A cross-dressing girl, going by the name of "Genji", came to Namimori, Nihon (Japan), seeking Kozato Enma to fulfil a promise she made to him when they were children, and to get him to fulfil his promise to her. Thinking she was a guy, he turns her down. However, not only does she start to develop feelings for Tsuna, and he for her, who he thinks at the time is a guy, but her ex-boyfriend, Xanxus, comes back. So while she is bedridden, sent to the hospital by Hibari, because of a challenge from Gokudera, Xanxus taunts her, one moment more concerned with getting her back, the next he's more concerned with keeping her from Tsuna. The two boys were told the truth, by Xanxus, in the cruelest of ways, ostracizing her from everyone, and she leaves, not heard from for five years.~Xo,Xo, by Deida.

Five long years have passed since Himawari Yonaka had left Namimori and Sawada Tsunayoshi became the Vongola Decimo. She had grown considerably, no longer hiding her gender, and he had settled in Italy, his mother under the impression he had been accepted into a special school that would have a job waiting when he graduated. Yonaka had gotten over Enma and experienced life while retaining her innocence, and he had dated Kyoko, also keeping his innocence, for about three years before breaking up with her in mutual agreement. But the one thing that had not changed in those five years was they still thought about each other. True, it had not ended well the last time they saw each other, but nothing changed about the way they felt for each other, not that they knew that.

True to her word, Yonaka, a globe-trotting assassin, flew to Italy from her latest job to meet with Tsuna and the others. However, wanting to surprise him, she met up with Hibari first, and together they planed for her to show up in Tsuna's office after work one night, in a mildly sleazy way.

She was impressed with the way things looked inside the mansion, both in the residents and the building. Tall, handsome, and fit, all of the structures glittered warmly like their current owner. The wall sconces, hung every few feet, were soft like Tsuna's eyes, and the rectangular windows between them on the opposite reflected the green gardens and jeweled flowers. Painted doors of purple cherry-wood were sprinkled here and there, silver handles branded with the Vongola crest.

"The herbivore should be back soon," Hibari led her to Tsuna's office, only becuase he felt vaugely bad for putting her in the hospital five years ago.

She smiled at him, "Thank-you, Hibari-sama."

"Hn," He grunted, opening a door for her.

She stepped inside in awe, this room so mind-numbingly splendid, "This place is so beautiful..."

He looked around, unimpressed, "I'll be going now."

She nodded vaguely in his direction. He departed, annoyed like always, but a bit less so. Yonaka set her bag down by the door and looked around the room, smiling at Tsuna's homey-touches. She knew she didn't have a whole lot of time, so she had to quickly decide how to position herself. She could be sitting in front of his desk, but that way she might not get the best view of him and she might get mistaken for someone else. Or, she could sit on his desk, which has an entire slew of pros and cons. Deeming it worth the cons, Yonaka sat on the edge of his desk, facing the door with her legs crossed and her dress properly in place. Not a second after she had sat down, the door opened and Tsuna came into his office, grumbling about his Mist Guardian.

"Mukuro and his-Can I help you?" He froze in place and looked at Yonaka, slightly startled by her.

She frowned and slid of his desk, careful to avoid displacing anything, "You probably don't remember me, but we met once before, just before you became official."

He didn't even have to think about it, "Genji?"

She chuckled, "Himawari Yonaka. I go by my real name, and my real sex now."

"You look great," Tsuna put his foot in his mouth, saying more than he had meant to.

"Not hard to believe, considering the last time you saw me I had a busted lip, a black eye, bandages, and a sling on," She cringed at the terrible memories, "But the hair extensions don't hurt, do they?"

He smiled, not sure what to say to that, "So, how have you been?"

"Lately, I've been good. Just working, you know? You?" She wanted to tell him he looked good too, but she wasn't sure how.

He walked closer to her, sitting down at his desk to set the paperwork in his arms where she had just been sitting not moments before, "Busy. So, what can I do for you?"

"Oh!" She was a tad offended, "This is a social visit."

He quickly moved to apologize, "I'm so sorry! I just thought that after what happened...Never mind, I'm really happy to see you."

She smirked, "I hope you don't say that to all the girls."

He laughed nervously, in a 'what-other-girls' way, "Just the one that counts. Ones."

She was taken aback, "So, you don't hate me for what happened?"

"I'm shocked that you and Xanxus had something, and I'm upset that you lied about the basics of who you are, but most of all, I am disgusted with myself, at the way I left you. You were right, nothing did change about the way we felt, or at least how I feel," Being with Kyoko really helped Tsuna learn how to talk to girls.

She blushed, "Well, I hated myself for allowing that to happen. And, no, nothing changed for me either."

They smiled shyly at each other, hearts pounding in their heads, palms sweating profusely. Yonaka, not expecting in her wildest fantasies to be forgiven, was giddy inside to know that they had a chance. Tsuna, always regretting how the situation was handled, was thrilled that he had another chance. In perfect harmony, they reached behind their heads and laughed nervously. That caused them to laugh louder.

"Juudaime!" Gokudera plunged head-long into the room, panicked at the laughter.

"Hey, hey, hey. Its nice to see you again, Gokudera-san," Yonaka held out her hand to shake his.

He looked at her, not seeing how he knew her, "That annoying sentence seems familiar. Who the hell are you woman?"

Tsuna intervened, "Gokudera-kun, it's Yonaka-chan. You remember, Genji?"

He snapped his fingers, "The one the Juudaime has been pinning for?"

Tsuna's eyes widened in horror, "That's-"

"Hm, so you've really missed me that much? I'd be lying if I didn't say the same," It was unclear if she meant it or if she was only saying that to be nice, but Tsuna was fairly sure it was a bit of both.

