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So how do I explain my life to you in one word…?


I can't. There is not one word that I can think of that sums up my life, because it fucking sucks ass.

There I explained it in four, so I will say it again, it fucking sucks ass.

Why you ask? Well let's see, where I should begin.

I hate everything about it.

I hate my country style house that's in the middle of fucking nowhere. I work in downtown Seattle for god's sake. Why would I want to live in Timbuktu? Well that's how I feel every morning and night when I make the hour drive back and forth to work. If I had my way, I would be living in the core of downtown Seattle, maybe in a penthouse in the tallest high-rise, and when you open the windows to look outside you see the beautiful city skyline instead of fucking nothing.

But that's not possible, because I hate, I mean hate, yes HATE in capitals my husband and his scrawny assed body. The fucker doesn't want to live in the city, he misses his home town and since I made him move away, that was my compromise.

Why the fuck did I marry him?

I'll regret the decision every day of my life. I was dumb, only twenty years old and fucking naïve. I lived in a small town where all the dumb bitches there had me believing in happily ever after.

What a bunch of fuck heads, telling me marriage is the best thing in the world, you all should be tied to a stake and burned, you fucking liars.

They pranced around all giddy and shit. Well newsflash for all you un-married woman, it's not all peaches and cream. They leave all the crappy shit out of their conversations.

oh you will love being married….oh and when this happens…or when you guys

No, you fucking bitches, you lied. You all fucking lied to me…

Yah I'm a little bitter, because all my girlfriends back in little Forks, Washington can go suck a goat.

Just after high school, everyone convinced me that marriage was the next thing to do. Bella, blah-blah this and blah-blah that. Stupid Bella listened and fucking got married at twenty.

Fucking Hell…

Oh did I leave out the fact that I haven't had a sex life with my husband since the first year of our marriage. I'm so sexually frustrated that I'm contemplating making a brochure.

Perhaps a "Don't Fucking Get Married Unless You Are Crazy or Fucked Up" brochure.

I would make it look all pretty, with girly hearts and maybe some sparkles, catching their eyes from across the room. Then when they have my brochure in their hands, they would open it up and the first thing I would have in bold fucking letters is…

Wave goodbye to your sex life within the first year of your marriage…

Yeah I said it because it true. Not one person I know can prove me wrong. The second bolded line in my pretty fucking awesome brochure…

Test drive your husband before you seal the deal, cause your stuck with the mother fucker for life and you don't want a lemon…

Yeah, I wish I read my brochure before I got married.

I wasn't always this moody. The things in my life have made me like this. I used to be a good girl, quiet and didn't get in trouble, afraid of upsetting my parents. I was virgin when we got married, so by nineteen the sexual urges were hard to ignore, so we got engaged. But don't hate, I wasn't mother Teresa. We did other stuff but we both decided to wait for our wedding night. And I fucking regret it.

Sex at the beginning was great, I mean fucking hell I got off each time. But when your husband just lies on his back every time, waiting for you to ride him, it just gets…OLD. So I asked him to change it up a bit, you know like, doggy style or how about, get off your back you mother fucker and fuck your wife's brains out.

Nope, wouldn't do it. My piece of shit husband, Eric! For the last five years of my hell of a married life I'm lucky if I have sex once a season.

I gave up on our sex life long time ago, so it's just me and my best friends, who hide out in a box that I hide under my bed, along with their best friends, AA batteries.

The last year has been the worst by far. I can barely kiss Eric in the morning never mind once at night. I fucking have to wipe my mouth every time I do so, but shit you have to kiss your husband, right?

I'm a bitch but I'm not that much of a bitch. I mean he does everything around the house, cleaning, laundry and hell he makes me my meals for the day. But I just don't see him in the way a wife should look at their husband, and I know he wants kids but I keep popping my birth controls pills, because there is no time for that shit in my life right now.

Now here's the part I tell you what about my life I love. I love…I mean LOVE my job, my career, my whole point of existence. I get up every morning at the same time, drive my ass to downtown Seattle and spend my days working nine to nine shifts. Yeah twelve hour shifts are long but I love it, because by the time I drive home, Eric is sleeping.

What do I do you ask? Well where I should begin. As soon as Eric and I moved to Seattle, I went to school to become an Esthetician, you know, pedicures, manicures, waxing and all that shit. I originally found a job close by our home in the boonies, but a year later that's when my life changed.

