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Mark of The Demon Lord part 11

"Moving on and Moving out,"

"Wakey, wakey, eggs and bakey!" Impmon exclaimed. TK's eyes fluttered open rather begrudgingly as he looked at the rookie Digimon. Impmon smirked at the boy, but quickly came to the realization that it was Daemon who was currently in control, if the glare didn't make that obvious.

"What in the seven layers of hell do you think you're doing?" Daemon growled.

"Sorry, I got suckered into the job of waking you up," Impmon said raising his hands. "The last guys that tried that felt that you were a little…shall we say…hostile," Daemon looked at Impmon for a few moments before turning his eyes to scout the room. All the beds were empty and it sounded like a lot of activity was happening down the hall. "You're the last one who hadn't eaten yet chief, the kid needs food,"

"I can't afford to push his body," Daemon said sitting up and rubbing his forehead. "TK is experiencing serious pains and I'm only able to stave that off by staying in control. That means I have to sleep for two at the moment," Impmon raised an eyebrow. "What?"

"Where to begin…I mean, yous actually called the kid by name this time, and you sound like you care so much for him, aint that sweet," Impmon said in a mock making a kissy face at him.

"You are one to talk, when you are attached to your Tamers like a love sick puppy," Deamon says as with a look of disinterest in his eyes as he rubs at his blonde locks on his head.

"Whatever," Impmon said frowning as he turns his head to the side. "But that sounds like a real problem. I hopes yous figure that out soon. By the way, what's our next plan?"

"I shall discuss that with the other so called heroes," Daemon said sliding out of bed to slip on his shoes.

"No, I mean OUR plan,"

"Our plan has not changed,"

"I doubt your heart is in as much at this point Daemon. I mean, why rely on these kids, and why you so interested in what having a heart is like?" Impmon asked pointedly with a serious expression on his face. "You going soft?" Daemon paused in what he was doing to turn, and stare at Impmon his eyes flashing a bloody crimson color. The look, carried within it the blaze of hellfire as Impmon gaze into those eyes of hatred. Uncontained fury was currently being thrown at him in a look, and if Daemon had his powers or Patamon nearby. He knew he would be hurting severely. Impmon's blood actually made his entire body heat up as if he was indeed on fire, as he struggled to look away desperately wanting to break his gaze. "I-I-I meant n-n-nothing by it of course!"

"Remember your place," Daemon said in such a calm and cooling tone that betrayed his bloody gaze. That made the effect all the scarier. Daemon was the one who broke eye contact with Impmon as he looked the opposite direction. "I was curious, that is all,"

"I see…" Impmon slid back on his feet as he moves to exit the room. His nerve slightly returns when Daemon is farther away. "But hey, nothing wrong with being curious. I'm with yous guys, just let me know if we do something different," Impmon then quickly scurries out of the room. Daemon stared at where Impmon stood moments ago. He placed a hand on his chest feeling the thumbing of TK's heart. His eyes relax a bit as he calms himself back down. TK's heartbeat seems to have that effect on him he notices. Once he gets his shoes on he grabs TK's hat, but doesn't put it on just yet as he holds it in his hand. He exits the room and follows the noise of the commotion. He walks in to see everyone enjoying what appears to be towards the end of breakfast. Upon his entrance Patamon quickly flew over to him with a bright smile. Noticing the deadpanned and apathetic look he was receiving, Patamon realized that it was Daemon.

"Why are you in control?" Patamon demanded with crossed arms and a frown.

"Because, he doesn't want to freak anyone out with his screaming, trust me, it sounds rather unpleasant," Daemon responds.

"What's going on in there?" Patamon pokes Daemon in the head.

"Something you can't help him with, so let's not make a fuss over it,"

"I'm his partner first Daemon, if anything I have more say so because I've been with him longer, so I say you explain," Patamon says while crossing his arms and closing his eyes to give himself an air of superiority. Daemon however chuckled as he poked the small Digimon in the stomach lightly with his finger. Which made Patamon give a slight giggly before pushing his finger away. "Stop that!"

"Cute, you think you have seniority over me," Daemon said as moves to take a seat toward where he saw Patamon at. Patamon frowns as he follows Daemon to take his spot on top of TK's head. Daemon sits next to basically the younger kids of all the Digidestined. Daemon is greeted warmly by all of them.

