn't like Tenten to leave her son for over five minutes. Neji was away on a mission, so he had an excuse.

Twilight swooped into the kitchen with three girls following her.

"Aww, what happened?" Hisoka approached the toddler.

The twins were sixteen now, and both were very accomplished ninja. Both had doted on Tenten and Neji's son like he was their own brother. A few months after he was born, they were following the Weapons Mistress up and down the compound, begging to babysit. Of course, they acted this way when Sanyu and Hachi's son had been born a year earlier, but that was probably because of his special needs.

"Did he trip and hit the post?" said eleven year old Nanami. Leave it to her to find out what happened exactly.

"That's right," said Hiashi.

"Aww, poor little Roka*," Takara scooped up the toddler in her arms.

Roka tugged at the girl's long hair.

"He's so adorable!" the twins both cooed, "I hope my children are as cute as him!"

Nanami rolled her eyes. She did love Roka to death, but she had openly confessed she didn't want to get married until she was in her thirties or something like that. Hiashi had a feeling that might change. Hanabi had said the same thing when she was a child. Now the nineteen year old was betrothed to Taji, like their dragons. Both had become breeders of the little creatures. Twilight and Alpha's children were spread throughout the village.

"Where's Tenten?" Takara asked, "It's not like her to let Roka out of her sight. Even with us and Absolon around to watch him."

"Remember," said Nanami, "She is six months pregnant with their second. It takes her a bit to get around."

"And that is why one of Twilight's three newest eggs is going to her and Neji." The occupants of the room turned to see Hanabi walk in. Twilight chirped and settled on her master's shoulder. "Besides, Neji's the clan leader now since Hinata married Naruto, the Seventh Hokage, and I didn't want the position so I could breed the dragons. Wouldn't he look great with a dragon on his shoulder?"

Hiashi raised an eyebrow at his second daughter. "You never gave me a dragon when I was clan leader."

"There weren't enough then, they had to go to ninja families. You can have one of the eggs if you want."

"I was kidding Hanabi, but I guess the experience is a joyful one."

"Oh it is."


Tenten scooped her son out of Takara's arms. "Thank you everyone! He gets faster everyday while I get slower."

"That's is exactly why you're taking one of Twi's new eggs!"

Tenten sighed while Roka chewed on her shirt collar. "Where are the other two going?"

"One is going to Father, the other to Gaara and Matsuri."

"Very well then." The Weapons Mistress left the room with her giggling son, who was currently tugging at her right ear, the one missing two chunks from the Serpent battle.

Hiashi sighed deeply. Everything was changing. But he longed for the days when these new parents had once been children themselves. But it could only be wishes. Time always moves forward.

*Roka means 'white crest of the wave' there's a backstory to his name.

I have decided!

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Little Bodies, Big Hearts -A series of one-shots told from the points of views of different little dragons.

Clashing Elements: The Leaf Chronicles -The sequel. Tells the adventures of the Next Generation of ninja and their quest to find the three among them in the prophecy destined to change the world's fate.