"You seem like such a lady now, Himawari," Reborn, not a day older than he was five years ago, said suddenly from his student's hair, "But how ladylike are you?"

"Reborn!" Tsuna scolded.

He smirked at his student's reaction, "Have you confessed to her yet?"

Tsuna could just kill Reborn, "That's my business!"

"If you marry her and she joins the family, it's our business," Reborn acted all innocent, blinking cutely.

"Uh, that's a bit fast to talk about something like that," Yonaka read Tsuna's mind.

Gokudera shook his silver head, "No, Reborn-sama's right. Juudaime, if my calculations are correct, based on how long you thought about her, and how often, multiplied by how nervous you two are, divided by-"

"What's going on in here?" Yamamoto, the Rain Guardian, walked into the room, upbeat as always.

"Gokudera's calculating the likelihood of Tsuna marrying this woman," Reborn answered as if it were the weather under discussion, not a possible canidate for the wife of the boss.

"-And add the sexual chemistry...The chances of the Juudaime marrying," He paused, forgetting Yonaka's name.

She was amazed that this was happening, "Yonaka."

"The chances of Yonaka-san and Juudaime getting married are over ninety-one percent, and the chances of them staying together are over sixty-three." He was sure his math was correct.

Yamamoto started to laugh, "Hey Gokudera, can you tell me my fortune as well?"

As they started to fight, Yonaka took her opportunity to leave. She grabbed her bag from the floor next to the door and smiled at Tsuna, "It's getting late, I should probably go."

"I'll walk you out," He insisted.

She nodded, stepping around the two guardians, "I'd like that."

He had planed on apologizing to her, but an awkward silence hung over their heads. All, expect from the chirping of crickets and the romantic bellow of wind, was still. The garden easily could have been an artistic backdrop, the entire mansion a shadow, and the moon a mere light bulb in the night sky. Both anxiously gulped for air, hoping that the other would speak first.

Not noticing what he was doing, Tsuna grabbed Yonaka's hands, "Yonaka-chan, I...I was wondering if you had a place to stay?"

Not for the first time, he disappointed her, "Oh...No, not yet. I just flew in, so-"

"Would you like to stay here? We have more than enough room for you if you want," Nothing he wanted to say came out, "If not, I'd like to make sure that you have a room before I leave."

"That's...that's very kind of you. I think that I'll take you up on your second offer though," She was not stupid anymore, she knew what it meant to stay with him, "Thank-you."

So they walked casually, as casually as a pair of stiff and scared mafiosi could, to a plaza. The particular plaza was practical in many reasons: It was close to the Vongola mansion, it rented for any duration of time, it was nice, had good rules, was reasonably sized, and it was full of Vongola-friendly people, both citizens and mafiosi alike. Seeing Tsuna approaching, the girl who ran the place, Anna, ran over to greet him, and his female companion.

"Hello, sir! Ma'am! How many I assist you?" She was pretty plain and a little on the pregnant side, with light brown hair and green eyes.

"Hello, Anna, this woman would like to rent a place from you. Are there any openings?" Tsuna asked her brightly.

She grinned, glowing with baby, "Of course! Actually, a place just opened up a few hours ago. Please, follow me."

"Anna," Tsuna laughed, "You can drop the business talk with me."

Suddenly, she changed a great deal. Her sunny personalty, obviously for the customers, was replaced with a cold, yet soft demeanor, much like Hibari when addressing Hibird or another small animal.

"When is my husband going to have an off day? Maybe this one could take over for a while?" She pointed at Yonaka, "But I know, 'Hibari is a Guardian'."

"Hibari-sama is your husband?" Yonaka was mortified to see that there was female version of Hibari, and that he was married to her.

"Three years, come August," She shrugged and turned back to Tsuna, "So, about that vacation?"

He smiled kindly, "Actually, I was planing on keeping this a secret for another week, but I'm actually throwing a masquerade ball for Mukuro's birthday. Maybe you two could just slip out for awhile after the party? I mean, who could stop you two?"

Anna nodded excited and rushed them into the empty room, "I'll get the paperwork to you tomorrow!"

"Hm, she seems nice. But I never would have guessed that Hibari-sama was married!" Yonaka set her stuff on an orange armchair and looked at Tsuna.

"Actually, they want all of us married before too long, to continue the Vongola. That's not what it sounds like!" He was worried that she would take it the wrong way.

"Good luck. I think that a sweet guy like you should have no problem finding a wife, but some of your Guardians...let's just say I wouldn't expect a wedding invitation anytime soon." She looked at him, not meaning to offend, "I mean-"

"It's true," Tsuna laughed, thinking of something in particular, "But, who knows? Well, I think that I should let you get settled, so good night."

"Good night," She sighed, looking out the window at the terrace before looking quickly at Tsuna, who was still standing in the room, "Here, I'll show you out."

He nodded mutely and was lead to the door, "Go to the ball with me?"

She blinked at him and smiled, "Are you asking me out?"

He nodded, very red in the face, "I am."

"Alright, it's a date. Until then, why don't you come over tomorrow? Let's have fun!" She was rapidly turning the same brick-red as Tsuna.

"Tommorow. When?" He was somehow able to remember to ask.

She thought about it for a minute, "Lunch?"

He nodded, "So twelve-ish?"

She nodded and kissed his cheek, "Tomorrow."

He laughed as the door was closed on his face. He had a date with Yonaka tomorrow! He could hardly wait! She was just as stoked as he was, mentally counting the moments until lunchtime, tomorrow.

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