My parents decided to surprise me on my birthday, so they drove up from Forks and a mother fucking drunken ass person hit them. If that shit doesn't fuck you up I don't know what would. They were my life, one of the only things that I regretted leaving back in Forks. So because of me, they made that drive that day, because Bella fucking Swan didn't want to go back to Forks ever again, and because of my immaturity, they aren't with me anymore.

There's not a day that I don't fucking miss them. No one could replace them. I had no one, just me and their memories. After their funeral, I made the dreadful trip back to Forks to clean out their house. I went alone, locking myself in my childhood home and never left for a week. I was dead to the world, ignored everyone's phone calls, because nothing in my life mattered.

A month later, Charlie and Renee's lawyer called me and informed me of the financial situation I was now in since my parents passing. I inherited all their money, and when I say all, I mean my parents were rich. I didn't even know, they invested in the stock market a few years back but weren't able to take the money out. But since they passed, everything was left to me, so I took their money and decided to make a life for myself.

I took their money and opened up my own spa. I craved the lifestyle of the city, so I got a real estate agent and started working on my business plan the next morning. I wanted it big, so my agent found out through a friend, that a new sky rise was being built down town, so I jumped right on it.

I struggled with the name of the spa for awhile. I wanted my parents name somewhere in the title, in my silent way of honoring their lives. Three years ago, I, Bella Swan opened Swan Lake Mineral Spa and have been successful ever since I opened the doors. It is over ten thousand square feet of space. I have twenty three estheticians, ten massage therapists, twenty hair stylists and a fucking dermatologist on site.

That's right, I thought of everything. And no, I don't want tanning beds in there. You do know what that shit does to you right?

Oh, my favorite part of the spa is the two thousand square feet mineral pool area I had built inside. I spent thousands on that one room. I had an architect design a cave like area, so it gave my clients an escape from their everyday day life.

So between managing the whole staff, doing services on my own clientele and making sure all the bills and shit are paid, do you blame me for being a cranky bitch?

Well the fact I haven't had an orgasm in over a year has nothing to do it with it right?

Fuck my life…

I even bought the fucking "chocolate" the biggest god damn dildo I could find, nope did nothing for me, neither did the "rotating g spot vibrator." Yup I added to my collection, I now have six friends, but nothing, I mean nothing has been able to get me off.

My big, O, has been missing in action this whole year, my body feels like an over blown balloon, one prick and I would explode. But I'm not going to ask my husband, because I would rather shoot myself in the head then ride that mother fucker ever again. If he can't fuck me then I am not riding him.

Tit for fucking tat…

The belt under my feet slowed down, ripping me away from my thoughts, I paid attention to my moving feet as the treadmill changed to the cool down function. I slowed my running to a steady jog. My upbeat music continued to play through my ear buds, as my heart rate slowed down from my vigorous workout routine.

I come to the gym every day during the week. It's located on the fifth floor of the building. Anyone that rents space gets a complementary gym membership and I pay for my employees as a bonus every year.

The gym is usually packed around the lunch hour. The thirty three floors of the building are completely leased out, to various accountants, lawyers and all kinds of people with money, money, money.

Money that gets spent at my spa.

I pushed the stop button on the display, and stepped off the treadmill after I disinfected it. I tilted my face back and chugged down the refreshing cool water that I had in my water bottle as I walked to the far end of the coed gym to do my free weight routine.

I placed my shit on the ground and walked over to the stand, picking up the two ten pound hand weights and started my squat routine in front of the mirrored wall. I held the weights above my shoulder as I kept my eyes on my reflection, making sure my posture was correct.

My thighs and gluts were burning by my fourth repetition of twenty five. I placed my weights down to the floor and sucked back on my water bottle again, grabbing my towel and wiped the sweat that was forming along my hairline and neck.

And that's when I saw the bronzed hair mother fucker, the one who's been starring in my dreams without his knowledge. Fucker was hot, beyond hot, he was scorching hot. I'm sure if some girl touched him they would turn into ashes.

Okay I'm over exaggerating but the things I would do to him if I had the chance to touch him. But I never do, I can't even muster up the courage to say hi, so I watch him secretly from the mirrored walls of the gym. I bent down to tie my shoe laces, but my eyes stayed fixated on his reflection through the mirror. He wasn't that far behind me, standing over the bench press, spotting his hot friend that he comes here with.