"Morning TK," they all greet. However, upon noticing the sour disposition on TK's face they rethought their greeting.

"Oh morning Daemon…" Tommy said rather weakly and very much less enthusiastic as his first.

"Good morning, thanks for saving me some food," Daemon looks down to see what appeared to yellow stuff and flat pieces of bread. Sifting through TK's memories Daemon realizes these are called eggs and pancakes. "I'm surprised Belphemon had something like this stored away,"

"Yeah, we all were and a fully functional kitchen too. But it was like everything was practically brand new," Kari says. She seemed rather drained and weakened too, but she seemed to be doing better compared to last night.

"Good thing we have a few culinary experts with us," Falcomon says happily.

"You should eat and eat quick, remember you're the last one to get here," Impmon pointed out. Daemon shot Impmon a brief glance before grabbing his utensil to begin eating. He admits the food is really good, unlike anything he's ever had before. Although, he never really needed sustenance before, since before he was virtually an all-powerful being. Daemon's fist clenches instinctively by simple thinking about his past. However, something made him straighten up as he winces a bit bringing him back from his thoughts. He begins rubbing his forehead drearily, as if an intense headache was working its way through his skull.

Upon Daemon's arrival, though no one said anything, attention had certainly shifted on him especially from the Crest Wielders who couldn't help themselves but to stare him down. "You guys think he'll be okay?" Mimi asked sincerely worried almost scared.

"He seems fine…" Joe said with a pondering look.

"Come on Joe, if ya look closely you can see that Daemon is the one in control," Gommamon pointed out. Joe adjusts his glasses a moment noting the uncharacteristically deep scowl on the boy's face.

"Now that you mention…I do see what you mean,"

"We need to figure out what is going on," Tai said seriously. "Kari was rolling around like she was in a wrestling match…she even screamed,"

"Oh man was it hard to get any sleep. It was far too nerve racking," Sora said. "Though Kari seems to be doing a lot better now. She's at least the one who is in control of herself. I think we should be concerned with how little we heard from TK,"

"Lillithmon made it seem like she didn't know a lot of what's going on. I don't think that's completely true. If anything it shouldn't have been someone from another group to be the one to grill these guys. I know that TK and Kari are the ones we're all obligated to look after, but…to use that as an excuse to not figure out what's going on under our noses doesn't show us in a positive light," Matt says with some distaste.

"It makes it seem like we can't take care of our own," Tai said also agreeing with Matt.

"I don't think we should be too worried about trying to protect our reputation," Izzy said finally speaking up. "If anything maybe we should be like the younger kids and try to accept them as they are. They are Demon Lords and between the three of them, they could easily challenge us at our best,"

"Izzy brings up a good point," comes a voice. They all jumped at the voice as the presence made itself known as Renamon faded into existence.

"Geez, I thought my heart stopped!" Tentomon exclaimed.

"Beelzemon was once our enemy too at one point in time," Renamon began. "He lived up to his sin well, Gluttony, because all he wanted was power. He wanted it so badly and in that thirst he took the life of a noble Digimon…and someone's partner," At this the Digidestined gasped in shock. They wondered how they could trust someone who could do such a thing. "But he realized the mistake he made…he realized that all that power never quenched the emptiness he felt inside. He was trying to gain power to prove he didn't need humans to grow stronger and that he didn't need anyone. Turns out, his Tamers missed him and regretted what they did that drove him away," Renamon gazed down toward where the younger group were. "Beelzemon is the one we least have to worry about. He can play the bad guy just as well as the good guy. It all depends on what's in it for him. Meaning, it's up to his Tamers' discretion. Daemon and Lillithmon are different, I'd suggest a change in tactics when dealing with them," And with those words Renamon sauntered off toward her Tamer who seemed rather distracted with Kazu's rather offhanded comment about her romantic life.

The poor boy.

"She's a very wise Digimon," Biyomon stated rather astounded.

"Well Digimon Tamers and their partners are different from us," Gabumon pointed out.

"By different you mean…?" Tai asked.

"We were born to protect you guys, born to be your friends, and to stick with you no matter what!" Agumon says proudly.

"But those guys choose their partner, fate doesn't play as big a role in their partnership as ours," Palmon says.

"Wow, that is different when you put it that way," Sora said with mild interest.

