What They Discuss During Sleepovers

They had made their inside tent out of blankets and the couch, cushions pulled off to become their corner stakes and the light above holding the blankets from falling down on them. Lichtenstein had brought out some chocolate from the refrigerator that she had made earlier while Hungary had brought cake from her place. Goodness knew Austria made too much of it.

"Do... do either of you need anything?"

Hungary had to cover her mouth so she would not burst into laughter at the sound of Switzerland's voice. Lichtenstein's mouth twitched, but she managed to keep her voice calm as she responded. "No, brother, we do not need anything!"

"You know where I am if you do."


"Th-thank you, Switzerland~" Hungary managed to say before she had to cover her mouth again. There was another noise from the outside of their tent, then the obvious dimming of the room's light being turned off, leaving them only with the electric lantern they had in the tent with them. The door shut and Hungary dissolved into giggles on her pillow. "Chocolate!"

Lichtenstein snickered as well, though her voice by default was much quieter than Hungary. "Don't tell him I said that! He would be horrified to think that it isn't a secret!"

Hungary waved it off, bringing her head back up as she turned up the lantern's light. "Now that you mention it, I think I have noticed Switzerland being... particularly ecstatic when it comes to chocolate."

"There's a reason he makes certain his is always the best," Lichtenstein nodded a few times, mouth shifting as it contained her laughter.

"That is another mark in the 'for' category," Hungary picked up a pencil and marked it down.

"How many does that make?"

Hungary counted. "Fifteen differences and forty six similarities!"

"Oh my goodness!" Lichtenstein clapped her hands over her mouth. "Have we really come up with that much?"

"Between you and I," Hungary waggled her finger in front of the smaller girl's face. "We have only examined the surface. The creamy cream filled centres await our examination!"

Lichtenstein's face went red. "C-cream!" Hungary began to laugh again as Lichtenstein picked up her milk and sipped at it as if that required all of her concentration. Swallowing, Lichtenstein looked like she was about to try and change the conversation, cheeks still pink. "C-come ov–"

"Come cream~" Hungary smiled wickedly. Lichtenstein looked like she was going to pass out from her blush, which was once again a deep red.

"I-it's my turn to brush your hair!" the girl squeaked. Hungary could have said more on the subject, but instead she decided to let the poor Nation recover a bit before she fell apart. After all, if Lichtenstein became even slightly faint Switzerland was likely to burst back into the room with that sixth sense of his that something was wrong (at least, wrong to him).

Switzerland was absolutely adorable. Not that Hungary could ever admit that to anyone but Lichtenstein. After all, if Austria was to hear that...

Actually, that had the possibility of being quite funny.

The brush slid down her hair and Hungary could feel one of Lichtenstein's hands press into her back. "We should do this more often," Lichtenstein sighed into the back of Hungary's shoulder. Smiling, Hungary turned so she could kiss the girl on the cheek.

"We should."

Another Hetalia Kink fill.