Okay, so I'm going to let you in on my secret, I plan my gym hour around his, just so I can look at him. I mastered it to a T. He comes down with his friend around twelve thirty every day. So I get here at twelve do my running and I'm by the weight area not long after he arrives.

I grabbed on to the handles of the weights and started my last rep, feeling my ass cheeks burn like hell. It felt like they were going to fall off by the time I reached the last fucking squat. I placed the weights back on the stand and grabbed my stuff off the floor. I had twenty minutes to get back to work and ready for my first client.

I casually walked around the weight machines, making my way to the change room area up ahead as I watched the bronze haired Greek god from the corner of my eyes. Fuck he looked good today, he was looking down at his friend so I turned my whole face towards him and I took a second to eye fuck the shit out of him.

He was wearing my favorite white v-neck tee shirt. The cut was wide so it showed off most of his collar bone and a sneak peak of his chiseled chest. Fuck, he's worn this shirt before. I loved how the shirt fit snug enough to accentuate all the curves of his muscles. And his pants, fuck me, they framed his lean body fantastically, making his ass even more scrumptiously delicious today. I fought every urge that wanted to walk over there and slap it playfully.

Oh fuck

I turned my face away and stared at my mother fucking feet. The blush crept to my cheeks as he fucking caught me staring.

Keep walking Bella…

I quickened my steps as I walked passed a few annoying bitches who don't even work out, they come to the gym every day and gossip the whole time.

By the time I got out of the change room, my hottie pa tottie was gone. I pouted to myself as I walked towards the elevators. I fucking need to grow some balls, I mean I don't even know his name or where he even worked. The closest I ever got was the one time we stood in the lobby down stairs; we were surrounded by people as we waited for one of the elevators to open. I didn't make eye contact. I just snuck to the back corner as I visualized him in his hot designer fucking suit. I stared at my phone, asking someone to push the button for the gym floor. Just as I was about to walk out, I managed to look up at the lit numbers to see 28, 30 and 31 illuminated.

So yeah, I checked the front directory as soon as I was finished my workout, he was either an accountant, a lawyer or who am I kidding, I don't fucking care. The man wears a suit to work and all I can think of is ripping every single inch of it off.

I'm going to hell…

I chuckled to myself as I stepped off the elevator. I'm fucked for thinking of another man when I'm fucking married. I had a minute to spare, so I quickly made my way through the front entrance of the spa, waving silently to the receptionist as I turned the corner to enter my office in the back. I closed the door behind me; I hung my gym bag up and grabbed a hair brush from my desk. I combed out my wet hair and tied it hair up in to a neat ponytail before I walked up front to greet my regular client.

"Hi Angela," I waved her over to me, watching her stand up from one of the black recliners that we had in the reception area.

Angela has been my client for the past three years, her husband was some hot shot lawyer upstairs, so she spends all his money here and I'm not going to complain because she is a fucking great tipper.

I walked us down the halls towards one of the wax rooms we had near the back of the spa. "You know what to do," I turned around and allowed her to step into the tiled room before I smiled and closed the door behind me.

I stood outside the door, allowing her a minute to change before I knocked lightly on the door and asked permission to come in.

"I'm ready." She responded, I turned the door handle and walked into the brightly lit room.

Angela was lying down on the chocolate brown bed, the top half of her body was still clothed as the bottom half was covered only by a small black towel that lay in between her legs, covering her bikini area.

"So what's new with you?" I asked her as I walked towards the sink in the corner, turning the faucet on. I allowed the warm water to fall over my hands, as I lathered the antibacterial soap between my fingers.

"Same old shit Bella." She spoke to me as I rinsed my hands clean, drying them with the hand towel I hand hanging on the rack beside me.

I turned to face her, bringing the black trolley with the wax pot closer to the bed. "Me too," I answered back, knowing she would understand exactly what I was talking about.

Angela has the same problem as me, her husband works twenty four seven, so her sex life is just as bad as mine. She on the other hand, has found someone on the side, her hot young trainer from the gym she goes to. Let's just say he takes care of ALL her needs.

I kind of feel sorry for her poor husband, he has no fucking clue. The fucker is working his ass off like me, while his wife's spending his money and fucking another guy.