"If everyone is done, can I have your attention please," Thomas said standing up as he tried to gather everyone's attention. "Now that everyone is here and has eaten we should all go into the main hall and discuss our next move," At this everyone is in agreement with as they all stood from their seats, and migrated back to the hall where they had fought Badgramon. "So any ideas on what do next?"

"Wow, man with a plan doesn't have one this time?" Marcus questioned with a smug look.

"Don't be ridiculous of course I do, but this is a big team. I want to hear everyone's thoughts first,"


"Why not just ask Daemon?" Lalamon suggested.

"Yes, let's just cut to the chase before I hear anything completely idiotic," Daemon said stepping forward while shooting a glance at Kazu and Kenta. "We're looking for Sin Crests, so we head toward the next one. Our next target is Barbamon, the avarice,"

"Ah, so his sin is Greed," Thomas said thoughtfully.

"What's the difference between Greed and Gluttony anyway?" Marcus's Agumon asks.

"Well for example. Gluttony is simply not accepting when enough is enough, always wanting more and more, an unquenchable thirst which causes a person to have a one track mind. Often the simple minded are rather gluttonous,"

"HEY!" Impmon yelled.

"I'd say that applies to Digimon when it comes to food," Sora said with a sigh.

"You don't know the half of it," Takato laughs nervously as he tries to swat Guilomon away from the food provisions he's carrying.

"Greed is a much more cynical version. It means to want everything, obtain that, then get something else, and then more. It's about obtaining whatever your heart's desire may be no matter the risk or lives that are ruined in the process of obtaining it. A more systematic approach in other words. Often, the avarice is extremely attached to their possessions. Willing to kill to protect them,"

"Is Barbamon powerful?" Marcus questions.

"No, not really, in fact he is ranked 5th or 6th strongest if I recall,"

"Then why didn't we attack him first, since it sounds like he's weaker then Belphemon?" Takuya asks.

"Belphemon is powerful, but lazy. An easy fight if one is prepared, which we were. Barbamon is different, he may lack power, but makes up for it with cunning. He is a deceiver, a trickster, and will use a wide means of winning battles all without stepping onto the battlefield. Underestimating him can end your life,"

"With that in mind what are we to do about this?" Renamon asks.

"Be ready, for anything. With Belphemon's destruction the other Demon Lords are aware of the fall of a great one. They will do what they can to destroy us all,"

"Geez, that's a rather depressing pep talk…" Terriermon stated.

"It's a warning to watch our backs," Henry interprets. Daemon eyes turn toward the doors leading out of the castle. Daemon walks toward the doors to push them gentle for both doors to swing open widely revealing the shining…black sun? Daemon stares up into the sky with a frown seeing the black sun.

"What's going on?" Tai asks being the first one to see the black sun before the whole group caught up.

"It seems to look like a solar eclipse…but something is off," Izzy said rubbing his chin while tilting his head.

"Hey isn't it really bad to look directly at those!" Kazu exclaims quickly cupping his eyes.

"I don't think this is an eclipse…" Yoshi said still looking into the sky. Despite the black light it was still rather blinding like actual sunlight.

"It's a sign we should leave swiftly, Lillithmon you know what to do," Daemon says as the construct staircase from before appears before them. Lillithmon takes command of Kari's body to give him confirmation of her tasks.

"Wait, what's happening?" Tai asked swiftly after hearing his sister is involved.

"Hurry up!" Daemon calls charging up the stairs. Everyone quickly follows after his lead while Lillithmon hangs back still at the archway of the castle.

"What's happening?" Gatomon asks confused.

"Just watch," Lillithmon responds. The crest of Sloth appears on her chest then she shuts the doors then steps away as her hand leaves the door hand prints remain on the steel doors. The handprints begin to glow the same indigo color as the crest then the light expands over the entire castle. She backs away onto the staircase to chase after the group with Gatomon on her heels. They run up the stairs as the castle fades away crumbling into a heap of smoke and dust. The staircase below them holds strong though because it is powered by the other sin crests. Lillithmon relinquishes control back to Kari once they made it out of the crater. Once out the entire edge of the crater begins glowing as well, a powerful glow that grows smaller and smaller enclosing the castle until nothing was left.

"Okay…that happened…" Takuya speaks with his arms crossed with confusion written all over his face.

"Can we get someone to explain what just happen?" Riku demands.

