Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: I can't just have all the other girls stealing the glory, can I? Well, consider that this will be the seventh, or eighth... I don't know, I lost count by the time I did Toadette's Farting Problem, but I'm sure someone out there will count for me. ANYWAY, that aside, enjoy this little number... as it is only proper for me to do since I already have the other popular Pokemon jail bait done...

"What did he mean by this?" Dawn asked while farting as she was practicing her coordinator skills in her home, with all of her Pokemon shrugging as the actual story was about to get underway...

Dawn watched as Buneary made contact with Togekiss, the bunny Pokemon hopping over the graceful eagle-like Pokemon as she used pound. Togekiss rubbed the pain off as she used Air Slash, sending several blasts of air towards Buneary, knocking her out. Dawn jumped up in glee as Ash, Brock, and Pikachu watched from nearby, with all of them being in the Sinnoh region because where else would they friggin' be.

"Dawn must be doing better than I thought," Ash stated as he stuffed a piece of bread into his mouth, munching down on it. "She hasn't been this enthusiastic about training ever since her recent loss against Zoey in the Grand Festival."

"Remember, Ash," Brock stated as he patted Ash's right shoulder, smiling as he continued advising, "Sometimes, it's better to take loss by simply training rather than mope about it. After all, second place is not so bad, especially considering the competition."

"Pika pi!" Pikachu chimed in agreement as he jumped up, agreeing with Brock's statement.

Piplup popped his head out from under the table, having sneaked some sugar cookies as he also chimed while pointing at himself in annoying Pokemon speech, "Piplup pii pii pip!"

Ash, Brock, and Pikachu all stared at Piplup, who gulped as he chuckled nervously, hiding the sugar cookies in his possession behind his back.

"...Just where did you get those cookies, Piplup?" Brock asked curiously as he placed his hands on his hips, staring straight at Piplup's face.

Piplup's entire body turned white as he gulped, trembling as he backed a bit away from Brock, who continued staring at Piplup. Ash and Pikachu both shrugged as they continued eating while watching Dawn train, having completed their own training for the Sinnoh League.

Nearby in the bushes, Team Rocket, as usual, were watching the twerps, wondering what to do in terms of the usual shenanigans. Jessie and James were having hamburgers and french fries as Meowth watched the training scene with his binoculars, turning over to face his two human partners.

"Hey, you think youse can leave over a burger for me?" Meowth stated as he sighed, turning back to watch Dawn, "I'm in need after... yesterday..." He sighed as he closed his eyes, moping as he grumbled. "That Glameow... was it really taunting me all along?"

James turned his face towards Meowth, reassuring him, "Don't worry about it too much, Meowth. I mean, we all have to let go some things at some time. Besides, you were in love."

Jessie gulped down the last of her burger as she conceded with James. "He has a good point, Meowth. Remember way back in the old-"

"Don't bring her up. Please." Meowth begged as he face palmed himself with his left palm, shaking his head, "I've been a fool to myself. And how I regret it so. Why can't I just reject the temptation of love? Why?"

Jessie and James decided to comfort Meowth as they offered him a burger, wanting their pal to be better. Back with the twerps, Dawn congratulated Togekiss for standing up against Buneary, surprising the bunny Pokemon with a Take Down attack.

"That was great, Togekiss!" Dawn complimented as she hugged Togekiss, giggling with joy. "We may have not won, but we certainly did rather well."

"Toge!" Togekiss agreed as she hugged Dawn tightly, probably too much as Dawn struggled to be free. However, when Dawn did break free, much to her embarrassment, she released a rather raunchy fart.

Ash and Pikachu dropped their jaws in shock as Togekiss stared blankly at Dawn, who blushed widely as her eyes widened as she held her skirt down, with Buneary gasping as well. Piplup was still being terrified by Brock, who continued staring at him. Jessie, James, and Meowth all dropped their fries as they focused their attention at Dawn.

"Did... did I just rip one?" Dawn asked in an embarrassed state as she farted loudly again, causing her skirt to be lifted up by the loud blast of gas as it revealed her blue-colored Piplup panties.

Piplup stopped looking at Brock, dropping the cookies he had behind him as he noticed Dawn's panties. Gasping as his panicking frown turned into a perverted smile, he rushed over to Dawn, hugging her legs as Brock snapped out of it, wondering why Ash and Pikachu had their jaws dropped. Dawn gasped as she glanced down at Piplup, another loud deep pitched fart coming out of her talented ass. Piplup's face literally twitched as Buneary giggled, pointing at Dawn while Togekiss simply shook her head in disappointment. Ash and Brock literally had nothing to say as Pikachu sighed and took another bite out of a loaf of bread, trying to simply eat as he didn't want to calculate what just happened.

"Guys... is it just me, or is my butt revolting against me?" Dawn asked as she unsuccessfully pulled Piplup away from her legs, her next bassy fart sounding like a tuba as Piplup babbled a mixture of perverted pleasure and disgust.

Meowth closed his eyes as he dropped is binoculars, turning around to face Jessie and James. "Guys... brace yourselves for the worst..." He warned as he shook his head. "It's going to be Hoenn all over again."

Meanwhile high above Sinnoh, the Pokemon god Arceus watched this from the white puffy clouds, chuckling as he was enjoying the chaos for which wold soon become bigger than Dawn's flatulence.

"Oh, you know this is going to get good," Arceus stated, having seen this kind of thing play out time and again due to him being able to see into the past, future, and alternate realities all at once due to him being the God of Pokemon and all.

"Mind telling us why we're here again?" Dry Bowser asked as he and Gruntilda Winkybunion were playing Pokemon Diamond and Pearl with each other, both of them using Pokemon teams full of Arceus with different movesets and plates.

"Oh you know, I just want to have my friends here." Arceus stated as he glanced over the Nintendo DS handhelds his two best buddies had.

"So we're just a glorified cameo in a fetish fanfic." Gruntilda sighed as the warty witch squinted at Dry Bowser, noticing her Arceus was knocked out by his Arceus.

"Not just any story... a fart fetish fanfiction." Arceus laughed as he went back to watching Dawn fart in several different alternate realities, with Dry Bowser and Gruntilda glancing at each other and sighing.