I applied a thin layer of wax onto her stomach area, rubbing the white muslin over top before I ripped the strip off to expose the reddened smooth skin.

"Never gets easier Bella," she spoke through clenched teeth as I began to rip along her bikini line.

"Hey just think of when you used to shave, remember how itchy it was?" I reminded her of how her skin was before she started to come see me.

"I know," she closed her eyes as I applied another layer of wax on the right side of her inner fold.

"Anyways, you pay me to do the Brazilians so I'm not forcing you." I chuckled as she swore softly, feeling the pain as I ripped the strip off her body.

Twenty minutes later, I covered her up with the towel once I was done and handed her a cool cloth from the cabinet we had in the room. I washed my hands again and was about to leave to let her change when she called out my name, stopping me mid step.

"Hey Bella, wait a second." I turned around to face her as she sat up.

"Can I ask you a personal question?" She looked at me through her white Dolce and Gabbana glasses. "Would you ever consider going to a swinger's party?"

"Um, I never knew we had anything like that here." I shifted my weight from foot to foot, not knowing where this conversation was going.

"Oh my god Bella, I went to one last week end." She smiled a wide grin. "It's held at different hotels every weekend and I had such a great time. So I just thought maybe you would enjoy it as much as me."

"I don't know Angela… that's a little wild for me." I played with my fingers as I looked at her skeptically.

"Bella no one knows who you are. You feel like a different person because you have to wear a masquerade mask on your face. It's covered the whole time, so no one even has to know it's you. Oh Bella, please come, this weekend it's a Halloween party, so any costume goes as long as your face is covered."

"So, your husband went with you last week?" I asked her, wanting to clarify my thoughts.

"No he was out of town, so I went with Ben." She wiggled her brows at me.

Ah Ben, the trainer…

"So you're going with Ben I assume?" I asked her about this weekend.

"No I told my husband he needs to come with me; he needs to get the stick out of his ass. You know get rid of some stress and since he won't let me touch him, somebody's got to do it." She shrugged her shoulders and I could see her eyes fill with sadness. "I bought his costume already so he has no choice."

I stood in front of her, really not knowing if I should go or not.

"Bella you should really consider coming." She nodded at me as I looked at her unknowing.

"I'm not sure if my husband would go for it." I spoke truthfully, because if he didn't want any part of it, I know I couldn't go through with it.

"Don't give him a choice," she huffed out loudly. "If he won't fuck you, find someone else who will."

I couldn't help but laugh, Angela was hilarious when she wanted to be. "I'll consider it, Angela" I looked to see her smile with hope in her eyes. "Now change and get out of my room"



I went home that night and talked to Eric about the whole swinger proposition. He fucking shocked me, he said yes, as long as it made me happy he would do it. Fucking A, I called Angela the next morning from my office to tell her the good news. Angela promised me that I wasn't obligated to do anything I didn't want to, if I wanted to leave I could at any time, no questions asked.

But I had one question burning in the back of my mind, so I finally asked her and she laughed in my fucking face.


"So...I'm a little nervous." I spoke to her over the telephone.

"What about?" She asked kindly.

"What happens if the guy I get is like, ugly, or fat or smells like shit." I asked her honestly, listening patiently as she laughed from the other end of the phone line.

"Bella you have nothing to worry about."

"How can you say that, you can't control who goes to these things." I rested the cordless phone on my shoulder, pressing my ear down to hold it up as I filed my short nails with an emery board.

"Bella, let's just say that they are a very organized group." She cleared her throat. "Okay, so when you first come in, the guys are given a room key to the hotel. Now there are four different colored key chains that are given throughout the night."

"I don't…" I wanted to ask but she cut me off.

"Hush Bella let me explain."


"Okay, so on the key chains, there's a blank piece of paper taped to it. So the guys have to write down exactly how they want their girl to be waiting for them when they get to the room."

I cringed as she continued.

"So Ben got a red colored key chain, and the bugger still won't tell me what he wrote on his key chain. Anyways, where was I, oh yeah the girl looked at me and gave me a royal blue bracelet. So they have the different color schemes so they give couples different colors so it insures you don't pick your partners key at the end of the night."

"That's smart." I said, because I wouldn't want to go through with this and end up with Eric.

"So, they also judge you for your appearance." She caught me off guard.