"We must walk while I explain," Daemon motions for the group to head a certain direction as he begins walking not bothering to see if anyone was following. Eventually everyone fell in step with Daemon feeling great unease at his urgency and his constant need to look around.

"So are you going to explain so that we know if we're in trouble?" Marcus growls annoyed.

"Yeah, we don't have time to mess around ya know!" Marcus' Agumon shouts his agreement with his boss. Daemon felt his left eye twitch in annoyance, but managed to compose himself. He glances back a few moments as if looking for someone.

"You, Carrier of the Crest of Knowledge," Daemon addresses Izzy extremely formally. Izzy is taken by surprise at this as he looks at Daemon, who he can't help but feel unnerved by him since he's not used to seeing TK's face contorted into half a snarl. "The device on your back, I request to use it,"

"M-My laptop?" Izzy questions as if Daemon just insulted him personally. Daemon looks at Izzy annoyed and confused by the response, but after a thoughtful look he becomes more annoyed. He must've looked through TK's memories to realize Izzy's discomfort.

"I will not damage the device if that is your concern. To properly explain I need it since I don't have access to my powers to fully give a more hands on look to what just happened and is happening," Daemon says addressing Izzy's main concern. Still unsure and extremely apprehensive Izzy steps forward to relinquish his laptop to Daemon who snarls an 'immature brat' before opening it. Izzy is looking over his shoulder the entire time, clearly uneasy with someone else holding his laptop instead of him.

"What's with him?" Zoe asks.

"Oh, Izzy is just waaay too attached to his toys," Mimi mutters somewhat annoyed.

"Well he has gotten better, I'm surprised he didn't give him the complete manual before handing it over," Palmon says.

"Well when dealing with the Demon Lord of Wrath, you might want to try as little as possible to annoy him," At this both Mimi and Palmon nods in total agreement.

"Are you okay Kari?" Tai asks his sister while placing a hand on her shoulder. She looks up to him and smiles. He could tell the smile isn't nearly as bright as your usual ones.

"Yeah…just a bit tired,"

"Maybe I can get everyone to stop and rest,"

"No, we can't be selfish Tai. It's not just us anymore, it's a lot more," she explains.

"I know, but no one else has a Demon Lord inside them with two Sin Crests,"

"I can manage, after all I'm not just anyone's sister, I'm yours. You're one of leaders of our group so I can't be the center of your attention Tai. Everything will be fine, I trust Lillithmon, you'll see," She says encouragingly to her brother. Tai smiles at his little sister thankful that he can at least talk to her. His eyes go toward Matt who is staring into the back of TK's head, which is being controlled by Daemon. He hasn't spoken to TK at all, with Daemon in control of TK's body and not even explaining why. Tai can only imagine how worried Matt is since he has not one iota of a clue of his brother's mental well-being.

"Everyone is so tense, I had thought we should be getting more relaxed at this point," Yoshi says with a frown as she looks over everyone's concerned faces.

"Momentai!" Terrirmon squeaks happily.

"Well, Daemon doesn't exactly bestow any confidence Yoshi," Lalamon points out.

"Plus this black sun isn't exactly helping the mood either," Sora adds cupping her eyes as she looks up. "I've seen weird stuff before, but this is just strange,"

"It does seem rather odd, but now that I can digivolve to mega we'll be alright Sora!" Biyomon says happily. Sora smiled glad to see her Digimon's spirit is still flaring and going strong. Daemon's eyes leave the computer screen for a moment to glance at them, but then he looks over the desert landscape. His eyes narrow with clear irritation as he looks back down again to type in commands on the keyboard.

"Wow, I'm surprised you can type just like Izzy," Patamon speaks astounded from his perch on Daemon's head. Patamon admitted sitting in TK's blonde locks was different from his hat.

"How are you able to do that?" Izzy questions curiously.

"TK's mother is what you humans call a 'journalist', he was curious so she taught him how to type. Obviously he practices a fair amount since the motions feel rather fluid,"

"You can access TK's memories?" Izzy asks surprised completely unaware of this fact.


"Wow, isn't that an invasion of privacy?" Tentomon points out.

"I don't rummage through his memories for fun. That's a very invasive move. I only peek when I need to know something," Daemon explains rather offended by their accusations of him. Daemon types a few more commands into his computer.

