Dawn groaned as she got up, shaking her head as she was sitting on the smooth green grass. She farted as she wafted the smell away from her with her right hand, hearing Ash and Brock get up.

"Where are we...?" Ash asked as he winced, shaking his head.

Brock looked around, folding his arms as he murmured, nodding his head. "Well, it looks like we're in a forest... and parts are split off into different seasons..."

Dawn let out a high pitched toot as she pointed at the entrance to the spring side. "Look! There's an entrance over there! Maybe Pikachu and Piplup ran in there!"

"Good thinking, Dawn!" Ash exclaimed as he, Dawn, and Brock ran into the dark entrance.

Suddenly, the Team Rocket trio appeared out of a blue warp portal, landing in front of the stump while facing the spring side, with the trio groaning in pain as they coughed.

"Meowth! Where the hell are we?" Meowth asked as he rubbed the back of his head, panting.

James pondered as he placed his right hand on his chin, nodding his head as he looked around. "It looks like we're in a wooded area..."

Jessie groaned as she closed her eyes, dropping her arms. "A wooded area? Oh great, just when I thought this fanfic couldn't get worse."

James waved his hands at Jessie, trying to calm her down. "Hold on, Jessie, we're not in that kind of wooden area?" He took out a guidebook, looking at it as he flipped through the pages, stopping at a particular page and pointing at it. "Mmhmm, just as I thought. We're in the Click Clock Wood."

"Click Clock Wood?" Meowth gawked as he placed his right paw on his face. "Great. I thought we could avoid this fate, but no, the author had to continue his fetish of using this stupid forest and sticking us here."

Jessie chuckled as she folded her arms. "Well, at least it's not Seaside Hill. That's a good thing."

James, Meowth, and Jessie then gave each other horrified looks as they then realized that Jessie jinxed them, causing them to hold onto each other dearly as they were frightful of what could happen to them next.