"What?" I spoke loudly as I stood up and began to pace my office.

"Not like that Bella, they just want to make sure you enjoy the people that you're surrounded by, you know the ugly with the ugly." She let out an evil laugh. "So Ben and I separated and I never saw him the rest of the night. Ugghh Bella, the men there are fucking beautiful, well the ones I saw were. Did I tell you they have different colored rooms to match your own, so I stayed in the blue room, since that's the color they gave me?"

"That's crazy," I sat back down, and listened to her as she continued.

"Yeah, so the whole time, you just mingle and it's weird because you aren't supposed to talk to anyone."

"No talking?"

"No, this is an escape from your real life Bella. You even have to come up with a fake name."

"Ok?" My voice sounded skeptical.

"Don't judge until you try it. Ok where was I, oh yeah so I met this one guy and we fucking grinded all night long to the music, he felt me up and everything. So the best thing about this group, is that you can either pick a key from the bowl at the end of the night and not know who will be joining you or if a guy in your color group offers his key to you, you can accept and know who you're going with."

I picked up my morning java I picked up from Starbucks and sipped my coffee as I processed all the shit Angela was blabbing about.

"Lucky for me, he handed me his blue key chain and I fucking died when he did. He was so mysterious, his mask covered his face completely and all I saw was baby blue eyes."

"So I'm confused? Say if I get blue do I have to stay in the blue room?"

"No that's the thing, you can mingle all you want but you can only hook up with people in your color group. They make sure they have even numbers, insure each person has a partner in the end."

"Oh," I started to understand.

"Oh shit Bella I have to go, I have a two o'clock tanning session."

I looked at my clock and it read 1:58. "Okay, thanks for explaining, talk to you later."

We hung up the phone and I suddenly felt excited for tomorrow night. I spent the whole Friday afternoon shopping for mine and Eric's outfits.

I found him a surgeons outfit, the full scrubs and face mask, but I was struggling with mine. I didn't want the typical slutty nurse or maid outfit. I went to three different costume stores, growing flustered until one of them suggested a sex store up the street.

As soon as I walked into the small exotic store, my eyes fixated on the mannequin in the back. I walked right to it and told the sales person that it was coming home with me.

End Flashback

My nerves were getting the best of me. I stood in front of my full length mirror and looked at myself, critiquing every inch of my body. I was standing in the middle of my walk in closet, in a one piece leopard patterned body suit that clung to my body snuggly.

My hair looked wild tonight. I curled it earlier and back combed the shit out of it so it looked more like a lions main. I placed the mask over my face before I bent down to slip on my four inch black stilettos. I stood up and did a turn in front of the mirror as Eric walked into the room in his scrubs.

I chuckled silently as I looked over his outfit, the poor fucker didn't look hot at all, but whatever, he wasn't coming home with me.

"Wow Bella," his eyes trailed up and down my body, a look I know far too well.

"You like?" I turned around again, allowing him to see the whole outfit, including the thong back side.

"I can't believe your wearing that," he held his mask in his hand as he stood in front of me, gawking.

"Why not, it's Halloween?" I turned back to look at my reflection, hell Halloween is the one night girls can dress slutty without anyone talking shit about them.

Because on a normal day, this was so not something I would normally wear, but as soon as I slipped the costume on, a dormant part of me roared to life.

I felt sexy as hell in my costume. My confidence grew a little more, knowing my husband wanted me from his obvious erection.

Poor guy…

I felt bad for a millisecond, because some lucky bastard was going to have me tonight, and I fucking didn't care who it was, as long as my O came out to play.

"Are you ready to go?" I asked him as I passed right by him, walking out of our bedroom and down to the front door.



The hour drive did wonders to my frame of mind. I played my favorite dance songs, speeding up the long and wordless ride. Eric pulled the car up, passing the keys to the valet driver as we approached the staircase that led to the entrance of the hotel.

I stepped up and my ankle turned, causing my body to fall into Eric. He grabbed my left hand, aiding me the rest of the way, until I ripped my hand out as soon as we were on flat ground.

"You're not wearing your wedding rings?" He asked sadly as I hid my hands behind my back.

"No, neither should you." I looked down at his left hand and glared at the gold band I had given him.

He struggled to slide it off as I began to walk in to the front lobby towards the multiple elevators to the left of us.