"Daemon, if I may be so bold to ask, what made you want to do this?" Tentomon suddenly asked. This made Daemon pause in his typing for his eyes to glance at Tentomon. "I mean, if you want to answer…" Izzy seemed conflicted between wanting to back away from a potentially volatile response or grab his laptop to protect it. A real hard decision…well at least for Izzy.

"I did this for power, pure and simple. However…things have gotten a bit more complicated now. Feelings that I thought I'd lost come rising to the surface. It is a rather frustrating and confusing experience. I don't expect any of you to trust me, believe in me, or even respect me. I am a demon, pure and simple. You'd be a damn fool to trust me," Daemon pauses as he stares down at Izzy's computer as he focuses not on the codes his written but past that to see his reflection. "…But…TK has showed me that I can be more then that…so I will never betray him," Tentomon and Izzy were rather astounded by this response. Patamon though seemed to have an unreadable expression on his face, though a small amount of smugness seemed to slip into his features. Daemon breaks his train of thoughts before he starts wandering into these unwanted feelings at this poor time. He suddenly comes to a complete stop. "That should do it,"

"So are you done now?" Impmon questions.

"Yes, here we are," Daemon hits one last key for suddenly a hole appeared before the group into what appeared to be a completely different area. Daemon steps in quickly and instructs everyone to follow. Unsurely everyone does step into the portal to arrive in a valley setting in the middle of a mountainous range with a cloud of mist covering the sky above their heads. Daemon seems to let out a breath he had been unknowingly holding.

"Glad we got out while the getten was good," Lillithmon comments through Gatomon.

"I still don't understand what the hurry was, or what was up with that sun, or anything that has happened in the past few minutes," Takuya whines. "I just need an explanation so I don't feel overwhelm,"

"Taky's got a point, while we have complete faith in you Daemon, at the same time we don't," JP says with a pointed look while crossing his arms at the Demon Lord. Tommy frowns at him but says nothing. Daemon crinkles his nose.

"Perhaps I should explain how I just saved all you ungrateful humans," Daemon pushes the laptop into Izzy's hands but with the screen still facing him. He clicks another key for a sphere of data to collect together before him. Everyone circled around to get a good view of the globe. It was fascinating to them because at first they assumed it was an image of the Digital World but despite the bright hue of the image there are several dark spots all over the map. "Using the boy's device I was able to basically forcibly alter the area around us enough to create a doorway into the next realm,"

"Uh…" everyone utters at the same time.

"Basically…he hacked the world," Thomas clarifies.

"Oh…" everyone again utters in unison.

"I suppose so. You see humans, as soon as we stepped foot into Belphemon's lair, we were transported to another plane entirely. This land is only an extension of the Digital World, this world is where all evil energies are gathered, where the just become corrupt, where there is no light, humans welcome to the Dark Area," Daemon extends his hand to the globe.

"T-The Dark Area?!" Falcomon exclaims as he trembles in complete fright catching the attention of everyone around.

"What is it, what's the Dark Area?" Kennan questions his partner. Falcomon takes a big gulp before continuing.

"I-It is a place…where there is only evil. Only the most vile and cruel Digimon are here. There is no light, no hope, only those with ill intentions. I've heard many stories about this place, how it corrupts within moments and can turn gentle souls into vile monsters,"

"Yes, I have heard of this place as well," Lopmon speaks up next to Suzi. "To those who don't know, I was a former deva to lord Zhuqiaomon so have heard a great many tales. Even of this Dark Area, it is a forbidden place as far as I know. The birth place of the Seven Great Demon Lords themselves,"

"Yes, this is all true," Daemon said taking over. "But at the same time a little misleading. When we exit Belphemon's castle the way back to the Digital World was sealed up. If we stayed in that black sun too long it would have turned you all against one another in a heartbeat. Corrupting you all to your core as you succumb to your most basic instincts, except to those who accept the darkness within themselves,"

"Nice speech, but it doesn't tell us why we're here in the first place, you neglected mentioning all that before we walked outside!" Marcus exclaims clearly irritated.

"I hate to admit it, but he has a point, you did completely blindside us," Yoshi adds with a sigh.

"If I did you humans would be panicking as you are at this moment. Now, the Dark Area is where the other Great Ones reside. We needed to take the fight to them, and the only way to do that was to go to their home turf. We're for the most part safe from the Dark Areas ill effects while in the Demon Lord zone,"

"Uh, is that like base for when you play hide-and-seek?" Takato asks.

