Before the party started, Tsuna was siting alone in his office with Abe, Yonaka's father. They were glaring at each other for the past ten minutes, scrutinizing each other. Tsuna had called him into the office to ask him for his daughter's hand in marriage, but Tsuna planed on proposing to her either way. Abe, worried about the future of his family in the hands of his oldest, wanted to marry her off to the only family bigger than their own, before he found out that she was already with him that is.

"So," Abe broke the silence first, "Vongola Decimo, Sawada Tsunayoshi, why have you brought me here?"

Tsuna leaned forward, locking his finger together under his chin, "You know why. You've been agitated ever since you arrived, after visiting your daughter."

"I haven't seen her in a very long time," Abe was not faltering under Tsuna's intense gaze, "I hear from her that you two are dating, and while I can't stop that, I can prevent any further action. I've started wars for less."

"I'd do anything for her. I love your daughter, and I want to marry her," Tsuna was point-blank with his words, though he really hoped that he wouldn't have to drag his family through another fight just for his own personal reasons.

Abe looked at him sternly, challenging how much he really knew about daughter, "What is her birth-date? Her favorite color? Allergies?"

"February 16, magenta, and she's allergic to cats. She always wanted to play outside in the rain, but because no one let her, she now stays indoors and watches it wistfully. She believes in love, and she wants to be loved for who she is on the inside. She hates the smell of roses, but they are her second favorite flower, after sunflowers. She can't cook, but she tries anyways. She's very caring, even though she's an assassin," Tsuna could have said so much more, but he felt that he had made his point.

"You know her very well, and she is a fair judge in character, so I won't waste time debating that with you. Tell me, why do you think that you're worthy for her?" Abe wanted to hear a true answer, and he knew that Tsuna would give it.

Tsuna never thought for a single second that he was good enough for her, "That's like asking an ant how it is to be a giant. Every day, I find myself asking how I was lucky enough to meet her."

"Indeed. It is clear that you care for her, and she for you, but I still have my doubts. However, I give my baby girl whatever she wants, and for some reason, she seems to want you, so I give my blessing," It seemed that this was going against his very grain, "But I warn you, if you ever break her heart, you will be sorry. I'll make your entire family pay, and then, just before it breaks, I will make you pay personally."

Tsuna was sure that his family wouldn't break so easily, but gaining Yonaka's father's approval was more important than pointing that out, "Thank you sir, I promise that I will try to always keep her happy."

Yonaka sat in her old room, left perfectly intact, complete with black bows and blood red curtains. She was sprawled over her white Gothic-princess bedspread, a fluffy pink towel around her. Yuuki was running her fingers through her sister's silky locks, imagining how to best do it for the party. Yonaka was always close with her siblings, but she was closest with Damon and Yuuki.

"So, how happy was mom when she had Violet?" Yonaka asked, knowing that her mother had always wanted the perfect daughter.

Yuuki shrugged, too like her sister for their mother's liking, "You know mom."

"Unfortunately," She never had a good relationship with her mother.

Yuuki frowned, "Na-nee-chan, this guy, how much do you like him?"

Yonaka missed the remorseful tone in Yuuki's voice, "I love him. I want to marry him and spend the remainder of my years with him."

"That makes you sound so old! Nee-chan, how much do you love him?" Yuuki rephrased her question.

She looked at her little sister sharply, "Yuuki! That is highly un-"

"Nee-chan, please?" She begged, using her cutest face possible.

Yonaka sighed, "I'd do anything for him."

"Would you kill for him? Steal? Harm yourself? Would you kill your family for him? How far would you go?" Yuuki was obviously a disturbed girl, but being raised in an environment like theirs, Yonaka saw her questions a perfectly normal.

She had to really think about it, "...Yes."

At seven, the masquerade began. Tsuna, with Yonaka by his side, opened the doors into the mansion and let the guests in, the Guardians lined behind them. They all mingled and danced around in masked blurs of color, a band playing all manner of music to fit all tastes. Tsuna and Yonaka shook many hands, greeted many old allies, and reunited with several friends. Yonaka was introduced to many people, a majority of whom asked if she was his wife. Sensing that it was wearing on her nerves sooner than he expected, Tsuna decided to take her aside sooner than planed.

"Yonaka, come with me," He whispered in her ear after they had spoken with Dino.

She followed him, wondering what this was all about, "Tsuna, the party-"

"Can wait," He led her into his room, "I wanted to wait until a little later, but I think that now is as good as then."

She looked back at the doors, "Tsuna, if we don't hurry back, people will talk..."

He just smiled at her cutely and bent down on one knee, taking her hands in his and pulling a small black box from his pocket in a single fluid movement, "This isn't very original, but I just want to start my life with you as soon as possible. Himawari Yonaka, will you marry me?"

She looked at him, dumbfounded, "Huh?"

He laughed, "Marry me. You know, the big church, the white dress?"

She blinked, barely fathoming his words, "You want to marry me? Why?"

"Hm, that's a good question. And I have many answers," He kissed her hand, "And if you say 'yes', then I'll have forever to tell you."

She wanted this more than anything, but still, "Tsuna's too shy to ask something like that, so who are you really?"

"I don't...Why are you doubting me? Yonaka," Tsuna stood back up and whispered into her ear, "Do you remember our second date? We wanted to go on a picnic, but you got sick the night before? You still tried, but we ended up in the bathroom. I held your hair back for you while you tried to apologize?"

That proved it to her, "Oh, Tsuna!"

"So, what do you say? Will you marry me?" He handed her the box so she could look at the ring.

"Yes!" She hugged him, pulling her weight from her feet into her arms.

"Lame! That story's way too predictable!" A young boy in blue footsie pajamas accused.

"Well, that's what happened," Tsuna shrugged, "If you want an original story, read a mystery."

"Tsuna!" Yonaka scolded her husband, kissing her son's forehead, "Your sister wanted to hear the story-"

The boy frowned at his mother, "But she always picks this story when it's her turn!"

Tsuna looked admiringly at his son, "Maybe we should stop telling it once she falls asleep?"

"Fine," She agreed, smiling between her children.

"Good night," Tsuna and Yonaka kissed their children's forehead and tucked them in.

"Mommy...How long will it be?" The boy's little sister asked before her parents left the room.

Yonaka smiled at her daughter, "Your father and I got married two years after the party, and a year after that, we had your brother. You came the second year after him, and on our anniversary, we found out about your new baby brother or sister"

I agree with the kid, this story IS lame and predictable, and I'm truly sorry! *Offers arm to angry mob but rethinks it* Anyways, they got married and had two and a half kids. A five year-old boy and a three year-old girl. I got stuck, and I lost steam, same old, same old. I have no excuses T-T