We stepped in alone. The elevator music was drowned out as soon as the doors opened to the third floor. The music was pumping as Eric and I stood back, baffled as we took in the scenery ahead of us.

We both stepped out of the elevator, allowing the doors to close behind us; we looked around the lobby, at all the masked people in different kind of costumes. All the lights were turned down, only the thousands of candles that were lit everywhere, illuminated the room we were standing in.

We noticed the line up for the tickets to enter, so we stood close together as we waited in the crowded line.

We made it to the front, stepping up to the rectangular table and were greeted immediately by a man and woman that sat behind it. They both wore identical black sequenced face masks, the guy was shirtless and fuck was he ripped. The girl of course wore a black bikini top that barely covered her fake ass boobs.

"Hi there," the blonde girl with blue eyes greeted us.

"Two tickets please," I handed her two hundred dollars in twenty's. She counted the bills and handed them to the brown haired hottie she was sitting beside.

My breath hitched as he fucking winked at me, I felt my cheeks flush at the gesture but I was thankful that my mask covered the skin there.

"Okay so you know the rules right?" She asked as we both nodded. "No talking about your real life and NO real names." She clearly emphasized the No in that one.

She reached for the blue box sitting on a table behind her and handed Eric a royal blue keychain. I watched him bend down to write on the back of it with the black pen she handed him.

Once he was done, all eyes were on me, and I didn't understand why.

"Um, we need to see your outfit before we give you a color." The girl spoke and I completely forgot I was wearing my black trench coat.

"Oh sorry," I untied the belt that closed it shut, shrugging my shoulders as the material slipped off my body, Eric grabbed it and held it in his arms.

"Turn around," the guy spoke and I slowly did a three sixty for them.

I stood there watching as they spoke amongst one another. I watched the girl stand up in her tight ass black booty shorts. She grabbed the black box that sat on a higher shelf, reaching her hand in and handed me my bracelet.

"Black?" I asked, holding my arm out so she could slide it onto my arm.

Both of them were staring at me, and I fucking stared back, watching the girl as she licked her lips. I felt goose bumps spread up my forearms as I realized she was checking me out, I forgot it could go both ways.

They called the next couple behind us as Eric and I approached the coat check to hang my coat up.

"So I want you to have fun, okay Eric?" I threw my arms around his shoulders and gave him a tight squeeze.

"You too Bella," he kissed my cheek as we pulled apart.

I watched my husband walk away from me and a part of me felt like calling him back, unsure if this whole night would be a huge mistake.

I looked around the room. There were four different doorways that people were standing in front of. Each doorframe was covered in silk, each door a different color.

Black, blue, red, and purple. I stepped towards the black silk material but my body halted. I couldn't move as I took in the scenery around me, there were nurses, maids, vampires and werewolves. All kinds of costumes were out tonight. Men were kissing men and the women were kissing other woman.

I wished I had Angela with me, so I decided to enter the blue room instead, in hopes to see her inside. The room was decorated beautifully, everything was blue. Blue flowered center pieces on each table that were adorned with blue table cloths. The DJ booth was at the front of the hall and the light system he had lit the room in different shades of blue.

There were way too many people here, some sitting, some dancing, some Frenching and some…I don't even know what they were doing. So I walked my ass towards the bar in the corner, needing a drink to start the night.

The bartenders were all in blue, each wearing identical tight outfits with matching blue sequenced masks. The bartender passed me a dry eraser board and I chuckled at how specific they were with the no talking. I picked up the blue marker, writing down my drink choice.

I watched him pour the vodka over the ice that sat at the bottom of my glass, filling the rest up with cranberry juice. I waved saying a silent thank you before I turned around and sipped my drink through my straw. I let the beat of the music sway my body, I slowly danced in one spot as I enjoyed being alone.

I gasped as I felt a guy slap my ass, I turned my face to him in shock and I smiled as he winked as he walked away from me.

I slurped the last drop out of my glass, ordering two more from the bartender, having every intention of taking advantage of the open bar. I decided to head towards the dance floor and watched the dancing couples from the side lines. I looked over my shoulder as a warm hand slid around my waist, I chuckled as I took in his costume as he held his hand out for me to grab.

"I'm Zorro," was all he said, as I placed my hand in his.

I suddenly realized I didn't think of a name for myself, he held my hand waiting for me to reciprocate.