Daemon thought on the analogy searching through TK's memories. "I…guess if you want to compare it to something like…that," Daemon wasn't completely sure he understood what he read from the memories. "In Demon Lord controlled areas the area is simulated to be like areas in the Digital World, but the only way to leave a Demon Lord zone is through the portal I had opened earlier as with the absence of the Demon Lord, the harsh dark energy of this world starts to seep in and dilapidate the zone,"

"It does what to the zone?" Terriermon exclaims.

"Breaks it down," Thomas clears up for everyone. "Okay Daemon, I get what you're saying and it makes sense. What I don't get is if we're supposed to be protecting the Digital World why are we here?"

Daemon is silent for a moment clearly in thought. He was obviously not prepared to answer the question, but judging from the building tension in his body he was prepared for the question to be asked. "Okay, this place is the only place in the where we can speak and a force for good won't be watching. You all have been wondering who the enemy is, who the main threat is if it isn't the Demon Lords. Currently, you all represent the good the Digital World has to offer, but what we also need is the evil in order to win. I've had a thirst for power for as long as I can remember, but I've never been able to figure out for what reason, as the eons dragged on, my memories got hazy. The haze was caused by the darkness I was constantly surrounded by, but now that I've been exposed to light the haze has begun to lift. You all want to destroy the Demon Lords, considering they can't be trusted to assist us I suppose that goal must be met,"

"Daemon, what are you saying exactly?" Takato asks gently trying to coax the demon into speaking. But it seems he ran out of words on the subject.

"We can talk later…" Daemon sighs. "I digress, once we have the sin crest combined with all your powers, we'll be able to return back to the Digital World," Daemon hit a few specific key commands on Izzy's laptop to reveal a circular object that looked like a gateway. "The best way is through the Gate of Deadly Sins,"

"Wait, that's the thing that you planned on using to become super powerful isn't it?" Rika asks.


"What insurance do we have you won't turn on us at that point?" Renamon adds.

"None, so watch your back," Daemon smirks. "But that is the best way to get out, since getting in has always been the easy part. Now then, that should settle whatever issue you had," Daemon closes the laptop also shutting off the digital image.

"Except who our real enemy is," Kenta says sharply.

"Whatever it is, we'll take it out easy no problem," Impmon said.

"Yeah, Impmon will beat em good!" Mako adds while pumping a fist into the air.

"Guilomon?" Takato questions his Digimon. This attracts attention to the red dinosaur Digimon he is leaning forward with sharpened eyes, fangs barred, and low growl emitting from his throat.

"Whoa, what's with him?" Joe asks stepping back with a sharp show of fear since he's not used to seeing the bumbling Digimon get so serious so quickly before.

"A Digimon must be nearby," Takato informs.

"He's right, I do sense a Digimon in the area," Lalamon adds.

"A very powerful Digimon as well," Renamon explains.

"Everyone on guard!" Thomas exclaims as everyone turns outward toward the mists.

"Isn't this quite the sight…so many Children…but it seems you've wondered into some rather dangerous territory…"

"Who is that, whose there?" Tai demands.

"Show yourself coward!" Takuya adds.

"Listen to all that barking and fuss. You fools have no inkling of an idea of who you are up against do you. Well allow me to enlighten you," Out from the mist appeared a shadowed figure but the mist covered their more prominent features.

"Alright lets take the fight to-," Marcus couldn't finish his proclamation soon enough as a green glow emitted from the shadowy figure.

"Barbamon!" Daemon exclaims.

"Time for one of my favorite strategies that history has depicted as being quite effective," the figure slams their staff into the ground for a mist tornado whip up around the group preventing anyone from getting their bearings. The ground also began to crack, and a rock slide commenced to add insult to injury. Through all the madness everyone was trying to get crushed, fall, or swept up into the wind. The Digimon knew they had no leg to stand on so they all clung to their partners deciding to at the very least keep them safe. However, despite the efforts of the rookie level Digimon, the element of surprise was powerful as many members were swept into the wind, others forced to be blocked off from the others running from the rock slide, and others falling into the crevice created by the earthquake. "My favorite strategy, divide and conquer, you all have your targets, so go forth!" Three shadowed figures each broke off into three different directions of each other as the Demon Lord of Greed laughs heartily. "Welcome to my reality Digital Heroes, I hope you survive the experience AHAHAHAHA!"