"I'm kitty," I leaned forward, speaking louder so he could hear me over the music.

He smiled and tugged on my arm, indicating that he wanted to dance. I allowed him to lead me to the dance floor, he held me firmly against his body, as we instantly began to grind against each other. A few songs passed as we continued to press our bodies up against one another's, I looked into his brown eyes as he leaned down to kiss me. I don't know what fucking happened, but I backed away.

"Sorry," I apologized, and I didn't give a shit if I spoke out loud, he nodded and we began to dance again.

I didn't have a problem dry humping the dude, but I wasn't ready to kiss anyone yet. After a while it started to get hot and heavy between us, his hands came up to my breasts as I in turn grabbed his dick through his black pants.

"What color are you?" He whispered into my ear, and the sound of his voice had me moaning like a mother fucker. I wanted to get fucked tonight.

"Black," I spoke to him as I continued to rub his hardened dick.

"Ughhh kitty," he moaned into my ear. "I'm blue," I heard the disappointment in his voice as we both stared at his key he held in his hand.

I became aggravated with the situation, I should be able to get with who I wanted, not someone because we had the same fucking color.

He smiled as he saw my frustration, pulling me in closer so he could kiss my cheek softly. "I hope you find someone to enjoy Kitty," he held my hand up and kissed it once before he walked away.


I looked around the bloody room and I was seeing red.

Stupid mother fucking party…

I walked towards the bar and ordered a double, downing the fucking sweet drink down in one sip.

I was fucking all hot and bothered down there and I couldn't do shit about it.

Stupid black, why can't I be blue?

I stormed out of the blue room, not caring about the people I was walking into. I glared at the fucking black silk hanging across the room before I sauntered my way in there.

Just like the blue room, this room was decorated in black. The lighting was a soft misty white which illuminated the black tiled dance floor. I snuck my way through the crowd and placed myself right in the middle, swaying and dancing alone, drowning my sorrows away with the music that was playing.

"I love this song," I slurred out loudly as Crazy Bitch by Buckcherry, began to play.

The words ignited the aching feeling between my legs. I was desperate to be touched. "Scream so loud, getting fuckin laid," I yelled out the words as the crowd around me cheered me on.

I continued to dance to the harsh beat of the song, moving my hips side to side as I whipped my hair back and forth.

"Can I dance with you?" I heard a man's voice ask me from behind.

"No talking," I scolded him as I stumbled to face him. "Holy shi-t your h-ot," I slurred my words as his arms came around my waist to hold me up.

I think he laughed but I couldn't focus on anything else but his eyes. They were so green, that even with the dimmed room they sparkled beautifully at me.

"Can I dance with you?" He asked again, and I didn't fucking care that he was speaking, I just nodded yes as my eyes came to down to look at his lips.

I licked the edges of my own with my tongue as he smiled at me, shining his perfect white teeth.

I looked down at his body, he was dressed like a roman fighter or some shit like that, his face and hair completely covered under his fake metal helmet. But his chest was exposed, only partially covered by the cape that was held up from one shoulder.

"Mmm," I moaned as I allowed myself to eye fuck the shit out of him.

He in turned grabbed my hand, lifting it up and over my head, turning my body so he could take me all in. I gave my ass a little shake as he checked out my backside, I finished my turn and he placed his hand on the small of my back and pressed me right up against him.

I rested my right cheek on his right shoulder, letting him guide our bodies together, back and forth to the exact rhythm of the song playing.

You know what they say about a man who can dance…

I inhaled the most breath taking scent. There was something about his cologne that was fucking panty dropping to me. His touch was electrifying. Each inch of my skin that he felt with his hand tingled with so much life.

I pushed my hips up against him as he slid his hands down to my exposed ass cheeks, his fingers wrapped around each cheek and squeezed them gently.

"Tell me your name?" He whispered into my ear, and although the music was deafening, his voice sent goose bumps down the length of my spine.

I turned my face to look at him, my lips hovered above his. My chest heaved and my heart pounded as we looked at each other closely. His dark full lashes hypnotized me as he blinked his eyes closed, I was in some type of trance, everything I was thinking erased blank.

His fingers gripped my ass firmer. "Ughh," I moaned and I pressed my lips against his and held them there before I told him my name. "Kitty," was all I said before I crashed my lips against his again.

Our mouths moved together in perfect rhythm, I opened my mouth wider allowing his tongue to slide into my mouth. Our tongues touched, beginning to glide and twirl around together as our hands grabbed onto each other's bodies more forcefully.

My hands wrapped around each of his biceps feeling his muscles flex as he pulled me closer. He parted our lips and he smiled causing my breath to hitch.

I looked at him with lust filled eyes, knowing I wanted him more then I wanted Zorro. There was something about him that called me closer, our bodies were pressed together but yet it still wasn't close enough.

"I'm Spartan," he licked his lips and I mimicked him as we inched towards one another again. This time our lips met and a shock soared between our mouths.

"Ow," we both spoke together as we felt our own lips with our fingers. We both chuckled as we dropped our hands and pressed our lips, firmly against one another's.

I wrapped my fingers around the material of his cape, our kiss deepened as we danced together in one spot. He broke our kiss and trailed wet kisses down my throat as I arched my head back, allowing my hair to cascade down behind me.

He held his lips on the skin on my neck before sucked on the skin there and caused a sharp pinch as he let it go.

please be black…

I silently pleaded, because I wanted to have him, right here, right now. I lifted my head back up and watched him lift my arm up to twirl the black bracelet that sat on my wrist. My heart skipped a beat as I watched his lips curl up into a crooked smile that nearly knocked me off my feet.

Please, please, please…

I watched impatiently as he slipped his hand under his cape, his other hand turned my palm over and I held my hand open, waiting.

He kissed the skin on my palm before he slipped his room key in to my hand and closed my fingers around it.

He looked up at me through his lashes and winked before he turned and walked through the crowd, leaving me standing on the dance floor alone.

My hands began to tremble as my left hand opened wide, I smiled instantly.

I flipped the plastic piece over and my heart thumped wildly as I read his neatly curved penmanship.

I want you in nothing but your mask.

On all four's waiting for me on the bed.

I swallowed the lump in my throat, before I nearly ran to the elevators, pushing my way through the crowd, needing to feel his arms around me again. I pushed the up button repeatedly until the metal doors slid open and I entered the small mirrored elevator.

I pushed the button to illuminate the number nine, and I closed my eyes feeling the anticipation growing as the elevator moved up towards his floor. The doors slid open and the quiet hallway of the hotel felt soothing against my ringing ears, I read the signs on the wall and followed the arrows that lead me towards his room.


I slid the key into the slot, the sound of it unlocking had me shaking all over. I pushed the door open, my eyes adjusted to the darkened room as closed the door behind me. I wasn't sure what to expect so I slowly tip toed further inside, I peaked around the wall towards the bed and let out a sigh of relief.

I was alone…

I was thankful to have a few minutes alone before he got here. I walked to the mirrored desk, and fluffed my unruly hair with my fingers. I turned to face the neatly made bed, slipping the costume off my body and stood there nude, unsure of what to do next.

I stepped closer to the king sized bed, pressing each knee into the mattress as I knelt my body on top of it. I let my feet dangle over the edge, I always wanted to have sex with stilettos on, so why not tonight?

I lowered my upper body, so I could rest my face on my hands, leaving my hips up so my ass was waiting in mid air. I took the time to calm my body, taking a deep breath in and blowing all the air out.

A few minutes passed and I grew paranoid that he wasn't coming until my body stiffened as I heard a light knock on the door outside, before I heard the familiar sound of it unlocking.

I kept my eyes closed as his footsteps approached me. And just like downstairs, the minute his hands touched my body, a surge of electricity soared right through me.

I stayed quiet, allowing his hands to roam over my body, his fingers slid up the curve of my back before he slid them down to feel the skin on my legs. This man was driving me crazy, it was like he was taking his time on purpose, knowing I wanted him to just fuck me already.

His fingers danced across my back, sliding up my neck and he gently stroked the skin on my cheeks. I turned my face, and I took his finger into my mouth. I sucked back on it hearing the most beautiful moan escape his lips. But he slid his finger out of my mouth and I stayed on all fours feeling none of him touch me.

Did I do something wrong?

I waited, wondering what he was doing.

"Oh fuck," I curled my fingers around the bed sheets under me, as I felt his cool breath blow on my dripping wet pussy. "Please," I pleaded to him in complete desperation as I felt his tongue, slide in between my folds.




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